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Effects of internet-based multiple-site conferences on greenhouse gas emissions

Vlad C Coroama, Lorenz M Hilty & Martin Birtel

Les apports des modèles d'équilibre général à l'analyse de la Grande Dépression : Une introduction à l'énigme de la productivité totale des facteurs

S Bridji & F Tribier

Wie wichtig ist Erkenntnistheorie?

Hans Johann Glock

A survey on education in cariology for undergraduate dental students in Europe

A G Schulte, W Buchalla, M C D N J M Huysmans, B T Amaechi, F Sampaio, G Vougiouklakis & N B Pitts

Towards integrated care in Europe

W Rössler

New records of early Middle Jurassic belemnites in the French Subalpine Basin and their paleobiogeographic significance

N Mariotti, R Weis, A Di Cencio, A Clément & K De Baets

High spatial resolution myocardial perfusion imaging during high dose dobutamine/atropine stress magnetic resonance using k-t SENSE

R Gebker, C Jahnke, R Manka, M Frick, T Hucko, S Kozerke, B Schnackenburg, E Fleck & I Paetsch

Kleine und grosse Freiheiten

Georg Kohler

Evaluation of acute peri-myocarditis with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

E Scharen, M Paul, T F Lüscher, R Corti & R Manka

Zwei Studien zur Intersexualität

J C Streuli

Ultrastructural changes in acute lung allograft rejection: novel insights from an animal study

Wolfgang Jungraithmayr, Alice Draenert, Klaus Marquardt & Walter Weder

Translesion DNA synthesis in the context of cancer research

P A Knobel & T M Marti

The molecular origins of evolutionary innovations

A Wagner

MicroRNA expression profiles of human blood monocyte-derived dendritic cells and macrophages reveal miR-511 as putative positive regulator of Toll-like receptor 4

L Tserel, T Runnel, K Kisand, M Pihlap, L Bakhoff, R Kolde, H Peterson, J Vilo, P Peterson & A Rebane

1,3-Bis(pyridin-2-yl)-1H-benzimidazol-3-ium tetrafluoridoborate

G Grieco, O Blacque & H Berke

Automated quantitative drug susceptibility testing of non-tuberculous mycobacteria using MGIT 960/EpiCenter TB eXiST

Katja Lucke, Michael Hombach, Ute Friedel, Claudia Ritter & Erik C Böttger

A cost of being large: genetically large yellow dung flies lose out in intra-specific food competition

Wolf U Blanckenhorn, Paquita E A Hoeck, Constanze Reim & Yvonne Teuschl

Management and outcome of fractures of the distal phalanx: A retrospective study of 285 horses with a long term outcome in 223 cases

A B Rijkenhuizen, K De Graaf, A Hak, A Fürst, F Ter Braake, C Stanek & T R Greet


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