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Figura - Armonia - Forma, Amériques di Edgard Varèse, un' analisi funzionale

Federica Di Gasbarro, Matteo Nanni, Matthias Schmidt, Raffaele Pozzi & Pascal Decroupet

TOPAS Internet-Basiertes Stress- und Angstmanagement-Programm für Frauen mit vorzeitigen Wehen

Sandra Scherer, Jens Gaab & Judith Alder

<> contribution to dog ecology and dog-related zoonoses in Bamako, Mali

Stephanie Mauti, Jakob Zinsstag & Susan Welburn

Novel image processing tools and techniques in cryo-electron microscopy

Nikhil Biyani, Henning Stahlberg & Volker Roth

Implementation and evaluation of a health facility quality improvement intervention for maternal and neonatal health in Southern Tanzania

Jennie Eliezer Jaribu, Marcel Tanner, Joanna Schellenberg & Suzanne Suggs

Formation & maintenance of photoreceptor outer segments

Janine Daum, Botond Roska & Stephan Neuhauss

Naturally and sexually selected traits in haplochromine cichlid fishes

Anya Theis, Walter Salzburger & T.C.M. Bakker

Health risk assessment along wastewater recovery and reuse systems in Kampala, Uganda and Hanoi, Vietnam

Samuel Fuhrimann, Jürg Utzinger & Anders Dalsgaard

Structural and functional investigations of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa YfiBNR-system

Stefanie L. Kauer, Tilman Schirmer & Urs Jenal

Neurotoxic impact of protein fragmentation and aggregation in tauopathy mouse models

Frederik Sprenger, David T. Winkler & Bernhard Bettler

Assessment of stem cell pluripotency using an \"in vitro\" 3D perfusion-based culture model

Flurina Pletscher, Antonius G. Rolink, & Luigi Maria Terracciano

Injury characteristics in children's football and perspectives for prevention

Roland Rössler, Oliver Faude & Lukas Zahner

Chromatin dynamics in DNA double-strand break repair

Andrew Seeber, Susan M. Gasser & Noel F. Lowndes

Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal diversity of arid lands, from AM fungal species to AM fungal communities

Sarah Symanczik, Andres Wiemken & Thomas Boller

Ageing, health and care in rural Tanzania

Vendelin Tarmo Simon, Brigit Obrist & Till Förster

H3K9me is dispensable for C. elegans development but essential for genome integrity

Peter Zeller, Susan M. Gasser & Marcel Tijsterman

Targeting angiogenesis with small antibody fragments and antibody-like molecules

Dragana Avramović, Kurt Ballmer-Hofer & Gerhard M. Christofori

Hadron-quark phase transitions in hybrid stars and core-collapse supernovae

Oliver Heinimann, Matthias Hempel & Tomoya Takiwaki

Development and application of -omics and bioinformatics approaches for a deeper understanding of infectious diseases systems

Pierre H. H. Schneeberger, Jürg Utzinger, Jürg E. Frey & Mauro Tonolla

Aspects of neutrino flavor propagation in binary neutron star merger remnants

Maik Frensel, Friedrich-Karl Thielemann & Cristina Volpe

Novel insights into mechanisms partitioning chromatin states

Valentin Flury, Marc Bühler & Sigurd Braun

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