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Disrupting Drug Discovery -one rare disease at a time

Sean Ekins
Innovator presentation at partnering for cures 2012 given with Jill Wood.

Networked Researcher Open Access Week 2012 Blogging Unconference Proceedings

Ernesto Priego, Kathleen Azali, Lori Beth De Hertogh, Silvia Gutierrez, Giorgio Guzzetta, Stian Haklev, Tim Johnson, , Brian Kelly, Joseph Kraus, Amanda Starling Gould & Niamh Thornton
Networked Researcher Open Access Week 2012 Blogging Unconference Proceedings (PDF anthologised by Ernesto Priego; Networked Researcher 2012) [PDF] With many thanks to everyone who contributed, commented and shared online. Please share, cite, link.


Initial momentum distribution of decaying muons

Sam Cook
The initial momentum distribution for muons that then decay between two counters. The muons are degraded with a variety of thickness aluminium plates (indicated by colour) then passed through two counters that sandwich a 0.5mm copper stopping target. Muons are selected in the upstream counter and their decay daughter electrons in the downstream counter. Simulation done using Geant4 with geometry based on the set up of the 5th MuSIC beam time.

Results of the FRAPPE clustering analysis of the combined genome-wide SNP data from 5 different sources

Blaise Li
These are the results structure analyses performed by FRAPPE, with default settings and K ranging from 2 to 16, on a combined dataset consisting in 3146 autosomal SNPs for 4025 individuals from 167 populations. For each analysis, each line corresponds to an individual. The first column is the population identifier, the second column is the individual identifier, the last columns are the proportions of the different ancestry classes determined by FRAPPE for the individual. The...

west and south Eurasia profile trees

Blaise Li
The data consists in genome-wide SNPs that were obtained from 5 different sources, keeping the SNPs common to all 5 sources. The combined dataset consisted in 3146 autosomal SNPs for 4025 individuals from 167 populations. It was analyzed using FRAPPE, with default settings, and for K ranging from 2 to 16. For each value of K, the resulting ancestry profiles were averaged within each population, and a chi-squared distance between the average ancestry profiles were...

Deep dermal up-regulation of HIF-1A is directly correlated with apoptosis in Spitz tumors

, , & Salvador J. Diaz-Cano
Background: The microvessel profile bases in cutaneous atypical melanocytic lesions (atypical melanocytic nevi, AMN, and Spitz tumors, ST) are poorly understood. No study has correlated microvessel profile and HIF-1 expression with cell kinetics by topographic compartments in AMN and ST to date. Design: We selected low-grade AMN (93), high-grade AMN (31), ST (42), malignant melanomas (42, 15 radial growth phase MM-RGP and 27 vertical growth phase MM- VGP), and conventional melanocytic nevi (15 junctional, 20...

Cell kinetics in superficial squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: Role of mismatch repair proteins and telomerase

, , & Salvador J. Diaz-Cano
Background: The cell kinetics of superficial squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) has revealed controversial results due to the heterogeneity of lesions considered, making it more difficult to assess key elements in squamous cell tumor progression. This study analyzes kinetics, cell survival and mismatch repair in a series of high-grade intraepithelial and microinvasive SCC. Design: We selected bowenoid actinic keratosis (HG-AK, 22 cases), SCC in-situ (37 cases) and microinvasive SCC (<3mm depth, 36 cases) that had appropriate...

code used for analysing Drosophila self-learning. Inhibition of PKC in d42Gal4 neurons, effect of additional UAS-GFP and cha-Gal80 constructs

, Julien Colomb & Björn Brembs
The data and the results are not yet public. But you can already have access to the code allowing automatic analysis AND publishing of my data using R. the analysispkc42.r is the main code which call for the two others. A video showing how it is used in linked below (another figshare article)

Gaussian Job Archive for C7H17N3NaO(2)

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Measuring Library Collection Success at the University of Mississippi Libraries

Gail Herrera
This collection assessment study revealed an interesting benchmark in reviewing Interlibrary Loan use when materials were not available in the library collection.


Joshua Carp
Proportion of experiment control package choices over time in published fMRI studies.


Joshua Carp
Proportion of data analysis package choices over time in published fMRI studies.

NeuroTrends Visualizations

Joshua Carp
Example visualizations from the NeuroTrends project.

Gliding motility assay using 22063mM D2O in solution. Replicate 1/3. ROI 5/15.

Andy Maloney
• This is a gliding motility assay using kinesin-1 and rhodamine labeled microtubules. • The buffer used was PEM (also known as BRB80) with the inclusion of 22063mM D2O. • Images were taken with an Andor Luca EMCCD camera on an Olympus IX-71 microscope using a 60x 1.42NA PlanApo objective. • This fileset is replicate 1/3 and ROI 5/15. • Images were taken to investigate speed variations of microtubules due to the inclusion of D2O...

Gaussian Job Archive for C12H10O2

Henry S. Rzepa


Katarzyna Kasprzyk

Gaussian Job Archive for C12H20O9Ti

Henry S. Rzepa

Three bubble problem 2

Nathan Collier & Adel Sarmiento

Tubular Turbulence 1

Nathan Collier & Adel Sarmiento

Spatial EAP Pattern (Polytrode Recordings)

Isabel Delgado Ruz

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