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Interaction of single metallo-porphyrins with Titania surfaces, advanced atomic force microscopy studies

Christian Loppacher, Res Jöhr & Ernst Meyer

Beschwerdenvalidierung bei psychosomatischen Patienten

Rolf-Dieter Stieglitz, Carole Keppler & Ralph Mager

RAS peptide profiles in arterial hypertension

Manuel Martin Haschke, Henriette Elisabeth Ulrike Meyer Zu Schwabedissen & Andrea Stoller

Implementation and evaluation of a health facility quality improvement intervention for maternal and neonatal health in Southern Tanzania

Suzanne Suggs, Marcel Tanner, Jennie Eliezer Jaribu & Joanna Schellenberg

Robustness and plasticity of epithelial cell state in development and malignancy

Gerhard M. Christofori, Mihaela Zavolan & Yoana Dimitrova

CD40L-expressing recombinant vaccinia virus (rVV40L), generation of central memory CD8+ T cells and induction of tumor cell death

Ed Palmer, Paul Zajac, Alfred Zippelius & Emanuele Trella

Hadron-quark phase transitions in hybrid stars and core-collapse supernovae

Oliver Heinimann, Tomoya Takiwaki & Matthias Hempel

Functional role of parallel circuits in the hippocampus

Annapoorani Udhayachandran, Silvia Arber & Pico Caroni

Insights into the mechanism and regulation of EgtD, a novel histidine methyltransferase from ergothioneine biosynthesis

Florian Peter Seebeck, Laëtitia Misson & Wulf Blankenfeldt

Novel approaches for cardiovascular drug eluting devices based on cellular pharmacokinetic determinants of coronary artery cells

Janine Hußner, Henriette Elisabeth Ulrike Meyer Zu Schwabedissen & Veronika Butterweck

TOPAS Internet-Basiertes Stress- und Angstmanagement-Programm für Frauen mit vorzeitigen Wehen

Judith Alder, Jens Gaab & Sandra Scherer

Identification of deregulated AMPK and mTORC1 signalling in myotonic dystrophy type I and their potential as therapeutic targets

Marielle Brockhoff, Markus A. Rüegg, Michael Sinnreich & Christoph Handschin

Revisiting the roles of replicase complex proteins in tobamovirus replication and suppression of RNA silencing

Thomas Boller, Hortensia Nachelli Malpica López, Todd Blevins & Mikhail M. Pooggin

Nanomedicines in cancer therapy, from long-circulating drug carriers to novel therapeutic concepts

Jörg Huwyler, Philip Grossen & Gert Fricker

Formation & maintenance of photoreceptor outer segments

Janine Daum, Botond Roska & Stephan Neuhauss

Resolving conformational changes in FG nucleoporins due to multivalent Karyopherin binding

Andreas Dahlin, Rafael L. Schoch & Roderick Lim

<> influence of regulation on the capital and financing structure of banks

Ulf Daniel Schiller, Dino Lucadamo & Pascal Gantenbein

Bio-hybrid polymer membranes as tools for mimicking cell compartments

Cornelia G. Palivan, Mihai Lomora & Abhay Pandit

H3K9me is dispensable for C. elegans development but essential for genome integrity

Susan M. Gasser, Peter Zeller & Marcel Tijsterman

Powerful low-valent photocatalysts and luminophores based on earth-abundant metals

Laura Allegra Büldt, Roger Alberto & Oliver S. Wenger

Nachhaltig nachhaltig?, Determinanten und Interventionen für kurz- und langfristig nachhaltiges Verhalten

Judith Tonner, Jens Gaab & Rainer Greifeneder

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