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Individualized metacognitive therapy for delusions: A randomized controlled rater-blind study

Christina Andreou, Charlotte E. Wittekind, Martina Fieker, Ulrike Heitz, Ruth Veckenstedt, Francesca Bohn & Steffen Moritz

The Swiss-model Repository : new features and functionalities

J. Kopp & T. Schwede

Circadian affective, cardiopulmonary, and cortisol variability in depressed and nondepressed individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease

Ansgar Conrad, Frank H. Wilhelm, Walton T. Roth, David Spiegel & C. Barr Taylor

Mit Sicherheit gegen Terrorismus

Dominique Grisard

Enhancing impact: visualization of an integrated impact assessment strategy

G. R. Krieger, M. A. Bouchard, I. M. De Sa, I. Paris, Z. Balge, D. Williams, B. H. Singer, M. S. Winkler & J. Utzinger

Displaced vertex searches for sterile neutrinos at future lepton colliders

Stefan Antusch, Eros Cazzato & Oliver Fischer

The psychological outcome of religious coping with stressful life events in a Swiss sample of church attendees

U. Winter, D. Hauri, S. Huber, J. Jenewein, U. Schnyder & B. Krämer

Natural channel protein inserts and functions in a completely artificial, solid-supported bilayer membrane

Xiaoyan Zhang, Wangyang Fu, Cornelia G. Palivan & Wolfgang Meier

Interaction of SNAREs with ArfGAPs precedes recruitment of Sec18p/NSF

C. Schindler & A. Spang

Social anxiety and response to touch : incongruence between self-evaluative and physiological reactions

F. H. Wilhelm, A. S. Kochar, W. T. Roth & J. J. Gross

Towards the Reproduction of Selected Dynamic Loop Scheduling Experiments Using SimGrid-SimDag

Ali Mohammed, Ahmed Eleliemy & Florina M. Ciorba

Prevalence of Fasciola gigantica infection in slaughtered animals in south-eastern Lake Chad area in relation to husbandry practices and seasonal water levels

Vreni Jean-Richard, Lisa Crump, Abbani Alhadj Abicho, Ngandolo Bongo Naré, Helena Greter, Jan Hattendorf, Esther Schelling & Jakob Zinsstag

Enzyme repurposing of a hydrolase as an emergent peroxidase upon metal binding

Nobutaka Fujieda, Jonas Schätti, Edward Stuttfeld, Kei Ohkubo, Timm Maier, Shunichi Fukuzumi & Thomas R. Ward

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