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Refusal conversion

Marieke Voorpostel
FORS Guide N° 04

Measurement of income in surveys

Ursina Kuhn
FORS Guide N° 02

Incentives in surveys

Oliver Lipps, Jessica M.E. Herzing, Nicolas Pekari, Michèle Ernst-Staehli, Alexandre Pollien, Gisana Riedo & Maud Reveilhac

Pre-registration and registered reports

Marieke Heers
FORS Guide N°09

Data anonymisation: legal, ethical, and strategic considerations

Alexandra Stam & Brian Kleiner
FORS Guide N°11

Mobile web surveys

Jessica M.E. Herzing
FORS Guide N° 01

The informed consent as legal and ethical basis of research data production

Sybil Krügel
FORS Guide N° 05

Measurement of social position in surveys

Robin Tillmann
FORS Guide N°10

Ethics in the era of open research data: some points of reference

Pablo Diaz
FORS Guide N° 03

Surveying national minorities

Jessica M. E. Herzing, Brian Kleiner, Oliver Lipps & Guy Elcheroth

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