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Membrane and soluble protein structure determination by cryo-TEM

Ricardo Jorge Diogo Adaixo, Henning Stahlberg & Jan Pieter Abrahams

New insights into the infection strategy of lineage 3 and lineage 4 "Bartonella" species

Clément Barbier, Christoph Dehio & Xavier De Bolle

Suramin resistance in African Trypanosomes

Natalie Wiedemar, Pascal Mäser & André Schneider

Refined reverse correlation, a technique for investigating the power of faces

Matthias David Keller, Rainer Greifeneder & Roland Imhoff

GABAergic interneurons control spiking of adult-born hippocampal granule cells via nonlinear α5-GABAA receptors

Meredith Lodge, Josef Bischofberger & Tania Rinaldi Barkat

Insights into cellular and molecular mechanisms of normal and malignant hematopoiesis from mouse models

Marwa Almosailleakh, Jürg Schwaller & Timm Schroeder

Understanding cell source and extracellular matrix contributions to cartilage and bone repair for regenerative medicine applications

Benjamin Evans Pippenger, Ivan Martin, Andrea Barbero, Bert Müller, Nadia Benkirane-Jessel & Daniel Felix Kalbermatten

Biomechanical studies on the interrelation between trunk muscle strength and sports performance

Ralf Roth, Markus Gerber, Oliver Faude, Henner Hanssen & Markus Gruber

Enhancement of autologous fat graft survival by recipient site preparation

Carlo M. Oranges, Dirk J. Schaefer, Daniel Felix Kalbermatten & Raymund Horch

Tailored multicomponent intervention for remote physical activity promotion in inactive adults

Xenia Fischer, Uwe Pühse, Lukas Zahner, Markus Gerber, Suzanne Suggs & Lars Donath

Optimization of single crystalline all diamond scanning probes for quantum sensing applications

Marietta Batzer, Patrick Maletinsky & Uwe Pieles

Incidence of and causes for all-cause hospitalizations in patients with atrial fibrillation

Pascal Meyre, Stefan Osswald, David Conen & Alexander Niessner

Segmentation and quantification of spinal cord gray matter–white matter structures in magnetic resonance images

Antal Horváth, Philippe Cattin, Katrin Parmar, Jean-Philippe Thiran & Simon Pezold

Exploring quantum features of large spin and photonic systems

Enky Oudot, Antonio Sangouard, Antonio Acín & Philipp Treutlein

Stochastic fluctuations at the nanoscale assessed by scanning probe microscopy

Jeffrey Carl Gehrig, Hans-Josef Hug & Ernst Meyer

Evolution of antimicrobial resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis studied in the field and the laboratory

Sebastian Mark Gygli, Sébastien Gagneux & Alex Hall

Ethnic decentralization and negotiating statehood in urban Ethiopia, a case study of Adama and Hawassa cities

Demissie Ferdissa Bekele, Laurent Goetsche, Asnake Kefale & Didier Péclard

Familial contexts of mental impairment in schoolchildren and emotion reactivity in adolescents with conduct disorder

Sarah Liliane Goergen, Christina Stadler & Noortje Vriends Poespodihardjo

Remote sensing environmental change in southern African savannahs, a case study of Namibia

Vladimir R. Wingate, Stuart Phinn & France Gerard

Stratigraphy, bathymetry and synsedimentary tectonics of the Early Jurassic of NW Switzerland

Achim Reisdorf, Andreas Wetzel & J. Blau

Giving = Receiving? The outcome of prosocial behavior within and between clinical and non-clinical individuals, and couples

Marcia Theresa Bérénice Rinner, Andrew T. Gloster & Roselind Lieb

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