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AMS transport network vectorisation

Philipp Hunziker & Raphaël Fuhrer

Code for \"Storage Format for Almost-Homogeneous Data Sets\"

Gianluca Moro & M Gianluca
Python code for JSON Flattening and Conversion to Parquet

Code availability for Nature Nanotechnology 20030775A

Jannis Lehmann & Amadé Bortis

Supporting material for HYFI paper: HYFI: hybrid filling of the dead-time gap for faster zero echo time imaging

Romain Froidevaux
The Matlab scripts contain and illustrate the algorithm used to calculate the k-space trajectory in HYFI (Hybrid Filling of the dead time gap in Zero Echo Time MRI).

Magnetic hysteresis Single Molecule Magnets: Compute the hysteresis Fe4 molecules on a superconducting substrate via kinetic MonteCarlo

Alessandro Vindigni
This software computes the magnetic hysteresis curves for an ensemble of Single Molecule Magnets. It has been used to reproduce data recorded on a sample consisting of Fe4 molecules deposited on a superconducting substrate of Pb(111) at temperatures lower than 1 Kelvin. Further details can be found in the article "Quantum dynamics of a single molecule magnet on superconducting Pb(111)" G. Serrano et al., Nat. Mater. (2020).


Mauro Werder & Matthias Huss

Code: Cost-based analysis of autonomous mobility services

Patrick Bösch, Felix Becker, Henrik Becker & Kay W. Axhausen

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