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Should Recall of Previous Votes Be Used to Adjust Estimates of Voting Intention?

Isabelle Valois, Claire Durand & Mélanie Deslauriers

Nonsampling errors and their implication for estimates of current cancer treatment using the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Jeffrey M. Gonzalez, Lisa B. Mirel & Nina Verevkina

Evaluation of Gaining Cooperation Methods for IVR Surveys in Low- and Middle-income Countries

Lau C. Amaya A.

Including nursing home residents in a general population health survey in Germany

Beate Gaertner Et Al.

Why were there three? – Determinants of the presence of an intimate partner during face-to-face interviews

R. Preetz

Asking Survey Respondents about Reasons for Their Behavior: A Split Ballot Experiment in Ethiopia

Charles Q. Lau & Gretchen McHenry

Understanding and Improving the External Survey Environment of Official Statistics

Geert Loosveldt, Duncan Wrighte, Mary H. Mulry & Boris Lorenc

Reincarnation Revisited. Question format and the distribution of belief in reincarnation in survey research

Pascal Siegers

Prevalence of Cell Phone Sharing

Marek Fuchs & Britta Busse

Does the Choice of Header Images influence Responses? Findings from a Web Survey on Students’ Housing Situation

Alice Barth

Simultaneous Raking of Survey Weights at Multiple Levels

Stanislav Kolenikov & Heather Hammer

How to weight survey data with a dyadic multi-actor design?

Inge Pasteels

Merchant Steering of Consumer Payment Choice: Lessons Learned From Consumer Surveys

Oz Shy & Joanna Stavins

Effective Strategies for Recording Interviewer Observations: Evidence from the PASS Study in Germany

Brady T. West & Mark Trappmann

Sampling in Times of High Immigration: The Survey Process of the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees

Sampling Refugees for an Educational Longitudinal Survey

Hans Walter Steinhauer Et Al

How to Implement Respondent-Driven Sampling in Practice: Insights from Surveying 24-Hour Migrant Home Care Workers

Et Al Lena Hipp

How to reach ‘hard-to-reach’ older people for research: The TIBaR model of recruitment

Kerstin Et Al. Kammerer

Question Order Experiments in the German-European Context

Henning Silber, Jan Karem Höhne & Stephan Schlosser

Comparing smartphones to tablets for face-to-face interviewing in Kenya

Hanzhi Zhou, Samuel Haddaway & Sarah M. Hughes

Testing the Validity of the Crosswise Model: A Study on Attitudes Towards Muslims

David Johann & Kathrin Thomas

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