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Length of life inequality and life expectancy in 194 countries

Jeroen Smits & Christiaan Monden
Figure 1 in eletter of Christiaan Monden & Jeroen Smits "Life expectancy record holders not most equal if compared within life expectancy levels." BMJ Open, 2012 (also available at Figshare). The black and green points are the life expectancy leaders of Vaupel et al. (2011). Further explanation of the figure is provided in the eletter. The eletter is a comment on Vaupel, W., Zhang, Z., & Van Raalte, A. (2011). Life expectancy and disparity: an...

Point cloud of RAM 215, felid footprints from the Avawatz Formation, San Bernardino County, California, USA

Raymond M. Alf Museum Of Paleontology
Point cloud representation of RAM 215, interpreted as footprints from a felid (ichnotaxon Felipeda sp.). The specimen is accessioned and cataloged at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology (RAM), Claremont, California, USA. The fossil was collected in the Miocene-aged Avawatz Formation of San Bernardino County, California, USA, at RAM locality V94134. The point cloud was reconstructed using photogrammetry, in September 2012, by Stephanie Rapoport and Tristan Duque. 35 color photos at 4288x2848 pixel resolution...

Fellowship Talk - Managing Emerging Forest Disease Under Uncertainty

Noam Ross
This is a talk I gave regarding my REACH IGERT fellowship proposal to study forest disease bioeconomics

Evolutionary Causes and Consequences of Stress-Induced Hypermutation

Yoav Ram & Lilach Hadany
This presentation was given at the 1st Graduate Students' Conference in Genetics, Genomics and Evolution at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er-Sheva, Israel, September 23, 2012. Abstract: Numerous empirical studies show that stress of various kinds induces a state of hypermutation in bacteria via multiple mechanisms, but theoretical treatment of this intriguing phenomenon is lacking. We used deterministic and stochastic models to study the evolution of stress-induced hypermutation in finite and infinite size populations...

Robson Creek #TERN_Aus #Auscover Field Campaign GPS Track-log 20120909

Peter Scarth
53 Hours and 460 km of Tracklog captured by the Author during a one week #Auscover #TERN_Aus fieldtrip in Robson Creek, North Queensland. Captures the daily commute to the sites, and the locations of the spectral, structure and laser scanning surveys in this North Queensland Rainforest Plot. All the field data collected duting this campain will be available at the URL below when processed.

Dataset for Erratum of Finet et al. 2011

Ferdinand Marlétaz & Cédric Finet
This fileset includes several datasets accompanying the erratum referring to Finet et al. 2011. 1) N-makers-filtered.tre.gz contains the bunch of trees independently obtained for each of the 77 ribosomal protein (RP) alignment using RAxML and a LG+gamma model (editable with figtree*). 2) indep_markers.tgz includes the correspondent 77 RP alignments employed to reconstruct corresponding tree in phylip format. 3) N0503+C.phy.gz is the concatenated alignement of 77 RPs for 77 taxa employed for phylogenetic reconstruction. 4) N0503+C.raxml_lg+gam.tre.gz...

Solar physics data analysis using SunPy

Florian Mayer, Albert Shih, David Pérez-Suárez, Jack Ireland, Keith Hughitt, Peter Gallagher, Steven Christe & Matthew Earnshaw
A walk through an e-Callisto dynamic radio spectra analysis.

Income inequality and its effects on access to ecological services in a western US city

Madhusudan Katti, Andrew Rhys Jones &
These are slides from a symposium presentation at the International Geographical Congress 2012 in Köln, Germany, on Tuesday, 28 August, 2012. The paper is part of a session on "Urban dynamics and environmental conflicts". Here is the abstract of this talk, which is also available as a pdf uploaded separately here: Income inequality and its effects on access to ecological services in a western US city Madhusudan Katti, Andrew Rhys Jones, Kaberi Kar Gupta ...

Photoionisation continua and AIA filters

Dave Williams
This is a plot of an example curve showing total photoionisation cross section for a photon passing through the solar corona. The depth of the edges at 504 and 227 Å depends on the abundance of helium (taken as 8.5% of the abundance of hydrogen) and the ionisation balance of helium. This curve is used to compare the attenuation of background radiation by an erupting filament on 6th June 2011 at the wavelengths represented by...

Direct Network Analytics on a VIVO RDF Data Set

Poster presented at the 3rd annual VIVO conference August 2012.

PTSymmetry.net blog posting times

Daniel Hook
List of times of postings on PTsymmetry.net.

Williams & Bargh (2008), Study 4 Replication Attempt

, Hal Pashler, Christine Harris & Noriko Coburn
Dataset for Study 4 (i.e. HEALTH dataset) published in: Pashler, H., Coburn, N., and Harris, C. (2012). Priming of social distance? Failure to replicate effects on social and food judgements. PloS ONE, 7(8):, e42510

Williams & Bargh (2008), Study 1 Replication Attempt

Dataset for Study1 (i.e. BONDS dataset) published in: Pashler, H., Coburn, N., and Harris, C. (2012). Priming of social distance? Failure to replicate effects on social and food judgements. PloS ONE, 7(8):, e42510

Ebola and the Ugandan road network

Glenn Lawyer
We speculate if the 28 July Ebola outbreak in Kigadi had the potential to spread further by analyzing the Ugandan road network. This figure shows the network, with Kigadi marked in red. The write-up, including the code used to create the figure and to extract the network graph from the shapefile, is available at: http://www.scipirate.com/2012/08/did-the-kigadi-ebola-outbreak-threaten-to-become-an-international-epidemic/ twitter: @piratesci

Room air and argon chamber comparisons of pH levels in stored blood.

Melissa A Qazi, Fabiola G Rizzatti, Barbora Piknova, , David F. Stroncek & Alan N. Schechter
Room air and argon chamber comparisons of pH levels in stored blood; number of donors, n=3 (room air), n=3 (chamber). Note: i-STAT apparatus does not detect pH levels below 6.5; values read as < 6.5 were plotted at 6.5. To view the data behind the graph, access 'show all items' above.

Pioneer species ecology: co-existence and ecological differences amongst contrasting species

Austin Haffenden
Ecological differences were investigated for two co-existing pioneer species from the Cecropia family for variation of first branch height and canopy width across old field and old-growth forest habitats and within habitat variation between species. Forest enumeration data was collected, on all trees >5 cm DBH, from 4 study sites, each containing 9 old-growth forest and 4 old field plots, within the Los Cedros reserve, Ecuador. Cecropia species 1 was not locally more abundant but...

Welcome to LabBook!

Mark Woodbridge

Experiment 0

Mark Woodbridge

Experiment 0

Mark Woodbridge

Lab Notebook, 2011

Carl Boettiger
Permanent archive of Carl Boettiger's open lab notebook entries for the year 2011 (http://www.carlboettiger.info/archives.html). Entries are archived in UTF-8 (X)HTML5 with RDFa semantics. Images are embedded in the files as data URIs and equations are provided in MathML. Meets the goals of the Data Management Plan: http://www.carlboettiger.info/2012/10/09/data-management-plan.html

Manipulating Crosscutting Concerns

Vinicius Garcia, Alexandre Alvaro, Antonio Francisco Do Prado, Daniel Lucrédio, Eduardo Kessler Piveta, Eduardo Santana De Almeida &
GARCIA, Vinicius Cardoso ; PIVETA, Eduardo Kessler ; LUCRÉDIO, Daniel ; ALVARO, Alexandre ; ALMEIDA, Eduardo Santana de ; PRADO, Antonio Francisco Do ; ZANCANELLA, Luiz Carlos . Manipulating Crosscutting Concerns. In: The Fourth Latin American Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming (SugarLoafPLoP 2004), Writers Workshops, 2004, Porto das Dunas. SugarLoafPLoP 2004 Proceedings, 2004. Abstract. The patterns in this paper describe how to extract crosscutting con- cerns when developing systems.

Gaussian Job Archive for C4H10O3S

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Visualization of experimental design and workflows in biological experiments

Eamonn Maguire
Poster presented at BioVis 2011 on "Visualization of experimental design and workflows in biological experiments".

Restoration of semi-arid Stipa tenacissima steppes

Fernando T. Maestre
Powerpoint presentation on the restoration of semi-arid Stipa tenacissima steppes, given at the Restoration of semi-arid steppes workshop organized by the UICN and the University of Alicante (Alicante, 17 October 2012, http://www.iucn.org/?uNewsID=11263). The slides are in Spanish.

Mariposas Euptychiina: Evolución de la subtribu en América

Carlos Peña
Mariposas Euptychiina: Evolución de la subtribu en América Peña, Carlos Diario La Primera. (2010) [Newspaper article]

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