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<> impact of interactive technology on prosocial behavior

Sharon Therese Steinemann, Klaus Opwis & Ester Reijnen

Pleasure with information, die Fotografien von Dan Graham als Hobby und Klischee

, Gottfried Boehm & Sebastian Egenhofer

Understanding cell source and extracellular matrix contributions to cartilage and bone repair for regenerative medicine applications

Benjamin Pippenger, Ivan Martin, Andrea Barbero, Bert Müller, Nadia Benkirane-Jessel & Daniel Felix Kalbermatten

Measuring chromosomal interactions in living cells

Josef Redolfi, Susan M. Gasser, Luca Giorgett & Peter Meister

Kritik - Selbstaffirmation - Othering, Immanuel Kants Denken der Zweckmässigkeit und die koloniale Episteme

Karin Hostettler, Andrea Maihofer & Karin Meyer

Design of robust scheduling methodologies for high performance computing

Ali Omar Abdelazim Mohammed, Florina M. Ciorba & Felix Wolf

Modelle der Landnutzung in den neolithischen Feuchtbodensiedlungen des nordwestlichen Alpenvorlandes

Tilman Baum, Jörg Schibler, Renate Ebersbach & Martin Furholt

Insights into cellular and molecular mechanisms of normal and malignant hematopoiesis from mouse models

Marwa Almosailleakh, Jürg Schwaller & Timm Schroeder

Familial contexts of mental impairment in schoolchildren and emotion reactivity in adolescents with conduct disorder

Sarah Liliane Goergen, Christina Stadler & Noortje Vriends Poespodihardjo

<> Gremlin1 cis-regulatory landscape: a paradigm to study enhancer cooperation in regulation of transcription dynamics

Laurène Ramos Martins, Aimée Zuniga & Markus Affolter

Controlling \"Fusarium\" species and their mycotoxins in cereals

Jennifer Mark, Helge Sierotzki, Yvonne Willi & Daniel Croll

Cold molecular ion-neutral collisions in a dynamic ion-atom hybrid trap

Alexander Dörfler, Stefan Willitsch & Olivier Dulieu

Suramin resistance in African Trypanosomes

Natalie Wiedemar, Pascal Mäser & André Schneider

Drought effects on carbon and nutrient dynamics in Scots pine, homeostasis, thresholds and tipping points

Leonie Schönbeck, Ansgar Kahmen & Thomas Michael Wohlgemuth

Dynamics of assertive labour movementism in Ethiopia: organized labour, unrest and wages in a socio-historical perspective

Samuel Andreas Admasie, Massimo Zaccaria & Elísio Macamo

Assessments in school psychology: comparability and diagnostic utility of tests measuring cognitive abilities

Anette Bünger, Alexander Grob & Claudia M. Roebers

Biomimetic microscale platforms for the visualization of biological processes, from GUVs towards artificial cells

Martina Garni, Wolfgang Peter Meier & Corinne Nardin

Skin transplantation in a mouse model of naïve T-cell deficiency

Aleksandra Maria Gumienny, Jean Pieters & Antonius G. Rolink

Personality factors and caste affiliation in the education of Indian adolescents

Roshin Kunnel John, Jana Nikitin, Jens Gaab & Andrew T. Gloster

<> epidemiologic study on hand osteoarthritis in peri-to-postmenopausal women

Theresa Burkard, Christoph Meier & Andrea Burden

Epilepsy in sub-Sahran Africa, analysis of excess mortality in epilepsy and associated risk factors from cohort studies

Francis William Levira, Peter Odermatt & Andrea Winkler

Polycyclic- and sulfurcontaining-compounds: from polycyclic hydrocarbons to thiaspherophane

Lorenzo Delarue Bizzini, Marcel Mayor & Konrad Tiefenbacher

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