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Maraviroc intensification of cART in patients with suboptimal immunological recovery: a 48-week, placebo-controlled randomized trial

Steven Van Lelyveld, Julia Drylewicz, Maaike Krikke, Ellen Veel, Sigrid Otto, Clemens Richter, Robin Soetekouw, Jan Prins, Kees Brinkman, Jan Willem Mulder, Frank Kroon, , Jori Symons, Annemarie Wensing, Monique Nijhuis, Jose Borghans, Kiki Tesselaar & Andy Hoepelman
File: Primary endpoint (absolute CD4 T cell count). This SPSS file contains the absolute number of CD4 T cells (primary endpoint) at various time points during the MIRS trial. Please see the 'variable view' of the SPSS file and the 'methods' section of the paper for more information. We have used SAS software for our analyses.

Riparian functional guilds, disturbance, and biotic interactions in the Columbia River Basin, USA

Nate Hough-Snee
Presentation from symposium "Plant Guild and Functional Group Frameworks in Riparian and Wetland Management and Restoration: Models and Applications", at the Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting. 4 June 2015.

Cocaine-mediated microglial activation involves the ER stress-autophagy axis

Ming-Lei Guo, Ke Liao, , Lu Yang, Yu Cai, Shannon E Callen & Shilpa Buch
Cocaine abuse leads to neuroinflammation, which, in turn, contributes to the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration associated with advanced HIV-1 infection. Autophagy plays important roles in both innate and adaptive immune responses. However, the possible functional link between cocaine and autophagy has not been explored before. Herein, we demonstrate that cocaine exposure induced autophagy in both BV-2 and primary rat microglial cells as demonstrated by a dose- and time-dependent induction of autophagy-signature proteins such as BECN1/Beclin 1,...

Drosophila melanogaster wing landmarks and semi-landmarks for biometric analysis

Ian Dworkin, Anne Sonnenschein, William Pitchers & Sudarshan Chari
This is an additional copy of the full set of landmarks for the paper An image database of Drosophila melanogaster wings for phenomic and biometric analysis
Anne Sonnenschein, David VanderZee, William R Pitchers, Sudarshan Chari and Ian Dworkin GigaScience 2015, 4:25 doi:10.1186/s13742-015-0065-6 All of the data is also available on the GigaDB http://dx.doi.org/10.5524/100141

Sensitivity of Head and Cervical Spine Injury Measures to Impact Factors Relevant to Rollover Crashes

, , , &
Objective: Serious head and cervical spine injuries have been shown to occur mostly independent of one another in pure rollover crashes. In an attempt to define a dynamic rollover crash test protocol that can replicate serious injuries to the head and cervical spine, it is important to understand the conditions that are likely to produce serious injuries to these 2 body regions. The objective of this research is to analyze the effect that impact factors...

Age-Dependent Factors Affecting Thoracic Response: A Finite Element Study Focused on Japanese Elderly Occupants

Jacobo Antona-Makoshi, Yoshihiro Yamamoto, Ryosuke Kato, Fusako Sato, Susumu Ejima, Yasuhiro Dokko & Tsuyoshi Yasuki
Objectives: The ultimate goal of this research is to reduce thoracic injuries due to traffic crashes, especially in the elderly. The specific objective is to develop and validate a full-body finite element model under 2 distinct settings that account for factors relevant for thoracic fragility of elderly: one setting representative of an average size male and one representative of an average size Japanese elderly male.Methods: A new thorax finite element model was developed from medical...

Effect of Aging on Brain Injury Prediction in Rotational Head Trauma—A Parameter Study with a Rat Finite Element Model

Jacobo Antona-Makoshi, Erik Eliasson, Johan Davidsson, Susumu Ejima &
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the possible effects of age-related intracranial changes on the potential outcome of diffuse axonal injuries and acute subdural hematoma under rotational head loading.Methods: A simulation-based parametric study was conducted using an updated and validated finite element model of a rat head. The validation included a comparison of predicted brain cortex sliding with respect to the skull. Further, model material properties were modified to account for aging;...

Census Study of Real-Life Near-Side Crashes with Modern Side Airbag-Equipped Vehicles in the United States

Cecilia Sunnevång, Bo Sui, Mats Lindkvist & Maria Krafft
Objective: This study aimed to investigate the crash characteristics, injury distribution, and injury mechanisms for Maximum Abbreviated Injury Score (MAIS) 2+ injured belted, near-side occupants in airbag-equipped modern vehicles. Furthermore, differences in injury distribution for senior occupants compared to non-senior occupants was investigated, as well as whether the near-side occupant injury risk to the head and thorax increases or decreases with a neighboring occupant.Method: National Automotive Sampling System's Crashworthiness Data System (NASS-CDS) data from 2000...

Development and Validation of the Total HUman Model for Safety (THUMS) Toward Further Understanding of Occupant Injury Mechanisms in Precrash and During Crash

Masami Iwamoto, Yuko Nakahira & Hideyuki Kimpara
Objective: Active safety devices such as automatic emergency brake (AEB) and precrash seat belt have the potential to accomplish further reduction in the number of the fatalities due to automotive accidents. However, their effectiveness should be investigated by more accurate estimations of their interaction with human bodies. Computational human body models are suitable for investigation, especially considering muscular tone effects on occupant motions and injury outcomes. However, the conventional modeling approaches such as multibody models...

Interspecies quantitative structure–activity–activity relationships (QSAARs) for prediction of acute aquatic toxicity of aromatic amines and phenols

, &
We propose interspecies quantitative structure–activity–activity relationships (QSAARs), that is, QSARs with descriptors, to estimate species-specific acute aquatic toxicity. Using training datasets consisting of more than 100 aromatic amines and phenols, we found that the descriptors that predicted acute toxicities to fish (Oryzias latipes) and algae were daphnia toxicity, molecular weight (an indicator of molecular size and uptake) and selected indicator variables that discriminated between the absence or presence of various substructures. Molecular weight and the...

Preparation and preliminary in vitro evaluation of a bFGF-releasing heparin-conjugated poly(ε-caprolactone) membrane for guided bone regeneration

Cong Cao, Ying Song, , Yang Yao, , Bo Huang & Ping Gong
In an effort to improve guided bone regeneration (GBR), we successfully fabricated a novel basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)-releasing heparin-conjugated poly(ε-caprolactone) membrane (hep-PCL/bFGF). This material has a porous microstructure with smooth and rough pore walls before and after heparinization, respectively. Our FTIR analyses indicated that chemical bonds were formed between PCL and heparin with a new amide C=O band at 1660 cm−1 and a band at 3400 cm−1 that can be attributed to –OH stretching...

Impact & Ethical Issues of Scholar Publication

Sylvie Vullioud
This figure was used in a PhD course in Switzerland as an introduction to impact and ethical issues of scientific publication. Behind the apparent classical and traditional form of a Research Paper, ie Title | Authors | Introduction | Material & Methods | Results | Discussion | Bibliography | Acknowledgement | Declaration of conflict of interest | Bibliography, there are several new practices of publication. The digital Research Paper can be linked to Open Research...

transcript GTF annotation of smooth muscle cells in jejunum

Moon Young Lee, , Robyn M Berent, Paul J Park, Robert Fuchs, Hannah Syn, Albert Chin, Jared Townsend, Craig C Benson, Doug Redelman, , Jong Kun Park, Joseph M Miano, Kenton M Sanders &
transcript annotation of smooth muscle cells in jejunum

Supplemental data for article: \"Microbiome in low and high caries prevalence populations\"

Pernilla Lif Holgerson & Ingegerd Johansson
The oral microbiota was compared between Romanian adolescents with high caries prevalence and no dental care, and Swedish caries-active and caries-free adolescents in caries prevention programs with low caries prevalence. Biofilm samples were analyzed by FLX+-pyrosequencing of the v1−v4 hyper variable regions of 16S rRNA gene

A FreeSurfer view of the cortical transcriptome generated from the Allen Human Brain Atlas

Leon French
The Allen Human Brain Atlas provides an anatomically detailed view of gene expression in the brain. This full transcriptomic dataset contains over 200 million expression values. To facilitate use of this resource, we distilled the data into a matrix of 20,737 genes by 68 cortical regions that represent the automatically segmented FreeSurfer regions (Desikan-Killiany parcellation). In this data report, we describe the Allen-FreeSurfer mapping, sampling information and provide regional values of gene expression. The resulting...

fMRI - Lecture 8

Anders Eklund
Lecture about machine learning in fMRI.

fMRI - Lecture 4

Anders Eklund
A lecture about single subject analysis in fMRI.

fMRI - Lecture 2

Anders Eklund
A lecture about the basics of MRI and fMRI.

fMRI - Lecture 1

Anders Eklund
An introductory lecture to fMRI.

A new ruthenium cyclopentadienyl azole compound with activity on tumor cell lines and trypanosomatid parasites

Esteban Rodríguez Arce, Cynthia Sarniguet, Tania S. Moraes, Marisol Vieites, , Andrea Medeiros, Marcelo A. Comini, Javier Varela, Hugo Cerecetto, Mercedes González, Fernanda Marques, , Lucía Otero & Dinorah Gambino
As part of our efforts to develop organometallic ruthenium compounds bearing activity on both trypanosomatid parasites and tumor cells, a new Ru(II)–cyclopentadienyl clotrimazole complex, [RuCp(PPh3)2(CTZ)](CF3SO3), where Cp = cyclopentadienyl, CTZ = clotrimazole, was synthesized and characterized. The compound was evaluated in vitro on T. cruzi (Y strain), the infective form of T. brucei brucei strain 427 (cell line 449), on three human tumor cell lines with different sensitivity to cisplatin (A2780, ovary; MCF7, breast; HeLa,...

transcript GTF annotation of ICC in jejunum smooth muscle

Moon Young Lee, , Robyn M Berent, Paul J Park, Robert Fuchs, Hannah Syn, Albert Chin, Jared Townsend, Craig C Benson, Doug Redelman, , Jong Kun Park, Joseph M Miano, Kenton M Sanders &
transcript annotation of ICC in jejunum smooth muscle

V003_DE01_CO_PC image of the database ILEA, RAW in format NEF

Daniel Felipe Valencia Vargas & Jose Fernando Valencia
V003_DE01_CO_PC image, RAW in format NEF, database of iris, called ILEA, built by the research group of the University of San Buenaventura LEA in Cali, Colombia. The image has features such as the medium non-ideal environment and uncontrolled lighting.

Specialized cortex glial cells accumulate lipid droplets in Drosophila melanogaster

Viktor Kis
Figures related to the article "Specialized cortex glial cells accumulate lipid droplets in Drosophila melanogaster" in PLOS ONE

Mutual Redundancies and Triple Contingencies among Perspectives on Horizons of Meaning

Loet Leydesdorff
PowerPoint Presentation at the conference of International Society for Information Studies, Vienna, 3-7 June 2014; Session: Integration of the Philosophy of Information and Information Science

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