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Chandigarh beyond Le Corbusier

Bärbel Högner & Jürg Gasser
Le Corbusier Jeanneret Punjab functional cities masterplan Indian modernism postcolonial urbanism slums Chandigarh India

Space Weather as a Threat to Critical Infrastructure

A.R.E. Taylor
space weather critical infrastructure Sun security blackout risk preparedness

A Sky to Work With: Astronomers, Media, Infrastructures

Götz Hoeppe
astronomy data digital media epistemic communities infrastructures observatories reflexivity scientific practice sky

Mooring a Space Station: Media Infrastructure and the Inhuman Environment

Katarina Damjanov & David Crouch
infrastructure environment media technologies outer space International Space Station life support systems

Out of the Past: The Space-Time of Infrastructure

Christine Bichsel
space station Soviet Union Andrei Ujică space-time film infrastructure Baikonur

Introduction: Infrastructure on/off Earth

Christine Bichsel
infrastructure off Earth outer space social science of outer space

Sudanese Industrial Sound: Sonic Labour in a Truck Workshop

Valerie Hänsch
Sudan labour sound craft rhythm Bedford truck blacksmith material

Labouring for Connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh

Edward Boyle & Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman
Arunachal Pradesh Northeast India infrastructure development mobility bodies labour circulation connectivity resistance

Expeditions Along the Precipice: Circulations that Construct India’s Border Roads

Anu Sabhlok & Noor Sharma
India border roads labour migration infrastructure ethnography

Arrested Infrastructure: Roadwork, Rights, Racialized Geographies

Joel E. Correia
roads infrastructure infrastructural violence geographies of power social justice Indigenous rights inequality settler colonialism Latin America

Introduction: Infrastructure as an Asynchronic Timescape

Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi

Midnight Blues in the Melting Arctic

Mia M. Bennett

Development as Palimpsest: Infrastructures Revived in Boten’s Architecture

Jessica diCarlo
special economic zones urbanization aesthetics design ethnic tourism global cities Laos China

Making Time in Maintenance Work

Ignaz Strebel, Moritz F. Fürst & Alain Bovet

Stories from a Jaffna Auto Stand

daniel dillon
Sri Lanka labor ethnographic labor rickshaw drivers infrastructure urban infrastructure

Labor Geographies: Uneven Infrastructures in Nepal’s Rana Period

Nadine Plachta & Subas Tamang
Infrastructure Roads Labor Ethnicity Caste Development Himalaya Nepal India

Affective Labor: Afghanistan’s Road to China

Tobias Marschall & Till Mostowlansky
labor affect infrastructure road construction Afghanistan China

Ora et Labora: Buddhist Nuns as Road Builders in Zanskar

Marta Normington
photography Zanskar nuns Buddhism labour nunnery road economy of merit Himalaya

Alternatives to GPS: Space Infrastructure in China and Japan

Christine Y. L. Luk & Subodhana Wijeyeratne
GPS space infrastructure satellite navigation BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Quasi-Zenith Satellite System

Placing the Cosmic Background: The Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory as an Ambient Infrastructure

James Merron
Ambient infrastructure signal and noise interference Ghana radio astronomy space science and technology Square Kilometre Array African Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network

Stairway to Heaven? Geographies of the Space Elevator in Science Fiction

Oliver Dunnett
Space elevator Space exploration Geographies of outer space Arthur C. Clarke Kim Stanley Robinson Science fiction

Tailbacks in Time, East Anglia

Richard D.G. Irvine

Light and Space-Making in the Accra Airport City, Ghana

Naomi Samake
light luminosity boundaries waiting street vendors local practices Accra Airport City Ghana

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