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Druck auf Obama wächst

D Ruloff

Local volatility of volatility for the VIX market

Gabriel G Drimus & Erich W Farkas

Evaluation of a biodegradable synthetic hydrogel used as a guided bone regeneration membrane: an experimental study in dogs

D S Thoma, M M Dard, G A Hälg, C F Ramel, C H F Hämmerle & R E Jung

Epidermal growth factor receptor protein expression and genomic alterations in renal cell carcinoma

S Minner, D Rump, P Tennstedt, R Simon, E Burandt, L Terracciano, H Moch, W Wilczak, C Bokemeyer, M Fisch, G Sauter & C Eichelberg

Explaining the Democratic Anchorage of Governance Networks

C Skelcher, E H Klijn, Daniel Kübler, E Sorensen & H Sullivan

Gelegenheit zur Neuorientierung

E Schmid

Pseudoexon exclusion by antisense therapy in 6-pyruvoyl-tetrahydropterin synthase deficiency

S Brasil, H M Viecelli, D Meili, A Rassi, L R Desviat, B Pérez, M Ugarte & B Thöny


F Beuer & B Stawarczyk

Modality-dependent \"what\" and \"where\" preparatory processes in auditory and visual systems

Andreea Oliviana Diaconescu, Claude Alain & Anthony Randal McIntosh

Mobilization of stem and progenitor cells in cardiovascular diseases

W Wojakowski, U Landmesser, R Bachowski, T Jadczyk & M Tendera

Evolution of cyanobacterial morphotypes

B Schirrmeister, M Anisimova, A Antonelli & Homayoun C Bagheri

Mechanisms of music perception through cochlear implants

S A Omran

Adaptive density estimation

Arturas Mazeika, Michael H Böhlen & Andrej Taliun

A 12-year-old boy with poor appetite

P Buehr & C P Braegger

Parallel treebanking Spanish-Quechua: How and how well do they align?

A Rios, A Göhring & Martin Volk

Perception of surgical complications among patients, nurses and physicians: a prospective cross-sectional survey

K Slankamenac, R Graf, M A Puhan & P A Clavien

Wir Reisetiere

Georg Kohler

Broad-range 16S rRNA gene polymerase chain reaction for diagnosis of culture-negative bacterial infections

S K Rampini, G V Bloemberg, P M Keller, A C Büchler, G Dollenmaier, R F Speck & E C Böttger

rnaSeqMap: a Bioconductor package for RNA sequencing data exploration

A Leśniewska & M J Okoniewski

Diagnosis and surgical cellophane banding of an intrahepatic congenital portosystemic shunt in a foal

S A Hug, T G Guerrero, M Makara, M Kummer, P Grest, R Bettschart-Wolfensberger & C C Schwarzwald

Effects of internet-based multiple-site conferences on greenhouse gas emissions

Vlad C Coroama, Lorenz M Hilty & Martin Birtel

Les apports des modèles d'équilibre général à l'analyse de la Grande Dépression : Une introduction à l'énigme de la productivité totale des facteurs

S Bridji & F Tribier

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