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Molecular basis of mRNA localization and translation control

Jeffrey Chao, Dierk Niessing, Susan M. Gasser & Min Jia

Genetic studies of hereditary myeloproliferative disorders

Jakub Zmajkovic, Radek Ctirad Skoda & Mihaela Zavolan

Noncanonical polyketide cyclization and stereoselective synthesis of configurationally stable Csp2-Csp3 atropisomers

Reto M. Witzig, Christof Sparr & Thomas R. Ward

B cell metabolic screening in primary antibody-deficiency identifies succination as an inflammatory immuno-metabolic pathology

Anne-Valérie Burgener, Christoph Hess & Jean Pieters

Towards matter-wave experiments with biomolecules, generation and detection of neutral biomolecular beams

Jonas Schätti, Marcel Mayor & Thomas R. Ward

Molecules assembling and reacting under the constraint of weak and strong surface interactions

Seyedeh Fatemeh Mousavi, Thomas Jung & Ernst Meyer

Regulation of glucose uptake in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes by Neuregulin1β

Marijke Wilhelmine Brink, Markus A. Rüegg, Philippe Heim & Marc Donath

Molecular mechanisms of drug-induced hepatic steatosis

David Grünig, Stephan Krähenbühl & Jörg Huwyler

Reactive molecular dynamics: from small molecules in gas phase to enzymatic reactions

Sebastian Brickel, Markus Meuwly & Lilienfeld, O. Anatole <>

Toxicological and clinical investigations of metamizole-associated neutropenia

Deborah Rudin, Stephan Krähenbühl & Jörg Huwyler

Integrality properties in the moduli space of elliptic curves

Stefan Schmid, Philipp Habegger & Yuri F. Bilu

Preclinical and pharmacokinetic studies of praziquantel, the cornerstone of schistosomiasis treatment

Jana Kovač, Jennifer Keiser & Piero Olliaro

Short-term effects of nocturnal transportation noise on cardio-metabolic outcomes and its association to sleep

Laurie Thiesse, Martin Röösli, Christian Cajochen & Eva-Maria Elmenhorst

Evaluation of novel immunodiagnostic tests in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Noëmi Rebecca Meier, Nicole Ritz, Manuel Battegay, Marc Jacobson & Ben Marais

Identification of non-coding RNAs associated with autism spectrum disorder and cognitive assessment of NMDA receptor modulators in mouse

Baran Koç, Mihaela Zavolan, Benjamin J. Hall & Tania Rinaldi Barkat

Molecular mechanisms of tyrosine kinase inhibitors-associated hepatotoxicity

Franziska Paech, Stephan Krähenbühl & Alex Odermatt

Assessing the safety of engineered nanoparticles designed for therapeutic use

Stefan Kevin Siegrist, Jörg Huwyler & Martin Wilks

Towards hybrid trapping of cold molecules and cold molecular ions

Dominik Haas, Stefan Willitsch & Sebastiaan Y.T. Van De Meerakker

Discovery and ADME profiling of CNS-active natural products

Fahimeh Moradi-Afrapoli, Matthias Hamburger & Muriel Cuendet

Palladium(0)/palladium(II) catalysed C(sp3)-H activation, from direct to remote functionalization

Ronan Rocaboy, Olivier Baudoin & Jieping Zhu

Quantum machine learning in chemical space

Felix Andreas Faber, Lilienfeld, O. Anatole <> & Stefan Goedecker

Leading violent lives, on everyday life and its organisation in the Lord's Resistance Army

Anne Laube, Axel T. Paul & Elísio Macamo

Molecular loops – mating cyclophanes and macrocycles

Kevin Julian Weiland, Marcel Mayor & Christof Sparr

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