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Enforcing Consistency on Coreference Sets

M Klenner

Characteristics and Dynamics of Election News Coverage in Germany.

Frank Esser & K Hemmer

Effect of the ribose versus 2'-deoxyribose residue on the metal ion-binding properties of purine nucleotides

A Mucha, B Knobloch, M Jezowska-Bojczuk, H Kozłowski & Roland K O Sigel

Acid-base and metal-ion binding properties of the RNA dinucleotide uridylyl-(5'-->3')-[5']uridylate (pUpU3-)

B Knobloch, D Suliga, A Okruszek & Roland K O Sigel

Solution structure of domain 5 of a group II intron ribozyme reveals a new RNA motif

Roland K O Sigel, D G Sashital, D L Abramovitz, A G Palmer, S E Butcher & A M Pyle

Pyrazine as a building block for molecular architectures with PtII

M Willermann, C Mulcahy, Roland K O Sigel, M M Cerdà, E Freisinger, P J Sanz Miguel, M Roitzsch & B Lippert

Two metal ions coordinated to a purine residue tolerate each other well

B Knobloch, Roland K O Sigel, B Lippert & H Sigel

N1 and N3 linkage isomers of neutral and deprotonated cytosine with trans-[(CH3NH2)2PtII]

W Brüning, E Freisinger, M Sabat, Roland K O Sigel & B Lippert

WHO initiative to estimate the global burden of foodborne diseases

Arie H Havelaar, Paul Torgerson & Et Al

Sleep deprivation increases dorsal nexus connectivity to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in humans

Oliver G Bosch, Julia S Rihm, Milan Scheidegger, Hans-Peter Landolt, Philipp Stämpfli, Janis Brakowski, Fabrizio Esposito, Björn Rasch & Erich Seifritz

Erratum: “Azide–water intermolecular coupling measured by two-color two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy” [J. Chem. Phys. 136, 224503 (2012)]

Joanna Borek, Fivos Perakis, Felix Kläsi, Sean Garrett-Roe & Peter Hamm

Azide–water intermolecular coupling measured by two-color two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy

Joanna Borek, Fivos Perakis, Felix Kläsi, Sean Garrett-Roe & Peter Hamm

A tribute to Robin Hochstrasser

Peter Hamm, Ahmed H Zewail & Graham R Fleming

Kinetic response of a photoperturbed allosteric protein

Brigitte Buchli, Steven A Waldauer, Reto Walser, Mateusz L Donten, Rolf Pfister, Nicolas Blöchliger, Sandra Steiner, Amedeo Caflisch, Oliver Zerbe & Peter Hamm

Three-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of isotope-diluted ice Ih

Fivos Perakis, Joanna A Borek & Peter Hamm

Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of isotope-diluted low density amorphous ice

Andrey Shalit, Fivos Perakis & Peter Hamm

Vibrational Conical Intersections as a Mechanism of Ultrafast Vibrational Relaxation

Peter Hamm & Gerhard Stock

Vibrational conical intersections in the water dimer

Peter Hamm & Gerhard Stock

Rapid visual detection of blood cyanide

Christine Maennel-Croise & Felix Zelder

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