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Bio-economic model on weed control in maize production (version II)

Thomas G. Böcker, Wolfgang Britz, Niklas Möhring & Robert Finger
The bio-economic model calculates optimal weed control strategies for cultivation of silage maize in North-Rhine-Westphalia and can be used to simulate agri-environmental policy scenarios such as a glyphosate ban. The model can be used to assess changes in the Energy Output and the Load of the used pesticides under different scenarios. The model is described in detail in the following article: Böcker, T., Britz, W., Möhring, N., Finger, R. (2019). "An economic and environmental assessment...

Configurations for amorphous cellulose (3 samples)

Mingyang Chen

ROMS+NPZD model data: turbulent and mesoscale contribution to the transport of organic carbon in the Canary Upwelling System

Elisa Lovecchio
NetCDF files containing the data produced by the model ROMS+NPZD using the Atlantic telescopic grid. Files contain: the results of the Reynolds decmposition fo the 3D organic carbon fluxes into mean and turbulent fluxes, the results of the structure-based eddy and filament decomposition of the3D organic carbon fluxes, the 2-day mean output of the total organic carbon concentration and its turbulent deviation from the mean and of SST and SSH.


Adolf Hermann Glattfelder
Models used in 'Free Surface Water Flows - Modeling, Simulation and Control' developed in Matlab/Simulink R2016b.


Adolf Hermann Glattfelder


Adolf Hermann Glattfelder

Photochemical degradation of iron(III)-citrate/citric acid aerosol quantified with the combination of three complementary experimental techniques and a kinetic process model

Jing Dou, Pablo Corral Arroyo, Beiping Luo, Frederic Schneider, Jacinta Xto, Thomas Huthwelker, Camelia N. Borca, Katja Henzler, Jörg Raabe, Benjamin Watts, Hartmut Herrmann, Thomas Peter, Markus Ammann & Ulrich Krieger

Altitude-adaptive model for pediatric oxygen saturation

Walter Karlen & Laura Tüshaus

Bio-economic model on weed control in cultivation of wheat: Herbicide free wheat production in Switzerland (HerbiFree)

Thomas Böcker & Robert Finger
Strategies to prevent and control pest pressure are required to efficiently produce high quality food products. However, the use of pesticides is associated with potential risks to humans and the environment, motivating policy actions in Switzerland and other European countries. Especially the widespread use of herbicides is increasingly criticised. The goal of this work to investigate the implications of a ban or a voluntary removal of i) specific pesticides (such as glyphosate) as well as...


Adolf Hermann Glattfelder
Source files of models used in ' Free Surface Water Flow - Modeling, Simulation and Control ' developed in Scilab/Xcos v. 5.4.1

Alpine Land-Use Allocation Model (ALUAM)

Robert Huber, Sibyl H. Brunner, Simon Peter, Simon Briner & Thomas Drobnik
The Alpine Land-Use Allocation Model (ALUAM) is a spatially explicit, agent-based land-use model. The model is calibrated and validated for the Visp region, an inner-alpine mountain area in Switzerland. ALUAM had been used in various scientific case studies addressing climate change, ecosystem service provision and policy evaluation.

A real-option farm-level model on investment in perennial energy crops under risk considerations

Alisa Spiegel, Wolfgang Britz & Robert Finger
The stochastic dynamic optimization model documented in here simulates decisions of an arable farm with respect to long-term investment based on a compound American option. The implemented application is an investment in short-rotation coppice (SRC). SRC uses fast-growing trees that, once they are set-up, are coppiced several times and finally cleared-up. Time and scale of SRC introduction, intermediate harvest quantities, and final reconversion are flexible and constitute decision variables along with cropping shares for competing...

DNN Models for CBinfer Evaluations

Lukas Cavigelli & Luca Benini

GRID score implementation excel file

Stefan Wiemer, Toni Kraft, Evelina Trutnevyte & Philippe Roth
This excel file allows to calculate the GRID score for a deep geothermal system as described in Wiemer et. al (2017), Good Practice” Guide for Managing Induced Seismicity in Deep Geothermal Energy Projects in Switzerland, https://doi.org/10.3929/ethz-b-000254161

ROMS-BEC model data: Factors controlling coccolithophore biogeography in the Southern Ocean

Cara Nissen
Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) + Biogeochemical Elemental Cycling (BEC) model

Alpine Land-Use Allocation Model with Settlement Module (ALUAM+S)

Thomas Drobnik
Linear Programming Language LPL 6.17 CPLEX Solver

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