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Rif1 maintains telomeres and mediates DNA repair with its N-terminal alpha-helical repeat

Julia Katrin Reinert, Wei Yang, Susan M. Gasser & Nicolas Thomä

Functional pulmonary MRI
 with ultra-fast steady-state free precession

Oliver Bieri, Orso Andrea Pusterla & Matthias Stuber

Symmetry propagation in surface supported supramolecular architectures of terpyridines and helicenes

Thomas Jung, Catherine E. Housecroft & Thomas Nijs

Design of bio-inspired materials and total synthesis of "Securinega" alkaloids

Karl Gademann, Robin Wehlauch & Konrad Tiefenbacher

Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling for malaria surveillance and residual pockets of transmission identification in Swaziland

Penelope Vounatsou, Sabelo Nick Dlamini, Jürg Utzinger & Michael Gebreslasie

Database support for large-scale multimedia retrieval

Michael Grossniklaus, Heiko Schuldt & Ivan Giangreco

Development of keratinocyte culture models for epidermodysplasia verruciformis and ichthyosis with confetti

Elias Imahorn, Bettina Burger & Sven Cichon

Condensation and T-dependent mobility of different vdW adsorbates within and across quantum confinements

Thomas Jung, Aisha Ahsan & Ernst Meyer

Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling of malaria surveillance in Uganda

Julius Ssempiira, Jürg Utzinger, Penelope Vounatsou & Armin Gemperli

Extensive oscillatory gene expression during "C. elegans" larval development

Gerardus Johannes Hendriks, Helge Grosshans, Mihaela Zavolan & René Ketting

Bacterial Tetraether lipids in lacustrine environments – implications for their use as Paleoclimate proxies

Yuki Weber, Helge Niemann & Timothy Ian Eglinton

Kunstgeschichte als Bild, Medien- und Wissenschaftstheoretische Positionen der Kunstgeschichte im 19. Jahrhundert

Ralph Ubl, Falk Wolf & Barbara Maria Schellewald

Biological characterization of the bacterial Adhesin FimH — implications for drug design

Deniz Eriṣ, Paul Crocker & Beat Ernst

Merge-and-shrink abstractions for classical planning, theory, strategies, and implementation

Malte Helmert, Silvan Sievers & Jörg Hoffmann

SMAD4: a multifunctional regulator of limb bud initiation and outgrowth

Vanessa Ribes, Rolf Zeller & Julie Gamart

Neuronal basis of emotion processing and regulation in conduct disorder

Nora Maria Raschle, Christina Stadler, Quervain, Dominique <> & Lynn Valérie Fehlbaum

Adjuvant drug therapy to overcome antibiotic resistances, drug target evaluation in multidrug resistant pathogens

Dirk Bumann, Urs Jenal, Vincent Trebosc & Christian Kemmer

<> effect of telomeric repeats on double-strand break processing and repair

Isabella Marcomini, Joachim Lingner & Susan M. Gasser

Structural studies on the target of rapamycin complex 1, and other regulatory and metabolic proteins

Tilman Schirmer, Timm Maier & Stefan Imseng

Aggression and antisocial behavior in underserved populations, towards a comprehensive treatment approach

Linda Kersten, Marc Graf & Christina Stadler

Population divergence between European lake and stream threespine stickleback

Josh Van Buskirk, Dario Moser & Walter Salzburger

Design of stimuli-responsive OmpF-conjugates as biovalves for nano-reactors

Nico Bruns, Wolfgang Peter Meier & Christoph Edlinger

Archäozoologische Untersuchung der römischen Fundstelle Oedenburg/Biesheim-Kunheim (Dép. Haut-Rhin, F)

Francesca Ginella, Michel Reddé & Jörg Schibler

Influence of DNA methylation on transcription factor binding

Silvia Domcke, François Spitz & Dirk Schübeler

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