286 Works

Genetic lesions and clinical implications in myeloproliferative neoplasms

Ronny Nienhold

Rabies control in N'Djamena, Chad

Monique Léchenne

Cellular and network mechanisms for learning and memory consolidation

Ananya Chowdhury

Structure and conformational dynamics of fatty acid synthases

Friederike Benning

Through-space interactions in charge-transfer reactions

Hauke Christoph Schmidt

Fluctuation phenomena in low dimensional conductors

Stefan Martin Oberholzer

Historische Quellenkritik im Digitalen Zeitalter

Pascal Föhr

Low temperature growth limits of alpine plants and winter crops

Sebastian Nagelmüller

Biophysical characterization of carbohydrate-lectin interactions

Pascal Zihlmann

Elasticity of polymers investigated by atomic-force microscopy

Alexander Bubendorf

Molecular epidemiology of asymptomatic Plasmodium species infections in Papua New Guinea

Natalie Ellen Hofmann

Efficient algorithms in protein modelling

Gabriel Studer

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