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Structure Modeling of High Dimensional Data:New Algorithms and Applications

Mahdad Hosseini Kamal
The digitization of our most common appliances has led to a literal data deluge, some- times referred to as Big Data. The ever increasing volume of data we generate, coupled with our desire to exploit it ever faster, forces us to come up with innovative data pro- cessing techniques. Interestingly, the information we often look for has a very specific structure that distinguishes it from pure clutter. In this thesis, we explore the use of...

Interactions of silver and polystyrene nanoparticles with algae

Xiaomei Li
Nanoparticles have various physicochemical properties attributed by their small dimensions. The global production of nanoparticles lead to a raised concern for their environmental impacts. Algae are of highly ecological importance functioning as primary producers for almost all aquatic life. In the present thesis, interactions of nanoparticles with different fresh water algal strains were examined. First, the toxicity and uptake of citrate-coated silver nanoparticles (AgNP) and AgNO3 were examined in the alga Euglena gracilis, which has...

Novel Ionic Liquids For Electrochemical Applications

Pui Shan Genevieve Lau
This thesis is organized into three main sections, and is concerned with the design and synthesis of novel ionic liquids (ILs), and their associated electrochemical applications. In the first section, a general introduction to the field of ionic liquids is presented, followed by the synthesis and characterization details of all novel compounds used in the study. The second section summarizes work done on the development of more stable dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). An introduction to...

Color Reproduction with Juxtaposed Halftoning

Vahid Babaei
Recently, non-standard inks have begun to make their way into the world of printing. Non-standard inks are printing materials which exhibit unusual effects such as angular color dependence, texture, or fluorescence. They are made of special-effect pigments that play an increasingly important role in the paint, plastic, and cosmetic industries. In the printing industry, due to the challenges they pose, they have restricted applications. A long-held assumption in classic printing is the transparency of standard...

Models and Algorithms for Comparative Genomics

Mingfu Shao
The deluge of sequenced whole-genome data has motivated the study of comparative genomics, which provides global views on genome evolution, and also offers practical solutions in deciphering the functional roles of components of genomes. A fundamental computational problem in whole-genome comparison is to infer the most likely large-scale events~(rearrangements and content-modifying events) of given genomes during their history of evolution. Based on the principle of parsimony, such inference is usually formulated as the so called...

Efficient Communication and Synchronization on Manycore Processors

Darko Petrović
The increased number of cores integrated on a chip has brought about a number of challenges. Concerns about the scalability of cache coherence protocols have urged both researchers and practitioners to explore alternative programming models, where cache coherence is not a given. Message passing, traditionally used in distributed systems, has surfaced as an appealing alternative to shared memory, commonly used in multiprocessor systems. In this thesis, we study how basic communication and synchronization primitives on...

Ultrafast spectroscopy of wide bandgap semiconductor nanostructures

Mehran Shahmohammadi
Group III-nitrides have been considered a promising choice for the realization of optoelectronic devices since 1970. Since the first demonstration of the high-brightness blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by Shuji Nakamura and coworkers, the fabrication of highly efficient white LEDs has passed successful developments. A serious physical issue still remained, which prevents their use for high power and highly efficient LEDs: the drop of external quantum efficiency (EQE) of III-nitride LEDs when increasing the driving current,...

On the Analysis of Public-Key Cryptologic Algorithms

Andrea Miele
The RSA cryptosystem introduced in 1977 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Len Adleman is the most commonly deployed public-key cryptosystem. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) introduced in the mid 80's by Neal Koblitz and Victor Miller is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to RSA offering competitive performance due the use of smaller key sizes. Most recently hyperelliptic curve cryptography (HECC) has been demonstrated to have comparable and in some cases better performance than ECC. The...

Charge-transport properties of monolayer MoS2 at the interface with dielectric materials

Simone Bertolazzi
Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors, consisting of single-sheets of layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD), are attracting enormous interest from both fundamental science and technology. Monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), a typical example from this class of materials, is currently under intense research investigation because its direct band gap, atomic-scale thickness and mechanical flexibility could enable a wide range of novel technological applications, such as low-power flexible/transparent electronics, displays and wearable sensors. Critical to all these applications are the...

Understanding the metabolism of tetrachloroethene-respiring Dehalobacter restrictus:from genome analysis, corrinoid cofactor biosynthesis to regulation of reductive dehalogenases

Aamani Rupakula Boyanapalli
Tetra- and trichloroethene (PCE, TCE) are organohalides polluting the environment as a result of inappropriate use, storage, and disposal by various industries. Anthropogenic pollution by organohalides is a major source of concern because of their undesirable effects on human health. Remediation of contaminated sites by the use of microorganisms is a promising approach, especially under anaerobic conditions. Dehalobacter restrictus represents the paradigmatic member of the genus Dehalobacter, which in recent years has proven to be...

Space, people, networks:exploring the relationship between built structures and seamless wireless communication infrastructures

Selena Savić
In this thesis, I investigate wireless communication from an architectural perspective. I am using design prototypes to explore possibilities for interaction and designing with wirelessness in mind. The public primarily regards wireless networking technology as a technical infrastructure that should provide a seamless flow of information across a network of base stations, access points and mobile devices. From this perspective, wireless infrastructure is evaluated in terms of network availability and speed, and is continuously optimised....

Low cost infrared array as a thermal comfort sensor

Michal VESELY, Aleksander CIESZCZYK, Yang ZHAO & Wim ZEILER

Concept development of an industrial waste heat based micro DH network


Microbial metabolism in the deep subsurface:case study of Opalinus Clay

Alexandre Bagnoud
Microbes have successfully colonized the deep subsurface, thanks to their small size and their diverse metabolic activities. This part of the biosphere remains a terra incognita for microbiologists, containing innumerable unknown microbial species and processes. We depend on it for many things, i. e. water supply, oil extraction and nuclear waste disposal. In Switzerland, Opalinus Clay will be used for deep geological repositories, because of its very low permeability. This rock has been studied for...

Functionalised clathrochelate complexes as supramolecular building blocks

Matthew David Wise
The work presented in this thesis entails the synthesis and characterisation of new iron(II) tris(dioxime) clathrochelate complexes functionalised with apical capping groups suitable for supramolecular applications, and their subsequent incorporation into self-assembled structures. These complexes possess a number of desirable characteristics as supramolecular building blocks, such as their synthetic accessibility and broad scope for structural and functional modification, which are highlighted throughout. Chapter 1 introduces certain key concepts and background literature relevant to this thesis....

Architecture and field test of a RESTful web service for the optimization of space heating in a commercial office

David LINDELÖF, Hossein AFSHARI, Mohammad ALISAFAEE, Jayant BISWAS, Pierluca BORSÒ, Xavier MOCELLIN & Jean VIAENE

Sustainable Architecture for Educational Space in Africa and China

Ning Liu
Countries in the Global South are producing the most important educational needs of the 21st century. Fast-growing cities can provide the most striking examples of these current tendencies. Just over a decade after the start of the new millennium, the needs for quality-education and appropriate learning space are huge. Yet they are still largely underestimated in many countries of the Global South. With high-level demographical growth and fast-expanding urban boundaries, the developing metropolis provides a...

Pumping power prediction in low temperature district heating networks

Florian RUESCH, Matthias ROMMEL & Jakob SCHERER

Shared Frontend for Manycore Server Processors

Ilknur Cansu Kaynak
Instruction-supplymechanisms, namely the branch predictors and instruction prefetchers, exploit recurring control flow in an application to predict the applicationâs future control flow and provide the core with a useful instruction stream to execute in a timely manner. Consequently, instruction-supplymechanisms aggressively incorporate control-flow condition, target, and instruction cache access information (i.e., control-flow metadata) to improve performance. Despite their high accuracy, thus performance benefits, these predictors lead to major silicon provisioning due to their metadata storage overhead....

Computational studies for the characterization and design of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with improved efficiencies

Negar Ashari Astani
During millions of years of evolution, all creatures have found their ways of harvesting, storing and utilizing the energy coming from the sun. Plants use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide to glucose. With a low efficiency of only 3%, plants still capture enough energy to grow their roots, fruits and leaves. Animals regulate their body temperature by basking in the sun or seeking a shadow when needed. Human beings are the only species that is...

New Data Structures and Algorithms for Logic Synthesis and Verification

Luca Gaetano Amarù
The strong interaction between Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology contributed substantially to the advancement of modern digital electronics. The continuous downscaling of CMOS Field Effect Transistor (FET) dimensions enabled the semiconductor industry to fabricate digital systems with higher circuit density at reduced costs. To keep pace with technology, EDA tools are challenged to handle both digital designs with growing functionality and device models of increasing complexity. Nevertheless, whereas the...

Performance confrontation between parametric analysis and evolutionary algorithm to achieve passive houses in warm climates

António Figueiredo, Jérôme Kaempf & Romeu Vicente

Rooftop greenhouses: LCA and energy simulation

Khadija BENIS, Ricardo GOMES, Ricardo VICENTE, Paulo FERRAO & John FERNANDEZ

Turbulence at the boundary of toroidal plasmas with open and closed magnetic flux surfaces

Fabio Avino
The control and confinement of fusion plasmas are currently limited by a lack of understanding of the physical mechanisms behind the evolution of the turbulent transport experienced by particles and energy. In-situ investigations of plasma turbulence in fusion experiments is strongly hampered by the high temperatures and densities. Basic plasma physics devices represent an alternative solution to perform turbulence studies with the possibility of rigorously validating numerical codes. One of these experiments is TORPEX, in...

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