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Evolutionary adaptations of ruminants and their potential relevance for modern production systems

Marcus Clauss, I D Hume & J Hummel

The sleep EEG as a marker of intellectual ability in school age children

A Geiger, R Huber, S Kurth, M Ringli, O G Jenni & P Achermann

Significance of earth observation for Switzerland


Ist das duale Berufsbildungssystem ein Zukunftsmodell?

Philipp Gonon

Kompetenzorientierung statt Mängeldiagnosen: Leistungsbewertung und schulische Integration

Elisabeth Moser Opitz

Comparison of two human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) RNA surrogate assays to the standard HIV RNA assay.

C Jennings, S A Fiscus, S M Crowe, A D Danilovic, R J Morack, S Scianna, A Cachafeiro, D J Brambilla, J Schüpbach, W Stevens, R Respess, O E Varnier, G E Corrigan, J S Gronowitz, M A Ussery & J W Bremer

Schwache Rechnerinnen und Rechner fördern – Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Förderkonzepts für die Sekundarstufe I

O Freesemann, I Matull, S Prediger, Elisabeth Moser Opitz & S Hussmann

Forest related interventions and the stakeholders of forests in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan

A Q Suleri, B Shahbaz & Urs Geiser

pH-Jump overshooting

M L Donten & P Hamm

Ultrafast time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy at University of Zurich

P Hamm

Enhancing signal detection and completely eliminating scattering using quasi-phase-cycling in 2D IR experiments

R Bloem, S Garrett-Roe, H Strzalka, P Hamm & P M Donaldson

Energy transport in peptide helices: a comparison between high- and low-energy excitations

E H G Backus, P H Nguyen, V Botan, R Pfister, A Moretto, M Crisma, C Toniolo, G Stock & P Hamm

Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation of photoinduced energy flow in peptides: theory meets experiment

P H Nguyen, P Hamm & G Stock

Intramolecular vibrational energy relaxation in nitrous acid (HONO)

V Botan & P Hamm

Three-point frequency fluctuation correlation functions of the OH stretch in liquid water

S Garrett-Roe & P Hamm

Dynamical Transition in a Small Helical Peptide and Its Implication for Vibrational Energy Transport

E H G Backus, R Bloem, R Pfister, A Moretto, M Crisma, C Toniolo & P Hamm

Compact implementation of Fourier transform two-dimensional IR spectroscopy without phase ambiguity

J Helbing & P Hamm

Vibrational dynamics of LiBH4 by infrared pump−probe and 2D spectroscopy

E R Andresen, R Gremaud, A Borgschulte, A J Ramirez-Cuesta, A Züttel & P Hamm

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