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Cervical Spine Disability in Correlation with Subjective Voice Handicap in Patients With Voice Disorders: A Retrospective Analysis

Anke Langenfeld, Jörg E Bohlender, Jaap Swanenburg & Meike Brockmann-Bauser

Auditor-provided lobbying service and audit quality

Brian Burnett, Hui Chen & Katherine Gunny

Soft robotics: The next generation of intelligent machines

Rolf Pfeifer, Hugo Gravato Marques & Fumiya Iida

Sending Granny to Chiang Mai: debating global outsourcing of care for the elderly

Karin Schwiter, Jill Brütsch & Geraldine Pratt

Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences

Richard Karlsson Linnér, Pietro Biroli, Ernst Fehr, & Christian L Zünd

Efficient Processing and Reasoning of Semantic Streams

Shen Gao

Einflüsse der Waldstruktur auf die Messparameter voll polarimetrischer abbildender Radarsysteme

Lukas Daniel Zuberbühler

Takotsubo recurrence: morphological types and triggers and identification of risk factors

Ken Kato, Davide Di Vece, Victoria L Cammann, Jozef Micek, Konrad A Szawan, Beatrice Bacchi, Thomas F Lüscher, Frank Ruschitzka, Jelena R Ghadri, Christian Templin &

Lights on! Illuminating color notes from a dark nitrate room in the Netherlands

Olivia Kristina Stutz

Soft biomimetic nanoconfinement promotes amorphous water over ice

Livia Salvati Manni, S Assenza, Michael Duss, J J Vallooran, F Juranyi, Simon Jurt, Oliver Zerbe, Ehud M Landau & Raffaele Mezzenga

Case study of Lykke exchange: architecture and outlook

Richard Olsen, Stefano Battiston, Guido Caldarelli, Anton Golub, Mihail Nikulin & Sergey Ivliev

Renal function and disease in zebrafish

Yuya Sugano

Is there a cluster of high theta-beta ratio patients in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Aurore Bussalb, Sidney Collin, Quentin Barthélemy, David Ojeda, Stephanie Bioulac, Hilario Blasco-Fontecilla, Daniel Brandeis, Diane Purper Ouakil, Tomas Ros & Louis Mayaud

Eye Tracking in the Wild: Piloting a Real-Life Assessment Paradigm for Older Adults

Damaris Aschwanden, Nicolas Langer & Mathias Allemand

Graphene and hexagonal boron nitride on transition metals and their application

Thomas Brugger

Applying the Refined Values Theory to Past Data What Can Researchers Gain?

Jan Cieciuch, Shalom H Schwartz & Michele Vecchione

Executive compensation, corporate governance, and say on pay

Fabrizio Ferri & Robert F Göx

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