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Second messenger-mediated flagellum assembly during the \"Caulobacter Crescentus\" cell cycle

Yaniv Cohen, Christoph Dehio & Urs Jenal
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012 .- Ref.: U. Jenal, C. Dehio

Epigenetic variability in the facultative human pathogen \"Neisseria meningitidis\"

Mohamad Rustom Abdul Sater, Urs Jenal, Christoph D. Schmid & Marcel Tanner
Diss. Phil.- Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Marcel Tanner, Christoph Schmid, Urs Jenal

Novel photocleavable intracellular heterodimerizer to manipulate protein dynamics with high spatiotemporal precision

Mirjam Sarah Zimmermann, Kurt Ballmer-Hofer & Matthias Paul Wymann
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015 .- Ref.: M.P. Wymann, K. Ballmer-Hofer

Target specificity and developmental functions of the let-7 microRNA

Matyas Ecsedi, Christian Eckmann & Helge Grosshans
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Helge Grosshans ; Korref.: Christian Eckmann

Control of pluripotency during the oocyte-to-embryo transition in caenorhabditis elegans

Cristina Tocchini, Rafal Ciosk, Anne Ephrussi & Susan M. Gasser
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Susan M. Gasser, Rafal Ciosk, Anne Ephrussi

Information search in experience-based choice and valuation, challenges and applications

Dirk U. Wulff, Ralph Hertwig & Jörg Rieskamp
Diss. Psych. Univ. Basel, 2015 .- Ref.: Ralph Hertwig, Jörg Rieskamp

Variability of carbon dioxide fluxes in heterogeneous urban environments, from street canyon to neighborhood scale

Björn Lietzke, Helmut Mayer & Eberhard Parlow
Diss. Phil. - Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Eberhard Parlow, Helmut Mayer

Molecular and developmental characterization of functions of the let-7 miRNA and its target LIN-41 in controlling temporal patterning in C. elegans

Hrishikesh Bartake, Susan M. Gasser, Helge Grosshans & Alison Woollard
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Susan Gasser, Alison Woollard, Helge Grosshans

Rapid magnetic resonance tissue relaxometry in the steady state

Rahel Heule, Oliver Bieri & Stefan Ropele
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Oliver Bieri ; Korref.: Stefan Ropele

Exposure assessment of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) in everyday environments, methodological approaches and issue-specific perspectives

Damiano Urbinello, Jürg Fröhlich, Wout Joseph & Martin Röösli
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Martin Röösli, Wout Joseph, Jürg Fröhlich

Towards cheap and sustainable energy sources by exploiting self-organized catalyst micro and nanostructures

Roché M. Walliser, Edwin C. Constable & Thomas Pfohl
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Edwin C. Constable, Thomas Pfohl

Towards photoinduced charge accumulation in purely molecular D⁶ metal complexes with oligo-triarylamine donors

Annabell G. Bonn, Catherine E. Housecroft & Oliver S. Wenger
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Oliver S. Wenger ; Korref.: Catherine E. Housecroft

Safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics profile of antimalarial drugs in pregnancy, pharmacoepidemiology studies

Dominic Mosha, Blaise Genton, Clara Menendez & Marcel Tanner
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Marcel Tanner, Blaise Genton, Clara Menendez

Effects of parasitic infections on clinical outcomes, self-rated quality of life and physical fitness in Côte d'Ivoire

Eveline Hürlimann, Robert Bergquist, Eliézer K. N'Goran, Giovanna Raso & Jürg Utzinger
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Jürg Utzinger, Robert Bergquist, Giovanna Raso, Eliézer K. N'Goran

Erfassung und Behandlung von Jugendlichen mit einer Identitätsstörung

Emanuel Jung, Jens Gaab & Klaus Schmeck
Diss. Psych. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Jens Gaab, Klaus Schmeck

Characterization of tenascin-W, an emerging player in the metastatic bone marrow niche

Francesca Chiovaro, Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann & Richard P. Tucker
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann, Richard P. Tucker

Self-assembled quantum dots in a fully tunable microcavity

Lukas Greuter, Peter Lodahl & Richard Warburton
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Richard J. Warburton, Peter Lodahl

Investigations on temporal and spatial variation of slope-scale SOC erosion and deposition

Yaxian Hu, Goswin Johann Heckrath & Nikolaus J. Kuhn
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Nikolaus J. Kuhn ; Koref.: Goswin Johann Heckrath

<> frühmittelalterliche Gräberfeld von Basel-Gotterbarmweg, [Auswertungsband]

Stefan Lehmann, Dieter Quast & Frank Siegmund
Diss. Phil.-Hist. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Frank Siegmund, Dieter Quast

Discharge communication in the emergency department, on quantity- and content-definition and on the benefit of information structuring

Selina Ackermann, Roland Bingisser & Ralph Hertwig
Diss. Psych. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Ralph Hertwig, Roland Bingisser

Tête-à-tête, graphs and twists

Christian Graf, Norbert A'Campo, Michel Boileau & Alexandru Oancea
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Norbert A'Campo, Michel Boileau, Alexandru Oancea

Efficient explicit time integration for the simulation of acoustic and electromagnetic waves

Michaela Mehlin, Marcus J. Grote & Stéphane Lanteri
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Marcus J. Grote, Stéphane Lanteri

Characterization of Alport syndrome and DPP9 protease using Col4a3 knock-out mice and DPP9 protease dead mutant mice

Munkyung Kim, Iwona Ksiazek, Ed Palmer & Markus A. Rüegg
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Ed Palmer, Markus A. Rüegg, Iwona Ksiazek

Preventing wild boar \"Sus scrofa\" damage - considerations for wild boar management in highly fragmented agroecosystems

Adrian Schlageter, Daniel Haag-Wackernagel, Peter Odermatt & Marcel Tanner
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Marcel Tanner, Daniel Haag-Wackernagel, Peter Odermatt

<> impact of sleep pressure, circadian phase and an ADA-polymorphism on working memory, a behavioral, electrophysiological, neuroimaging approach

Carolin Franziska Reichert, Christian Cajochen &
Diss. Psych. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Dominique de Quervain, Christian Cajochen

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