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Romanisierung als Schritt zur „Modernisierung” des Mazedonischen

Constantin-Ioan Mladin
This investigation aims to outline the contribution that Romanic languages had to the finalization of the configuration of the modern Macedonian language, both in terms of common language and of technical terms. More specifically, the paper aims: 1) to identify Romanic idioms that have influenced to some extent the Macedonian language, either indirectly (through another language such as French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese) or directly (through Romanian – Dacoromanian and Aromanian, or through Meglenoromanian); 2)...

Typing yourself healthy: Introduction to the special issue on language and health online

Franziska Thurnherr & Miriam A. Locher
This chapter functions as an introduction to the special issue on Language and Health Online, which features 10 original research papers. It reviews the results of the papers and the joint emerging themes: the impact of technical and social affordances of computer-mediated interaction; discovering an emic perspective of health issues, uncovering health ideologies, and the theme of patient empowerment; the construction of identities, the construction of shared experiences, and the use of narratives. The diverse...


Corpus-based analysis of the collocational profiles of the terms denoting the mentally challenged

Liana Markelova
The present study aims to trace the evolution of public attitude towards the mentally challenged by means of the corpus-based analysis. The raw data comes from the two of the BYU corpora: Global Web-Based English (GloWbE) and Corpus of Historical American English (COHA). The former is comprised of 1.8 million web pages from 20 English-speaking countries (Davies/Fuchs 2015: 1) and provides an opportunity to research at a cross-cultural level, whereas the latter, containing 400 million...

Affiliation Bd. 81, Nr. 2 (2017)

Prosody in Interaction

Pia Bergmann
Interactional approaches to prosody have seen an enormous growth in the last decades. One crucial assumption common to these approaches is that prosodic devices may serve as resources for structuring and organizing an interaction. Methodologically, interactionally informed research of prosody rests upon ethnomethodological conversation analysis and contextualization theory. In this paper, a case study of the Cologne German rising-falling intonation contour serves to illuminate the prevalent methods in the field. The results are discussed with...

Hub of medical expertise or medicalised conveyor-belt? Sharing meanings online on the hospital birth setting

Antoinette Fage-Butler
In 2014, the official risk advice in the UK regarding birth setting was altered given scientific evidence that for low-risk groups, home births are safer than hospital births. As hospital births were previously the de facto recommendation, and pregnant women in the UK now need to consider their birth setting options carefully, many go online, seeking advice about birth setting options from their peers. In this paper, I investigate how the hospital birth setting is...

Некоторые особенности двувидовых глаголов и их восприятие билингвами и монолингвами

Anna Pavlova
The Russian language contains a number of bi-aspectual verbs, which may be used as both imperfective and perfective. A comparison of several dictionaries shows that lexicographers hold very different opinions as to whether a given verb is bi-aspectual or not. A comparison of verbs labeled as bi-aspectual in a dictionary against real usage of some bi-aspectual verbs in texts indicates that the dictionaries are not always reliable and that the lexicographic mark-ing of bi-aspectual verbs...

On the rise of domain adverbials in Italian: the history of the -mente parlando construction

Klaus Grübl
This paper investigates the history of -mente parlando, a construction that can be used in modern Italian either as a style disjunct (e. g. rigorosamente parlando ‘strictly speaking’) or as a domain adverbial (e. g. economicamente parlando ‘economically speaking’). This functional difference will be accounted for synchronically as a case of constructional polysemy, with different semantic types of adjectives (mainly relational vs non-relational) occurring in the -mente slot leading to a different reading of the...

Affiliation Bd. 92, Nr. 5 (2018)

Funktionswörter als Indikatoren für diskursspezifische Argumentationsstrukturen im printmedialen Diskurs über den fünften Sachstandsbericht des Weltklimarates

Nadine Kammermann
This study aims to explore how Swiss print media convey climate change to laypeople. Due to the subjects' complexity and scope, its mediation can result in difficulties. A corpus of articles on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) provides an insight into discursive argumentation structures. Corpus-driven collected function word clusters enable to identify argumentative schemes in the media discourse. The qualitative analysis of these argumentative clusters reveals the significance of several actors, particularly administrative...

„Was ist es mit diesem grammatisch ungeheuerlichen ‚ihns‘?“

Andreas Klein & Damaris Nübling


Lars Vorberger
The Hessian language area is characterized by the opposition of an object-linguistic heterogeneity and a perceived homogeneity. The perception and conceptualization of “Hessian” is highly connected to the medial distribution of “Hessian”. This Mediahessian hasn’t been investigated profoundly. Thus, this paper – based on an outline of the Hessian language area and the media usage of regional language – analyzes: (a) the knowledge about Mediahessian based on a survey, (b) the concept of “Hessian”, which...

Überzeugungs- und Überredungsmittel in mündlichen Aufforderungsakten im deutsch-italienischen Sprachvergleich

Ilaria Venuti & Roland Hinterhölzl
The purpose of this study is to draw a comparison between the realization of requestive speech acts in Italian and in German, and to investigate the different strategies of persuasion in the two speech communities, with a particular attention to the relationship between efficiency and politeness. The empirical part of the study consists in the comparison of 320 requests formulated by Italian and German speakers. Linguistic data were elicited by means of a discourse completion...

„Gesagt. Getan.“

Paul Danler
An orator tries to turn his/her personal point of view into a generally accepted one using a variety of rhetorical means; one of which is argumentation. However, since the relationship between rhetoric and argumentation is somewhat controversial, I will first of all try to identify the role of argumentation within rhetoric. After that, I will briefly discuss the nature of a wide range of argumentation schemes. Arguments have been classified in different ways. One very...

Kausalkonstruktionen mit Adjektiv im freien und fixierten Gebrauch

Sabine De Knop & Fabio Mollica
The study describes the semantic and conceptual variation of causal constructions with an adjective as they are realized in German, French and Italian. In the framework of Goldberg’s (cf. 1995 and 2006) Construction Grammar, it discusses some defining properties of the analyzed constructions, like the formal and semantic (non-)predictability and their possible phraseological status based on metonymy or metaphor. Several constructions can be identified which convey different meanings, i. e. causality and/or excessiveness. The instantiations...

Zur idiomatischen Komponente auffälliger kausativer Konstruktionen im Deutschen

Martine Dalmas & Laurent Gautier
This paper aims to analyze German caused-motion constructions such as jn aus dem Bett klingeln from both a phraseological and constructional perspective. Section 1 shows how the traditional definition of phraseologisms is nowadays challenged by new developments in construction grammar, especially within Goldberg’s framework. Section 2 focuses on the various possibilities existing in German to express causativity and proposes a continuum from mere morphological signs to the constructions under consideration here. Section 3 exemplifies the...

Construction Grammar meets Phraseology: eine Standortbestimmung

Alexander Ziem

Das deutsche Kopulaverb sein und seine thailändischen Entsprechungen

Korakoch Attaviriyanupap
Although German and Thai are typologically different from each other, both languages do have copulative constructions. The verb sein is the most important copular verb in German. Thai does have literary equivalents for this German verb but they involve different verbs. However, only pen and khɯ: are usually considered as Thai copular verbs. This study aims to compare the German verb sein in copulative constructions with pen and khɯ:. The contrastive analysis is based on...

Forms of address and language ideologies: The case of a southwestern Nigerian university

Foluke O. Unuabonah
This paper examines the forms and functions of address terms employed among staff members and the language ideologies that inform the use of these address forms in a southwestern Nigerian university. The study is guided by Anchimbe’s (2011a) categorisation of address forms, and theories on language ideologies. The data are collected through participant-observation, oral and written interviews, and these are analysed qualitatively. The analysis reveals that forms of address used in the university include academic...

Popularisierung im Dienst der Persuasion.

Gabriella Carobbio
The article outlines some strategies of persuasion when popularizing legal contents. The study concerns a video (Erklärfilm) published on the website of the Bayerisches Staatsministerium der Justiz, which explains to migrants the main legal principles upon which the German federal state is grounded. Legal issues such as the constitutional freedom of religion or belief and the state monopoly on the use of force are clarified in order to give migrants basic knowledge of the German...

S Doris in däm wisse Fätze.

Gerda Baumgartner
In various Swiss German dialects, the feminine gender is not the sole possibility when referring to women. Under certain circumstances, the article of female first names can also be neuter, e. g. s Doris. The gender assignment of names is determined by linguistic variables such as morphology or semantics, but also by social factors like age and social relationship. Neuter names have been shown to indicate social relations and encode certain concepts of gender roles...

Visuelle Narration. Zum journalistischen Storytelling aus der Sicht der Medienlinguistik

Magdalena Makowska
From among many narrative forms used in the media, storytelling starts to occupy a more and more important place. Its essence constitutes the telling of a story which must be well understandable as well as easy to remember and retell. Storytelling is one of the best methods of awakening interest and focusing the recipient' attention. Owing to the adequate manner of tell-ing a story as well as its appropriate structuring particular needs are evoked in...

Affiliations Bd 93, 6/2018

Lexicalization of Akan Diminutives:

Clement Kwamina Insaidoo Appah & Nana Aba Appiah Amfo
This paper examines transparent and non-transparent diminutive forms in Akan and the range of meanings associated with each group, as presented in Appah/Amfo (2011). It takes the discussion of Akan diminutives a step further by showing that some of the meanings communicated by transparent diminutive forms are dependent on the context, including the semantic properties of the base to which the diminutive morpheme is attached. In addition, it demonstrates that even though the non-transparent diminutive...

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