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Not the First Digit!: Using Benford's Law to Detect Fraudulent Scientific Data

Andreas Diekmann
Digits in statistical data produced by natural or social processes are often distributed in a manner described by 'Benford's law'. Recently, a test against this distribution was used to identify fraudulent accounting data. This test is based on the supposition that first, second, third and other digits in real data follow the Benford distribution while the digits in fabricated do not. Is it possible to apply Benford tests to detect fabricated or falsified data as...

HRMS Breath Analysis Matlab Toolbox

Martin T. Gaugg
This is a collection of Matlab functions and scripts, designed to aid the processing and analysis of high-resoltution mass spectrometry data from real-time breath analysis measurements. Details on the usage of the functions can be found in the individual help sections, as well as in appendix A of the dissertation "On-line Breath Analysis with Ambient High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry" by Martin Thomas Gaugg (2019), available on the ETH Research Collection.

200 FPS Ultrafast Imaging with the LightProbe

Pascal Alexander Hager
Demonstration of the 200fps imaging capabilities of our digital ultrasound probe (LightProbe)

Supplementary material for paper entitled: High-resolution short-T2 MRI using a high-performance gradient

Romain Froidevaux
This folder contains supplementary material for the paper entitled "High-resolution short-T2 MRI using a high-performance gradient". The content consists of Mathematica notebooks used for analytical derivation of the SNR efficiency of PETRA pulse sequence. Files are saved in different formats (.nb, .cdf, .html).

Supplementary material – Transient pressure-pulse decay solvers

Quinn Wenning, Claudio Madonna & Evangelos Moulas

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