109,867 Works

Executive compensation, corporate governance, and say on pay

Fabrizio Ferri & Robert F Göx

A Cognitive Category-Learning Model of Rule Abstraction, Attention Learning, and Contextual Modulation

René Schlegelmilch, Andy Wills & Bettina Von Helversen

MicroRNAs and vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension

Matthias Brock

In vivo antischistosomal activity studies and in vitro metabolic profile of (η6-Praziquantel)Cr(CO)3 derivatives

Malay Patra, Katrin Ingram, Anna Leonidova, Vanessa Pierroz, Stefano Ferrari, Murray N Robertson, Matthew H Todd, Jennifer Keiser & Gilles Gasser

A dynamic model for eye-position-dependence of spontaneous nystagmus in acute unilateral vestibular deficit (Alexander's law)

D Straumann, E Khojasteh, C J Bockisch & S C A Hegemann

Soft tissue biology

M Clauss

Synthesis of a 6,6-Spiroketal Amino Acid and Its Incorporation into a Peptide Turn Sequence Using Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis

K W Choi, G M Williams, K Moehle, B Bacsa, M A Brimble, J T B Kueh & J A Robinson

«Mia poesia ais ün disegn». A reguard poesia e pittüra pro Andri Peer

C Riatsch

How to combine human resource management systems and human capital portfolios to achieve superior innovation performance

Uschi Backes-Gellner & Christian Rupietta

Primitive modality and possible worlds

Javier Kalhat

Nochmals: Thales und die Sonnenfinsternis

W Burkert

A 12-Year Exüeroence with Chimney and Periscope Grafts for Treatment of Type I Endoleaks

M Lachat, M Husmann, Nicola Mangialardi, Gilbert Puippe, T Pfammatter, Nunzio Montelione, F Pecoraro, D Mayer, B R Amann-Vesti, Lyubov Chaykovska, F J Veith & Zoran Rancic

Are musicians particularly sensitive to beauty and goodness?

Angelika Güsewell & Willibald Ruch

Rhizome digital: Datengeleitete Methoden für alte und neue Fragestellungen in der Diskursanalyse

Noah Bubenhofer, David Eugster & Joachim Scharloth

Predictive role of renal resistive index for clinical outcome after revascularization in hypertensive patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis: a monocentric observational study

R M Bruno, E Daghini, D Versari, M Sgro, M Sanna, L Venturini, C Romanini, Di Paco, I Sudano, R Cioni, L O Lerman, L Ghiadoni, S Taddei & S Pinto

Herd level antimicrobial resistance in beef calves in Switzerland 1986 through 2011

Sarina Eugster, Frazer Iain Lewis & Michael Hässig

Monetary policy, risk-taking and pricing: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment

Steven Ongena, Vasso Ioannidou & José Luis Peydró

Does money illusion matter?: Reply

Jean-Robert Tyran & Ernst Fehr

A Novel, Mercury-Free Synthetic Pathway for Trifluoromethylthio-Subsituted Metallocenes

Jeannine Hess, Sandro Konatschnig, Sanda Morard, Vanessa Pierroz, Stefano Ferrari, Bernhard Spingler & Gilles Gasser

Schwangere Frauen

Verina Wild

Über fahrende Wunderdoktoren, Neuroscanner und Entmythologisierungen

Eberhard Wolff

On the composition of parallel versions of the story “the appearance of the liṅga” (liṅgodbhava) in the Purāṇas

Angela Wagner-Hohenberger

Ixodes ricinus and Its Transmitted Pathogens in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in Europe: New Hazards and Relevance for Public Health

Ivo Rudolf, Olivier Plantard, Eva Spitalská, Anna Obiegala, Mária Kazimírová, Sarah Bonnet, Cornelia Silaghi, Annapaola Rizzoli, Muriel Vayssier-Taussat, Zdeněk Hubálek & Gábor Földvári

Fulminant lymphocytic myocarditis mimicking ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Giovanni B Pedrazzini, Marco Amoruso, Stefano Muzzarelli & Tiziano Moccetti

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