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CISBAT 2013 Proceedings Vol. II - Cleantech for Smart Cities and Buildings

MATHICSE Technical Report : Finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for nonlinear monotone parabolic homogenization problems

Assyr Abdulle & Martin Ernst Huber
We propose a multiscale method based on a finite element heterogeneous multiscale method (in space) and the implicit Euler integrator (in time) to solve nonlinear monotone parabolic problems with multiple scales due to spatial heterogeneities varying rapidly at a microscopic scale. The multiscale method approximates the solution at the scale of interest at computational cost independent of the small scale by performing numerical upscaling (coupling of macro and micro finite element methods). Optimal a priori...

MATHICSE Technical Report : Generalized Parallel Tempering on Bayesian Inverse Problems

Jonas Latz, Juan Pablo Madrigal Cianci, Fabio Nobile & Raul Tempone
In the current work we present two generalizations of the Parallel Tempering algorithm, inspired by the so-called continuous-time Infinite Swapping algorithm. Such a method, found its origins in the molecular dynamics community, and can be understood as the limit case of the continuous-time Parallel Tempering algorithm, where the (random) time between swaps of states between two parallel chains goes to zero. Thus, swapping states between chains occurs continuously. In the current work, we extend this...

Simulation and modeling of turbulent incompressible fluid flows

Thibauld Jongen

Soliton Kerr Frequency Combs Generated in Integrated Photonic Chips

Victor Brasch
In 2007 a new method to generate optical frequency combs was discovered. In contrast to conventional frequency combs which are generated from pulsed laser sources, these Kerr frequency combs (also known as microresonator frequency combs) are generated entirely by nonlinear effects from a single, strong continuous wave pump laser that is coupled to a microresonator. Within the first few years the field of Kerr frequency combs was able to achieve many milestone results such as...

Cinétique de réaction hétérogène d'importance troposphérique sur des substrats modèles et sur des aérosols

Pascal Pratte
The first part of this study consists in the investigation of the evaporation and the condensation rate of H2O in the presence of different types of ice in a low pressure flow reactor. The second part of the present work reports the study of chlorine activation on different types of frozen salt substrates in a low pressure flow reactor. The third part concerns the construction and testing of a laminar flow reactor at atmospheric pressure...

Visual speech recognition:from traditional to deep learning frameworks

Marina Zimmermann
Speech is the most natural means of communication for humans. Therefore, since the beginning of computers it has been a goal to interact with machines via speech. While there have been gradual improvements in this field over the decades, and with recent drastic progress more and more commercial software is available that allow voice commands, there are still many ways in which it can be improved. One way to do this is with visual speech...

Intégration des critères de durabilité dans le processus de conception des constructions temporaires à vocation événementielle

Loïc Vivien Fumeaux
Sustainability is a constant search for balance between the needs and the means implemented, which implies meeting the needs present without compromising those of generations to come. Later generations will indeed imperative to consider. So that their scope for action not be mortgaged by human activities of previous generations, it is necessary to provide some leeway, especially from the perspective of the built environment transmitted by inheritance. Alongside these general theoretical considerations, it is now...

Quantum limits on measurement and control of a mechanical oscillator

Vivishek Sudhir
The precision measurement of position has a long-standing tradition in physics. Cavendish's verification of the universal law of gravitation using a torsion pendulum, Perrin's confirmation of the atomic hypothesis via the precise measurement of the Brownian motion, and, the verification of the mechanical effect of electromagnetic radiation, all belong to this classical heritage. Quantum mechanics posits that the measurement of position results in an uncertain momentum; an idea developed to full maturity within the context...

Spatial Acoustic Signal Processing

Mihailo Kolundzija
A sound field on a line or in a plane has an effectively limited spatial bandwidth determined by the temporal frequency. Similar can be said for sound fields from far-field sources when analyzed on circular and spherical apertures. Namely, for a given frequency and aperture size, a sound field is effectively composed of a finite number of circular or spherical harmonic components. Based on these two observations, it follows that if adequately sampled, sound fields...

Tragverhalten und Bemessung von Holz-Glas-Verbundträgern unter Berücksichtigung der Eigenspannungen im Glas

Klaus Kreher
The construction principles of "Timber-Glass-Composite-Girders" demand practical and theoretical research to ensure reliable designs. Toward this objective the mathematical description of load-bearing and the non-rigid bond is the subject of this work, i.e. to define the contributing parameters for the design of these girders. The non-rigid-bond of the adhesive joint is of great importance because of its influence on the load-bearing of the system as a whole. The loading of girders is dominated by permanent...

The role of the amygdala in emotional memories:a multidisciplinary approach

Kamila Markram & Carmen Sandi
This thesis investigates the role of the amygdala for the establishment of fear memories with a multidisciplinary approach, including behavioural, psychopharmacological, genetic, molecular, and electrophysiological techniques in rats or mice, under healthy or pathological conditions. This research program aims to shed light on the acquisition and storage of emotional memories in the amygdala and closely interconnected brain areas. In one line of experiments, the molecular mechanisms leading to the establishment of fear memory traces in...

Approximation numérique des écoulements turbulents dans des cuves d'électrolyse de l'aluminium

Jonathan Rochat
Aluminium is a metal extracted from bauxite ore using electrolysis process in cells of big size. A huge electric current goes in the cell through an electrolytic bath and aluminium liquid. These currents generate strong magnetic forces that allow the bath and the aluminium to move. A good knowledge of these turbulent flows is very important to optimize the process. The purpose of this thesis is to study and simulate turbulent flows in the aluminium...

Dynamic urban origin-destination matrix estimation methodology

Emmanuel Bert
The aim of this thesis is to develop a new methodology to determine dynamic Origin-Destination (OD) matrices for urban networks characterized by a high number of traffic hubs, complex route choice possibilities and a high level of traffic controls. By reviewing existing methods, from static to dynamic OD matrix evaluation, deficiencies in the approaches are identified: mainly, the level of detail of the traffic assignment for complex urban networks and the lack in dynamic approaches....

Towards a distributed architecture for systems management

Guy Genilloud

Perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of RG flows in quantum field theory

Lorenzo Vitale
This thesis explores two aspects of the renormalization group (RG) in quantum field theory (QFT). In the first part we study the structure of RG flows in general Poincaré-invariant, unitary QFTs, and in particular the irreversibility properties and the relation between scale and conformal invariance. Within the formalism of the local Callan--Symanzik equation, we derive a series of results in four and six-dimensional QFTs. Specifically, in the four dimensional case we revisit and complete existing...

Fragility Functions for Seismic Risk in Regions with Moderate Seismicity

Marcelo Rafael Oropeza Ancieta
The seismic assessment of existing buildings has been underestimated in regions with moderate seismic hazard, such as the North-West Europe. Strong earthquakes, such as the 1356 Basel earthquake, already occurred in such regions and caused severe damage. The majority of the building stocks in those regions were built before the introduction of the modern building codes. Unreinforced masonry structures are widely used, and post-earthquake surveys show that such kind of structures are vulnerable under seismic...

Impact and post-impact flexural behavior of composite sandwich structures in extreme low temperature arctic conditions

Kwek-Tze Tan &

Genetic Representation of Adaptive Neural Controllers

Peter Dürr
The manual design of adaptive controllers for robotic systems that face unpredictable environmental changes is often challenging. There is thus a growing interest in the development of automatic design tools to assist control engineers. One of the most common approaches in this domain is the evolutionary synthesis of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), which allows the automatic design of control systems with little or no human intervention. The performance of evolved neural controllers, however, critically depends...

Magnetic x-ray and neutron scattering from UPd2Si2

Didier Wermeille

Development and Characterisation of Silicon Photomultiplier Multichannel Arrays for the Readout of a Large Scale Scintillating Fibre Tracker

Axel Kuonen
The current LHCb detector will continue collecting data until the long shutdown 2 (2019/2020). It will be upgraded in order to operate at higher luminosity. To achieve this, two major changes are required. First the Level-0 hardware trigger limited to 1\,MHz will be replace by a trigger-less data acquisition running at 40\,MHz. Secondly, the tracking system will be upgraded to cope with the higher track density and the required granularity. The Inner Tracker (silicon strip)...

Consistency Models in Distributed Systems with Physical Clocks

Jiaqing Du
Most existing distributed systems use logical clocks to order events in the implementation of various consistency models. Although logical clocks are straightforward to implement and maintain, they may affect the scalability, availability, and latency of the system when being used to totally order events in strong consistency models. They can also incur considerable overhead when being used to track and check the causal relationships among events in some weak consistency models. In this thesis we...

Hydration and dimensional stability of calcium aluminate cement based systems

Julien Bizzozero
Calcium aluminate cements (CAC) are often used in combination with calcium sulfate and Portland cement for special applications where rapid setting, rapid drying and shrinkage compensation are required. A growing fraction of the clinker, which has the highest CO2 intensity, is being replaced by supplementary cementitious materials (SCM). These SCM are usually from industrial by-products such as slag, fly ashes or can simply be raw materials such as limestone. This project aims at replacing the...

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