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Nonlinear Plasmonics:Engineering Nanostructures for Efficient Second Harmonic Generation

Krishnan Thyagarajan

Innovative strategy of corneal epithelium regeneration using fabricated soft contact lens containing cavities for stem cells transplantation

Julien Graber
Transplantation of donor cornea is widely performed with a high success rate to treat patients with impaired corneal transparency. However the limited number of donors has led scientists to search for new technologies and treatments, including stem cell therapies. We have developed a device that permits the transplantation of stem cells onto the cornea in order to regenerate a functional epithelium. It is shaped as a contact lens and it possesses cavities in its internal...

Rational design of organic and organometallic thermoresponsive or tumor-selective anticancer drugs and their in vitro and in vivo biological evaluation

Catherine Clavel
Conventional chemotherapy leads to severe side-effects such as nephrotoxicity, nausea and vomiting and fatigue along with drug resistance. Alkylating agents used to treat cancer were even shown to provoke second cancers, often years after the end of chemotherapy treatment. Innovative treatments in the clinic are being explored, using hyperthermia in conjunction with chemotherapy to enhance the cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs in tumor cells or as a drug delivery system along with liposomal formulations. In this...

Improving Comparative Genomic Studies:Definitions and Algorithms for Syntenic Blocks

Cristina Gabriela Ghiurcuta
Comparative genomics aims to understand the structure of genomes and the function of various genomic fragments, by transferring knowledge gained from well studied genomes, to the new object of study. Rapid and inexpensive high-throughput sequencing is making available more and more complete genome sequences. Despite the significant scientific advance, we still lack good models for the evolution of the genomic architecture, therefore analyzing these genomes presents formidable challenges. Early approaches used pairwise comparisons, but today...

High-Performance Communication Primitives and Data Structures on Message-Passing Manycores:Broadcast and Map

Omid Shahmirzadi
The constant increase in single core frequency reached a plateau during recent years since the produced heat inside the chip cannot be cooled down by existing technologies anymore. An alternative to harvest more computational power per die is to fabricate more number of cores into a single chip. Therefore manycore chips with more than thousand cores are expected by the end of the decade. These environments provide a high level of parallel processing power while...

Direct Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation into Formic Acid in Acidic Media

Séverine Joëlle Moret
A major challenge in the face of increasing global energy demand is the development of alternative environmentally friendly and renewable energy resources. Hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier, but has drawbacks in storage density and is dangerous to handle. An alternative approach involves controlled release of hydrogen from suitable materials, and an excellent candidate for this is formic acid. Because hydrogen production from formic acid is more convenient in acidic aqueous solutions, development of direct...

Computational studies in epigenomics using histone modification data

Nishanth Ulhas Nair
Epigenetic factors like histone modifications are known to play an important role in gene regulation and cell differentiation. Recently, thanks to advances in technologies like ChIP-Seq which is a high-throughput, high resolution, and low cost technology for studying histone modifications and transcription factors, we have large amounts of data available. Therefore computational techniques become important for studying and interpreting this data. In this thesis, we have focused on primarily building computational methods to analyze and...

Abstractions for Solving Consensus and Related Problems with Byzantine Faults

Žarko Milošević

Exploring new therapeutic strategies for Huntington's Disease

Wanqiu Hu
Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder caused by an extended poly-glutamine tract in the huntingtin gene (HTT). Despite intensive efforts in understanding its pathogenesis over the decades, effective treatments for HD remain unavailable. The aim of this thesis was to explore new therapeutic strategies for HD via two approaches. The first approach was based on an active vaccination strategy using SupraAntigen™ technology. To this end, vaccines targeting different regions of HTT exon 1...

On the dynamics of human locomotion and co-design of lower limb assistive devices

Jesse Van Den Kieboom
Recent developments in lower extremities wearable robotic devices for the assistance and rehabilitation of humans suffering from an impairment have led to several successes in the assistance of people who as a result regained a certain form of locomotive capability. Such devices are conventionally designed to be anthropomorphic. They follow the morphology of the human lower limbs. It has been shown previously that non-anthropomorphic designs can lead to increased comfort and better dynamical properties due...

Engineering adjuvants for prophylactic and therapeutic subunit vaccines

Alexandre De Titta

Wireless Power Transfer and Data Communication for Intracranial Neural Implants Case Study:Epilepsy Monitoring

Gürkan Yilmaz
Recording neural activities plays an important role in numerous applications ranging from brain mapping to implementation of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) to recover lost functions or to understand the mechanisms behind the neurological disorders such as essential tremor, Parkinsonâs disease and epilepsy. It also constitutes the first step of a closed-loop therapy system which employs a stimulator and a decision mechanism additionally. Such systems are envisaged to record neural anomalies and then stimulate corresponding tissues to...

Modelling of the colloidal properties of iron oxide nanoparticles

Vianney Bernau

Monolithic Particle Detectors based on Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon

Andrea Franco

Smart Imaging and On-Focal-Plane Image Acquisition and Processing in Standard CMOS Technology

Nikola Katic
In recent years, modern imaging sensors and systems have become increasingly complex following the growing demand for high-quality and high-resolution imaging. Commercially available sensors having 30-40 mega-pixel resolutions are common nowadays, while professional and scientific imaging systems (e.g. telescope and satellite sensors) often have hundreds of mega-pixels or even giga-pixel resolution. Such sensors or multi-sensor systems generate extreme amounts of data and require an excessive amount of power in order to process and stream-out the...

Inferring Visual Attention and Addressee in Human Robot Interaction

Samira Sheikhi

High-Density Excitonic Effects in GaN:Mott-Transition and Polariton Lasing

Georg Rossbach

Spin processes and charge dynamics in organic light emitting diodes

Francesco Comandè
In this thesis work we explore spin dependent processes and charge dynamics in α-NPD/Alq₃ based LEDs. Studies on polymer light emitting diodes based on PFO, which are fabricated by us, are also reported. Our objective is to shed light on the fundamental mechanisms that cause large magnetic field effects in these devices. First, we explore charge dynamics using both steady state and time resolved charge modulation spectroscopy. These techniques are able to monitor variations in...

Aggregating information from the crowd:ratings, recommendations and predictions

Florent Frédéric Garcin
With an ever-growing amount of data generated on the web, aggregating information from the crowd into meaningful knowledge has become crucial to companies in order to create a competitive edge. Not only companies, but also organizations and governments can benefit from this aggregation. In this thesis, we illustrate the benefits of aggregating information from the crowd with three applications. In the first application, we investigate different ways of aggregating users’ ratings on review websites. With...

Hydrogenated amorphous silicon:impact of process conditions on material properties and solar cell efficiency

Michael Stuckelberger
Thin-film silicon solar cells are one possible answer to the increasing energy demand of today. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) plays a crucial role therein - as absorber layers, but also as doped layers to build p-i -n junctions. This thesis is devoted to a-Si:H, with the main focus on thin-film silicon solar cells, but also with applications for opto-electronic devices, detectors, and other types of solar cells such as heterojunction solar cells. We discuss models...

Population Sensing Using Mobile Devices:a Statistical Opportunity or a Privacy Nightmare?

Farid Movahedi Naini
In our daily lives, our mobile phones sense our movements and interactions via a rich set of embedded sensors such as a GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometers, and microphones. This enables us to use mobile phones as agents for collecting spatio-temporal data. The idea of mining these spatio-temporal data is currently being explored for many applications, including environmental pollution monitoring, health care, and social networking. When used as sensing devices, a particular feature of mobile phones is...

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