209 Works

The role of mTOR for the development and function of mouse thymic epithelium

Caroline Berkemeier

Dynamics of emerging actin networks

Siddharth Deshpande

Photoresponsive polymersomes as smart, triggerable nanocarriers

Etienne Cabane

Ionic transition metal complexes containing iridium(III) for lighting applications

Gabriel Elias Schneider

The role of the proto-oncogene Ski in cortical development

Constanze Katharina Charlotte Baranek

Contributions to automorphisms of affine spaces

Immanuel Stampfli

Infection and disinfection of transmucosal implant surfaces \"in vitro\"

Monika Astašov-Frauenhoffer

Towards integrated control of East Cost fever, a devastating disease of cattle

Cassandra Leah Olds

Magnetic resonance force microscopy : harnessing nuclear spin fluctuations

Phani Kumar Peddibhotla

Verdichtung durch Reduktion : Kontrastphänomene in den Porträts von Frank Auerbach

Invar-Torre Hollaus

A role for amphiphysin in AP-1/clathrin coat formation

Sonja Huser Studer

Regulation of heterochromatic RNA decay via heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1)

Claudia Isabelle Keller

Dissecting the roles of mTORC1 and mTORC2 in the mouse heart

Pankaj Shende

Measurement of malaria transmission in Africa : an entomological perspective

Bernadette John Huho

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