401 Works

Biochemical and clinical diagnostic aspects of circulating nucleic acids

Raija L. P. Lindberg Gasser, Sinuhe Hahn, Thomas A. Bickle & Ying Li
Diss. Med. Univ. Basel, 2005. - Ref.: Sinuhe Hahn, Thomas Bickle, Raija Lindberg

Rif1 maintains telomeres and mediates DNA repair with its N-terminal alpha-helical repeat

Julia Katrin Reinert, Wei Yang, Susan M. Gasser & Nicolas Thomä

Functional pulmonary MRI
 with ultra-fast steady-state free precession

Oliver Bieri, Orso Andrea Pusterla & Matthias Stuber

Structure elucidation of the water-soluble organic carbon fraction in atmospheric aerosols by mass spectrometry

Michael Oehme, Johannes Staehelin & Fernando Romero
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2006. - Ref.: Michael Oehme, Johannes Stähelin

Symmetry propagation in surface supported supramolecular architectures of terpyridines and helicenes

Thomas Jung, Catherine E. Housecroft & Thomas Nijs

Molecular basis of mRNA localization and translation control

Jeffrey Chao, Dierk Niessing, Susan M. Gasser & Min Jia

Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling for malaria surveillance and residual pockets of transmission identification in Swaziland

Penelope Vounatsou, Sabelo Nick Dlamini, Jürg Utzinger & Michael Gebreslasie

Database support for large-scale multimedia retrieval

Michael Grossniklaus, Heiko Schuldt & Ivan Giangreco

Adsorption and self-organization of CuOEP on heterogeneous surfaces, tuning the molecule-substrate interaction

Ernst Meyer, Thomas Jung, Luca Ramoino & Hans-Joachim Güntherodt
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2005 .- Ref.: H.-J. Güntherodt, T.A. Jung, E. Meyer

Regulation of glucose uptake in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes by Neuregulin1β

Marijke Wilhelmine Brink, Markus A. Rüegg, Philippe Heim & Marc Donath

Development of keratinocyte culture models for epidermodysplasia verruciformis and ichthyosis with confetti

Elias Imahorn, Bettina Burger & Sven Cichon

Investigating the effect of farm milk consumption on childhood asthma and allergies in the context of farming, early life nutrition and innate immunity

Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer, David Strachan & Georg Loss
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer, David Strachan

<> study on the epidemiology of incident seizures in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders

Marlene Susanne Blöchliger, Stephan Krähenbühl & Christoph Meier

Condensation and T-dependent mobility of different vdW adsorbates within and across quantum confinements

Thomas Jung, Aisha Ahsan & Ernst Meyer

Leading violent lives, on everyday life and its organisation in the Lord's Resistance Army

Anne Laube, Axel T. Paul & Elísio Macamo

Epidemiology and diagnosis of brucellosis in Mongolian bactrian camels

Chimedtseren Bayasgalan, Gertraud Schüpbach, Marcel Tanner & Esther Schelling

Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling of malaria surveillance in Uganda

Julius Ssempiira, Jürg Utzinger, Penelope Vounatsou & Armin Gemperli

Pharmaceutical powder compressibility - a science-based approach

Matthias Hamburger, Gabriele Betz, Nicolaos D. Gentis & Thierry F. Vandamme
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Gabriele Betz, Thierry F. Vandamme

Bacterial Tetraether lipids in lacustrine environments – implications for their use as Paleoclimate proxies

Yuki Weber, Helge Niemann & Timothy Ian Eglinton

Biological characterization of the bacterial Adhesin FimH — implications for drug design

Deniz Eriṣ, Paul Crocker & Beat Ernst

Genome-wide identification of Hand2 target regions in mouse embryos using dRMCE, a new genetic tool

Marco Osterwalder, Rolf Zeller, Markus Affolter & Antoine Hendrik Felix Marie Peters
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Rolf Zeller ; Korref.: Markus Affolter, Antoine H.F.M. Peters

Elementare Prozesse der Nanotribologie in Rasterkraftmikroskopie-experimenten

Ernst Meyer, Thomas Jung & Bettina Baumeister
Diss. phil.-nat. Univ. Basel, 2001 .- Ref.: E. Meyer, T.A. Jung

Development and application of accurate molecular mechanics sampling methods, from atomic clusters to protein tetramers

Florent Henri René Hédin, Markus Meuwly & Lilienfeld, O. Anatole <>

Role of HECTD1 in regulating adhesion dynamics during cell movement

Xiaoli Shen, Geyter, Christian <>, Christoph Handschin & Peter Scheiffele
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015 .- Ref.: Christoph Handschin, Christian De Geyter, Peter Scheiffele

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