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Functional analysis of TOR complex 2 and its control of sphingolipid biosynthesis in "Saccharomyces cerevisiae"

Ryo Shioda, Martin Spiess & Michael N. Hall
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2006. - Ref.: Michael N. Hall, M. Spiess

Mass spectrometric screening of chiral catalysts by monitoring the back reaction, palladium-catalysed allylic substitution

Constanze Annelie Müller, Andreas Pfaltz & Wolf-Dietrich Woggon
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2008. - Ref.: Andreas Pfaltz, Wolf-Dietrich Woggon

Functional pulmonary MRI
 with ultra-fast steady-state free precession

Oliver Bieri, Orso Andrea Pusterla & Matthias Stuber

Interaction of single metallo-porphyrins with Titania surfaces, advanced atomic force microscopy studies

Christian Loppacher, Res Jöhr & Ernst Meyer

Towards NMR analysis of the HIV-1 coreceptor CCR5 and its interaction with RANTES

Oliver Zerbe, Wiktor Maciej & Stephan Grzesiek
Diss. Phil.- Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Stephan Grzesiek, Oliver Zerbe

Quantum dot Josephson junctions in the Kondo regime

Alexander T. Eichler, Jesper Nygård, Christian Schönenberger & Markus Weiss
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: C. Schönenberger ; Korref.: J. Nygård, M. Weiss

3D statistical shape models of human bones, their construction using a finite element registration algorithm, formulation on Hilbert spaces, and application to medical image analysis

Thomas Vetter, Thomas Albrecht & Thomas Brox
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2011. - Ref.: Thomas Vetter ; Korref.: Thomas Brox

<> crisis of modernity, culture, nature, and the modernist yearning for authenticity

Hartwig Isernhagen, Thomas Pughe, Yves-Charles Grandjeat & Ann-Catherine Nabholz
Diss. Phil.-Hist. Univ. Basel, 2004. - Ref.: Hartwig Isernhagen, Thomas Pughe, Yves-Charles Grandjeat ...[et al.]

Beschwerdenvalidierung bei psychosomatischen Patienten

Rolf-Dieter Stieglitz, Carole Keppler & Ralph Mager

Molecular diversity and immunological properties of the "Plasmodium falciparum", merozoite surface protein 2(MSP2)

Andrea Irion
Diss. phil.-nat. Univ. Basel, 2000

Fetal cells in maternal circulation, fetal cell separation and FISH analysis

Tatiana Ivanovna Babochkina, Urs Albert Meyer, Hansjakob Müller & Sinuhe Hahn
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2005 .- Ref.: Sinuhe Hahn, Urs A. Meyer, Hansjakob Müller

Heights and multiplicative relations on algebraic varieties

Sinnou David, Philipp Habegger & David Masser
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2007. - Ref.: D.W. Masser, S. David

Motility, manipulation and controlling of unicellular organisms

Thomas Pfohl, Axel Hochstetter & Nico Bruns
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Thomas Pfohl, Nico Bruns

Structure elucidation of the water-soluble organic carbon fraction in atmospheric aerosols by mass spectrometry

Michael Oehme, Johannes Staehelin & Fernando Romero
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2006. - Ref.: Michael Oehme, Johannes Stähelin

Symmetry propagation in surface supported supramolecular architectures of terpyridines and helicenes

Thomas Jung, Catherine E. Housecroft & Thomas Nijs

Ethnic decentralization and negotiating statehood in urban Ethiopia, a case study of Adama and Hawassa cities

Demissie Ferdissa Bekele, Laurent Goetsche, Asnake Kefale & Didier Péclard

RAS peptide profiles in arterial hypertension

Manuel Martin Haschke, Henriette Elisabeth Ulrike Meyer Zu Schwabedissen & Andrea Stoller

Chiral proline-based ligands for iridium-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation

Andreas Pfaltz, Denise Rageot & Helma Wennemers
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Andreas Pfaltz, Helma Wennemers

Selective binding and cleavage of peptides, a combinatorial approach

Matthias Conradin Nold, Helma Wennemers & Bernd Giese
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2003. - Ref.: H. Wennemers, B. Giese

Implementation and evaluation of a health facility quality improvement intervention for maternal and neonatal health in Southern Tanzania

Suzanne Suggs, Marcel Tanner, Jennie Eliezer Jaribu & Joanna Schellenberg

Positionierungsgenauigkeit in einem registrierungsfreien, CT-basierten Navigationssystem

Daniel Andreas Brandenberger, Augustinus Jacob & Peter Messmer
Diss. Med. Univ. Basel, 2008. - Ref.: Augustinus Ludwig Jacob ; Korref.: P. Messmer

Molecular basis of mRNA localization and translation control

Jeffrey Chao, Dierk Niessing, Susan M. Gasser & Min Jia

Synthesis and characterisation of chromium (III) complexes with polypyridyl ligands

Edwin C. Constable, Jonas Michael Schönle & Oliver S. Wenger
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Edwin C. Constable, Oliver S. Wenger

Enantioselective capillary electrophoresis, fundamental aspects and application to the "in vitro" assessment of CYP3A4 mediated ketamine N-demethylation

Hiu Ying Kwan, Jörg Huwyler, Wolfgang Thormann & Stephan Krähenbühl
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Stephan Krähenbühl, Wolfgang Thormann, Jörg Huwyler

Techniques for fractionation, isolation and characterization of subvisible and submicron particles in biopharmaceutical preparations

Jörg Huwyler, Wolfgang Friess, Atanas Koulov & Emilien Folzer

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