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Zum Ausnahmezustand als Experimentierfeld für die Legitimierung von sonder- und außerrechtlichen Maßnahmen

Anna-Lena Dießelmann
This study focuses on the protests against the G8 summit in Heilgendamm, Germany, 2007. In the weeks preceding the event, Germany was preparing for a state of emergency. This discourse was created by legal authorities, politicians, security experts, the international media and the protestors alike. The study reconstructs the struggle for legitimacy and hegemonic supremacy. During this process the definition what was considered a "normal" protest and what a transgression shifted – highlighted by the...


\"Nebelsprech\" – Sprechen in der parlamentarischen Demokratie

Martin Haase
"Fogspeech" is a variant of Orwellian Newspeak typical of parliamentary Democracy: As it is important in a Democracy to find vast support for political projects, linguistic strategies from advertising are used, esp. positively connotated words, positive framing, hyperbolic speech. At the same time, politicians who want to avoid direct responsibility tend to use nebular expressions, set phrases, passive and impersonal constructions etc. A number of examples are discussed.



Towards a corpus-based analysis of evaluative scales associated with even

Christoph Rzymski & Volker Gast
Scalar focus operators like even, only, etc. interact with scales, i. e., ordered sets of alternatives that are referenced by focus structure. The scaling dimensions interacting with focus operators have been argued to be semantic (e. g. entailment relations, probability) in earlier work, but it has been shown that purely semantic analyses are too restrictive, and that the specific scale that a given operator interacts with is often pragmatic, in the sense of being a...

In Search of the Generic Identity of the Book Review: A Chronological and Pragmatic Study

Leila Tanavar & Alireza Jalilifar
Given the significance of Book Reviews (BRs) and the fact that little has been devoted to the study of this genre, the current study investigated the macrostructure as well as the politeness features of a sample of BRs, representing two periods of time (1980-1990/2000-2010), in applied linguistics. The main purpose of this analysis was to identify the macrostructures and the politeness strategies in the "closing evaluation" section of BRs. The dataset consisted of 80 BRs...

Zur Entwicklung und zum Gegenstandbereich der deutschen und der polnischen Phraseologie

Anna Sulikowska & Jolanta Ignatowicz-Skowrońska
The aim of the article, which is addressed to a German reader with phraseological interests, is the depiction of research development within phraseology and terminological agreements in the tradition of phraseology in Polish and German. In the centre of our interest remains the definition of the term phraseme, specification and description of the phraseme features in the context of the contemporary research and also attempts concerning phraseme classifications.


On Sexism in Language and Language Change – The Case of Peninsular Spanish

Benedicta Adokarley Lomotey
The Spanish language has been described as a sexist language due to the peculiar characteris-tics of its gender morphology. It is indicated by the o ('masculine') and a ('feminine') gender morphemes which generally represent male and female respectively. This has led to an appar-ent confusion between grammatical gender and biological sex. Against this background, this paper attempts to discover the impact of anti-sexist language proposals on the Spanish language by analyzing sample Spanish newspapers. Of...

\"We will abstain from eating any kind of food at the hotel\": On Analyzing and Teaching Pragmatic and Other Aspects of English as a Global Language

Joachim Grzega
The article deals with aspects of analyzing and teaching English as a global language. Apart from a few remarks on phonetics, lexis and morphosyntax, its specific focus are pragmalinguistic issues. After a brief state-of-the-art, analyses of both natural and experimentally elicited language data from oral and written contexts are presented. The analyses rest on both qualitative approaches (VOICE and You Tube clips) and quantitative approaches (one type of DPTs, two types of MJTs and one...

Additive Particles in Romance and Germanic Languages: Are They Really Similar?

Sandra Benazzo & Christine Dimroth
The starting point of this paper is the observation of an unequal frequency of the additive particle auch in German as compared to the paucity of its French counterpart aussi, in L1 and L2 developmental data as well as in adult native speakers' production, which leads to an investigation of the reasons for the observed difference in language use. The paper brings together findings on the structure and discourse integration of utterances containing additive particles...

Additive Focus Adverbs in Canonical Word Orders. A Corpus-based Study of It. anche, Fr. aussi and E. also in Written News

Anna-Maria De Cesare
The goal of this paper is to offer a cross-linguistic analysis of the most commonly occurring additive focus adverbs used in Italian, French and English – namely anche, aussi and also – on the basis of a corpus of written texts. The corpus used in this paper consists of comparable online news in Italian, French and English amounting to approximately 750000 words. In line with previous findings, our results show that there are important quantitative...

How children \"add\" or \"restrict\" entities and temporal spans in narrations: evidence from Italian and English native children

Patrizia Giuliano
This work focuses on the acquisition of restrictive and (temporal and non temporal) additive means by Italian and English native children, especially including scope particles, together with children's progressing ability to build textual cohesion in a narrative text. In particular, the author tries to identify the age at which additive and restrictive means appear and the functions they carry out in discourse organization of very young subjects, as well as the cognitive operations the latter...

Focus Particles in Information Processing: An Experimental Study on Pragmatic Scales with Spanish incluso

Margarita Borreguero Zuloaga, Óscar Loureda, Adriana Cruz, Martha Rudka, Ines Recio & Laura Nadal
Focus particles have been one of the spotlights of linguistic research during the last fifty years. They have been studied mainly from a syntactic and semantic perspective, in formal and functional approaches. However, in the last years new insights in this field have been developed through pragmatic and textual approaches. From that perspective, focus particles can be considered as a type of discourse particles, as far as their semantic nature and their pragmatic function are...

Non-Final Focus Accents in The Speech of Advanced Italian Learners of German

Peter Paschke & Barbara Vogt
This study investigates the prosodic marking of focus in non-native German. Ten proficient learners of German with Italian L1 were recorded reading aloud 40 sentences containing mostly non-final focused constituents embedded in an adequate question context. Non-final focus accents in L2 German are difficult for Italian learners to produce, especially in broad focus contexts with de-accentuation of final verb forms (cf. Paschke/Vogt, in press), because their native language has a strong positional requirement of rightmostness....

Salz, eine Brezel und der Weg zum Bahnhof. Strategien des Bittens in Varietäten des Deutschen und im Serbischen

Elke Hentschel
This paper examines the verbal strategies used by speakers of German in Germany and Switzerland and speakers of Serbian in Serbia in order to voice a request. The participants in the study were asked what they would say in the following three situations: Asking for the way to the railway station in a strange city, asking their younger brother to pass the salt at the family dinner table, and buying a pretzel at the local...

Banknoten als sprachenpolitisches Instrument

Simon Proell
For modern states, multilingualism is not an exception, but the norm. Most states explicitly deal with the status of their languages through their (often rather sparse) legislation, while implicitly reflecting their policy through language use on official documents. Banknotes provide a link between the official policy and its common application, as they are both a document of the state as well as an object of daily use. Here, the state is responsible for bridging the...

Representation of Bakassi Peninsula Conflict in Nigeria and Cameroon Print Media: A Critical Discourse Approach

Ebuka Igwebuike & Rotimi Taiwo
The media discursive representation of participants and their roles in conflict situations is the focus of this study. The Nigeria-Cameroon clashes over the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula have been reported in newspapers from the two countries. In a bid to demonstrate how social attitudes are expressed in the discourse structure of news reports, the study analyzed news reports from four newspapers in the countries published in the heat of the armed conflicts between 2002 and...

\"Normalisierung nach rechts\": Politischer Diskurs im Spannungsfeld von Neoliberalismus, Populismus und kritischer Öffentlichkeit

Ruth Wodak
In recent years, we can observe a shift towards the right, in politics and the related political discourse. This paper analyses this development for debates on migration in Austria, while drawing on the concept of "normalisation". The basic assumption is illustrated with an example of Austrian debates following the terrorist attacks in Paris, 7.–9.01.2015. In the quantitative and qualitative analysis of a complete sample of 72 newspaper articles in the period of two weeks in...

\"Zeltdörfer im Burgenland\" – Zur Relevanz materieller und sprachlicher Bilder im politischen Diskurs. Eine exemplarische Analyse

Dorothee Meer
This paper analyses the use of figures of speech as well as of material images from a discourse semiotic point of view. The empirical basis comprises the news coverage of the FAZ and of the SZ concerning the hunger strike of refugees on the Munich Rindermarkt during the summer of 2013. Based on this specific empirical data, this paper initially illustrates basic assumptions with regard to the specific semiotic resources of figures of speech and...

\"Charisma macht müde Demokratien munter\" – Zum diskursiven Zusammenhang von Charisma und Demokratie

Pamela Steen
"I am charismatic!". If politician described themselves like this, we would probably define them as a peacock and condemn such a vain display. "Barack Obama is charismatic" or "Charisma perks up tired democracies", however, are propositions we can read in newspapers every day. Although they are assumptions about fundamental agencies, they are scarcely questioned. But these ascriptions or assertions must be believed or not, they are elements in a complex constructed belief system which is...

Phraseologismen in deutschen und polnischen Pressetexten, dargestellt aus pragmalinguistischer Perspektive

Janusz Pociask
The aim of this article is to present selected aspects of using some various idioms in texts of Polish and German press. Within the theoretical framework the following aspects are discussed: the constitutive features of idioms, their potential to build some texts, as well as appearing in particular texts. The analysis of press texts in both languages showed that idioms are a common link of expression and their adaptation and implementation are varied. Besides using...

How Can Semantic Annotation Help Us to Analyse the Discourse of Climate Change in Online User Comments?

Luke Collins
User comments in response to newspaper articles published online offer a unique resource for studying online discourse. The number of comments that articles often elicit poses many methodological challenges and analyses of online user comments have inevitably been cursory when limited to a manual content or thematic analysis. Corpus analysis tools can systematically identify features such as keywords in large datasets. This article reports on the semantic annotation feature of the corpus analysis tool WMatrix...

A Content Analysis of Colour-term Conceptual Metaphors in Modern Persian Poetry

Fereshteh Khosravian, Mohammad Baghery Shabani & Mohammad Aliakbari
This study sought answers related to the distribution of colour terms in Persian poems and their metaphoric reflection in poets' beliefs, ideas, or values. In so doing, 137 Persian verses from two poetry books with colour terms in content were considered for the analysis. Four raters who studied literature of Persian scrutinized the verses for the evaluation of the colour metaphoric conceptualizations. To validate the raters' suggestions, a focus group of sixteen commented on the...

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