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Kounis syndrome: A retrospective analysis of individual case safety reports from the international WHO database in pharmacovigilance

Klaus Orion, Jochen Mack, Gerd A Kullak-Ublick & Stefan Weiler

Multifactorial Contribution of Notch Signaling in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Cristina Porcheri, Christian Thomas Meisel & Thimios Mitsiadis

Multiple pairs of allelic MLA immune receptor-powdery mildew AVRA effectors argue for a direct recognition mechanism

Isabel M L Saur, Saskia Bauer, Barbara Kracher, Xunli Lu, Lamprinos Franzeskakis, Marion C Müller, Sabelleck, Bjo ̈rn, Florian Kümmel, Ralph Panstruga, Takaki Maekawa & Paul Schulze-Lefert

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Used for Processing Polymers: Current Status and Potential Application in Prosthetic Dentistry

Marta Revilla-León & Mutlu Özcan

Is MHC diversity a better marker for conservation than neutral genetic diversity? A case study of two contrasting dolphin populations

Oliver Manlik, Michael Krützen, Anna M Kopps, Janet Mann, Lars Bejder, Simon J Allen, Celine Frère, Richard C Connor & William B Sherwin

Slasher: Stadium racer car for event camera end-to-end learning autonomous driving experiments

Yuhuang Hu, Hong Ming Chen & Tobi Delbruck

Concentric and Eccentric Pedaling-Type Interval Exercise on a Soft Robot for Stable Coronary Artery Disease Patients: Toward a Personalized Protocol

Daniel P Fitze, Martino Franchi, Werner L Popp, Severin Ruoss, Silvio Catuogno, Karin Camenisch, Debora Lehmann, Christian M Schmied, David Niederseer, Walter O Frey & Martin Flück

Endoscopic therapy and surveillance versus esophagectomy for early esophageal adenocarcinoma: a review of early outcomes and cost analysis

Andrea Wirsching, Piers R Boshier, Rajesh Krishnamoorthi, Michael C Larsen, Shayan Irani, Andrew S Ross & Donald E Low

Identification of a novel deltavirus in Boa Constrictors

Udo Hetzel, Leonóra Szirovicza, Teemu Smura, Barbara Prähauser, Olli Vapalahti, Anja Kipar & Jussi Hepojoki

How the West “Invented” fertility restriction

Nico Voigtländer & Hans-Joachim Voth

Search for physics beyond the standard model in events with two leptons of same sign, missing transverse momentum, and jets in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV

CMS Collaboration, Florencia Canelli, Benjamin Kilminster, Thea Aarestad, Lea Caminada, Annapaoloa De Cosa, Riccardo Del Burgo, Silvio Donato, Camilla Galloni, Andreas Hinzmann, Tomas Hreus, Jennifer Ngadiuba, Deborah Pinna, Giorgia Rauco, Peter Robmann, Daniel Salerno, Korbinian Schweiger, Claudia Seitz, Yuta Takahashi, Alberto Zucchetta & Et Al

Neuro-hormonal Regulation Is a Better Indicator of Human Cognitive Abilities Than Brain Anatomy: The Need for a New Paradigm

Arthur Saniotis, James P Grantham, Jaliya Kumaratilake & Maciej Henneberg

Global transcriptional response of three highly acid-tolerant field strains of listeria monocytogenes to HCl stress

Jule Anna Horlbog, Marc J A Stevens, Roger Stephan & Claudia Guldimann

Event-driven Pipeline for Low-latency Low-compute Keyword Spotting and Speaker Verification System

Enea Ceolini, Jithendar Anumula, Stefan Braun & Shih-Chii Liu

SarkoSpin: A Technique for Biochemical Isolation and Characterization of Pathological TDP-43 Aggregates

Pérez-Berlanga Manuela, Laferrière Florent & Polymenidou Magdalini

Factors Associated With Revision Surgery After Internal Fixation of Hip Fractures

Sheila Sprague, Emil H Schemitsch, Marc Swiontkowski, Gregory J Della Rocca, Kyle J Jeray, Susan Liew, Gerard P Slobogean, Sofia Bzovsky, Diane Heels-Ansdell, Qi Zhou, Mohit Bhandari & FAITH Investigators

Rotatorenmanschettenruptur: Wann ist die konservative und wann die operative Therapie indiziert?

Karl Wieser, Samy Bouaicha & Florian Grubhofer

Silicone Additive Manufactured Indices Performed from a Virtual Diagnostic Waxing for Direct Composite Diastema Closure Combined with Resin Infiltration Technique on White Spot Lesions: A Case Report

Marta Revilla-León, Joshua Fountain, Wenceslao Piedra-Cascón, Amirali Zandinejad & Mutlu Özcan

Die Aargauer Gemeindeversammlungen. Empirische Analyse der Einwohnergemeindeversammlungen 2013 bis 2016

Philippe E. Rochat

Live Demonstration: Real-Time Spoken Digit Recognition using the DeltaRNN Accelerator

Chang Gao, Stefan Braun, Ilya Kiselev, Jithendar Anumula, Tobi Delbruck & Shih-Chii Liu

Effect of desogestrel 75 µg on headache frequency and intensity in women with migraine: a prospective controlled trial

Gabriele S Merki-Feld, Bruno Imthurn, Andreas R Gantenbein & Peter Sandor

Spiral wire localization of lung nodules: procedure effectiveness and oncological usefulness

Miriam Patella, D A Bartolucci, F Mongelli, R Cartolari, E M Minverva, R Inderbitzi & Stefano Cafarotti

Strategies for enhancing the photocurrent, photovoltage, and stability of photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Wooseok Yang, Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar, Jeiwan Tan, David Tilley & Jooho Moon

Continuous Free Cortisol Profiles-Circadian Rhythms in Healthy Men

R C Bhake, V Kluckner, H Stassen, G M Russell, J Leendertz, K Stevens, A C E Linthorst & S L Lightman

Habitat selection of an old-growth forest specialist in managed forests

Antonia Ettwein, Gilberto Pasinelli, Pius Korner & Michael Lanz

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