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Scalable microchip ion traps and guides for cold molecular ions

Arezoo Mokhberi, Stefan Willitsch & Jonathan Home

Techniques for fractionation, isolation and characterization of subvisible and submicron particles in biopharmaceutical preparations

Jörg Huwyler, Wolfgang Friess, Atanas Koulov & Emilien Folzer

Investigation of the unusual magnetic properties of Fe and Co on MgO with high spatial, energy and temporal resolution

Andreas J. Heinrich, Susanne Baumann & Martino Poggio

<> study on the epidemiology of incident seizures in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders

Marlene Susanne Blöchliger, Stephan Krähenbühl & Christoph Meier

Paediatric End-of-LIfe CAre Needs in Switzerland (PELICAN), Current end-of-life care practices and the persepctives of bereaved parents

Karin Zimmermann, Sabina De Geest, Eva Cignacco, Nicolas Von Der Weid, Sandra Engberg & Monika Führer

Calixarene-based langmuir monolayers, from crystallization templates to metal organic networks

Wolfgang Peter Meier, Ludovico G. Tulli, Scott John Dalgarno & Patrick Shahgaldian

<> highly dynamic heterochromatin protein Swi6 mediates degradation of heterochromatic transcripts

Geneviève Almouzni, Marc Bühler, Rieka Stunnenberg & Susan M. Gasser

Environmental control of spring phenology in mature temperate trees

Ansgar Kahmen, David Basler & Christian Körner

Projective camera model in biomedical navigation applications

Rachel Rosenthal, Stephen Wyler, Philippe Cattin & Adrian Schneider

Belastungen und Schutzfaktoren bei pädagogischen Mitarbeitenden in der stationären Kinder- und Jugendhilfe

Jens Gaab, Célia Steinlin-Danielsson & Klaus Schmeck

Evolution and mechanism of fatty acid synthase multienzymes

Timm Maier, Habib Bukhari & Roderick Lim

Ordered spin states and quantum coherence in low-dimensional structures, quantum dots and nanowires

Guido Burkard, Daniel Loss & Viktoriia Kornich

Quadrature methods for elliptic PDEs with random diffusion

Markus Siebenmorgen, Helmut Harbrecht & Raul Tempone

Epigenetic regulation of thyroid development

Antonius G. Rolink, Georg A. Holländer, Sanjay Gawade & Gabor Szinnai

Genetic and environmental determinants of pulmonary outcome in term-born and preterm children

Anne Schmidt, Marcel Tanner, Urs Frey & Matthias Egger

Comparative ecology and phylogeography in east African cichild fishes

Walter Salzburger, Ulrich Schliewen & Adrian Indermaur

Syntheses of taiwaniaquinoid and icetexane natural products based on biogenetic hypotheses

Christophe Thommen, Andreas Pfaltz & Karl Gademann

Nanoscale characterization of dye sensitized solar cells - Kelvin probe force microscopy in liquid

Ernst Meyer, Gino Günzburger & Catherine E. Housecroft

Time to act, Vulnerabilities of aging prisoners in Switzerland

Tenzin Wangmo, Christophe J. Büla, Stefan Winter, Bernice S. Elger & Violet Handtke

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