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Time-Resolved Photoelectron Diffraction

M Greif

A Research Roadmap for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - What We Need to Know by 2020

Felix Fischer, George Lewith, Claudia M Witt, Klaus Linde, Klaus Ammon, Francesco Cardini, Torkel Falkenberg, Vinjar Fønnebø, Helle Johannessen, Bettina Reiter, Bernhard Uehleke & Benno Brinkhaus

Disentangling genetic and prenatal maternal effects on offspring size and survival

Joel L Pick, Christina Ebneter, Pascale Hutter & Barbara Tschirren

Horizontal and vertical variation in Swiss German morphosyntax

Philipp Stoeckle

Efficient itinerary planning with category constraints

Paolo Bolzoni, Sven Helmer, Kevin Wellenzohn, Johann Gamper & Periklis Andritsos

Attribute des Lachens: Ein lexikalischer Ansaz

Lisa Wagner & Willibald Ruch

SymmSketch: creating symmetric 3D free-form shapes from 2D sketches

Yongwei Miao, Feixia Hu, Xudong Zhang, Jiazhou Chen & Renato Pajarola

To be or not to be convex? A study on regularization in hyperspectral image classification

Devis Tuia, Rémi Flamary & Michel Barlaud

Exploitation of phase-based features for whispered speech emotion recognition

Jun Deng, Xinzhou Xu, Zixing Zhang, Sascha Frühholz & Bjoern Schuller

Towards quality gates in continuous delivery and deployment

Gerald Schermann, Jürgen Cito, Philipp Leitner & Harald C Gall

Analyzing Reviews and Code of Mobile Apps for Better Release Planning

Adelina Ciurumelea, Andreas Schaufelbühl, Sebastiano Panichella & Harald C Gall

A Framework for Rapid and Systematic Software Quality Assessment

Martin Brandtner

Uncovering sustainability requirements: an exploratory case study in canteens

Martina Z Huber, Lorenz M Hilty & Martin Glinz

Cocaine use in Europe - a multi-centre study: patterns of use in different groups

M Prinzleve, C Haasen, H Zurhold, J L Matali, E Bruguera, J Gerevich, E Bácskai, N Ryder, S Butler, V Manning, M Gossop, A Pezous, A Verster, A Camposeragna, P Andersson, B Olsson, A Primorac, G Fischer, F Güttinger, J Rehm & M Krausz

Carcass consumption by domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Marcus Clauss, Andreas Lischke, Heike Botha & Jean-Michel Hatt

Cocaine use in Europe — a multi-centre study

C Haasen, M Prinzleve, H Zurhold, J Rehm, F Güttinger, G Fischer, R Jagsch, M Casas, J L Matali & M Krausz

Observation of the Λ0b→Λϕ decay

, R Bernet, K Müller, O Steinkamp, U Straumann, A Vollhardt &

Crystallography in Switzerland and elsewhere from 1912 to 2013 and beyond

Hans-Beat Bürgi & Katharina Fromm

A Synthetic Virus-Like Particle Streptococcal Vaccine Candidate Using B-Cell Epitopes from the Proline-Rich Region of Pneumococcal Surface Protein A

J A Robinson, M Tamborrini, N Geib, A Marrero-Nodarse, M Jud, J Hauser, C Aho, A Lamelas, A Zuniga, G Pluschke & A Ghasparian

Effect of dorsal acetabular rim loss on stability of the zurich cementless total hip acetabular cups in dogs

Dana M DeSandre-Robinson, Stanley E Kim, Jeffery N Peck, Jason D Coggeshall & Antonio Pozzi

Performance of serum microRNAs -122, -192 and -21 as biomarkers in patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Philip P Becker, Monika Rau, Johannes Schmitt, Carolin Malsch, Christian Hammer, Heike Bantel, Beat Müllhaupt & Andreas Geier

Effects of trophy hunting leftovers on the ranging behaviour of large carnivores: A case study on spotted hyenas

Gabriele Cozzi, Luca Börger, Pascale Hutter, Daniela Abegg, Céline Beran, J Weldon McNutt & Arpat Ozgul

Spiritual Care als theologische Herausforderung. Eine Ortsbestimmung

Simon Peng-Keller

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