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Privacy and Dynamics of Social Networks

Pedram Pedarsani

Portfolio construction under information asymmetry

Lionel Coulot

Structural Glass Strength Prediction Based on Edge Flaw Characterization

Maria Lindqvist

Fatigue Life Prediction of Adhesively-Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Structural Joints under Spectrum Loading Patterns

Roohollah Sarfaraz Khabbaz
New load-bearing structures made of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites comprise adhesively-bonded joints, which are components vulnerable to fatigue failure. These structural components are frequently subjected to complex cyclic loading histories during their service life and the development of reliable methodologies for prediction of their fatigue life under variable amplitude loading patterns is therefore essential. Experimental investigations on FRP laminates showed significant effects of spectrum loading on the fatigue life. However, scientific efforts to study the...

Dynamic Classifier Fusion for Multi-sensory Activity Recognition

Hesam Sagha

Segmentation and Tracking in High-Throughput Bioimaging

Ricard Delgado Gonzalo

Mechanistic Studies Related to Nickel-Catalyzed Alkyl-Alkyl Cross Coupling Reactions

Jan Breitenfeld
Cross-coupling reactions of non-activated alkyl halides are potentially useful chemical transformations. At the same time, however, they are challenging due to a series of unproductive side reactions. Recently, significant progress has been made to overcome these difficulties. With judicious choice of metal, ligands, and reaction conditions, the normally problematic β- H elimination can be suppressed. As a consequence, a number of examples of the successful coupling of non-activated alkyl halides have been demonstrated. The mechanistic...

Temperature impacts human epidermal stem cell behaviour through thermoTRPs and mTOR signalling

Johannes Alexander Mosig Rodriguez

Framework for printing with daylight fluorescent inks

Romain Rossier

Computational analysis of ultraconserved non-coding DNA elements in vertebrate genomes

Slavica Dimitrieva Janeva

The Climate of Europe during the Holocene Reconstructed from Pollen Data

Achille Mauri

Nanostructuring and lattice dynamics of materials by femtosecond lasers

Ahmad Odeh

Mixed-Mode Static and Fatigue Failure Criteria for Adhesively-Bonded FRP Joints

Moslem Shahverdi
Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are increasingly used in many load-bearing structures. Joints are the most critical structural elements as they often become the weak links in engineering structures. Bonding and bolting are two of the main joining techniques used for composite elements but, although bolted and bonded joints have their advantages and disadvantages, adhesively-bonded joints are often preferred. This is thanks to their better performance in terms of cost-effective structures with uniformly distributed stresses without...

Dissipation as variable in cartilage mechanobiology

Philippe Abdel-Sayed

The role of the sheath in magnetized plasma turbulence and flows

Joaquim Loizu
Controlled nuclear fusion could provide our society with a clean, safe, and virtually inexhaustible source of electric power production. The tokamak has proven to be capable of producing large amounts of fusion reactions by confining magnetically the fusion fuel at sufficiently high density and temperature, thus in the plasma state. Because of turbulence, however, high temperature plasma reaches the outermost region of the tokamak, the Scrape-Off Layer (SOL), which features open magnetic field lines that...

Multi-level Optimization Methodologies for Thermally Reliable Multi-Core Architectures

Mohamed Mostafa Sabry Aly

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  • 2013

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