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Gaussian Job Archive for C36H44ClMnN2O3

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.


Ian Dworkin
This is an image of the picture wing fly (Delphinia picta) used for the behavioural assay in the video.

Ponencia 38: Grupos Autónomos en el Desarrollo de Competencias

Red CLED & Enrique Campos
Below is the result of a methodological proposal for the development of systemic, cognitive, and instrumental skills, based on the integration of cohesive groups with subjective elements, without the cognitive support of a teacher and fully empowered of their organization, regulation and gaining knowledge, developing specific skills of thought. All this happens during the development of a project that meets the goals set in the curriculum of Electronics Marketing. The results of the group's experiences...


Red CLED & Carmen Aurora Coronado
Resumen: Este trabajo versa sobre el proceso de aprendizaje y educación por el cual atraviesan los seres humanos a lo largo de su vida; en él se abordarán aspectos tales como la necesidad de implementar la educación permanente con el fin de afrontar los retos que la sociedad actual nos impone; entre los cuales, encontramos los cambios científico tecnológicos que nos obligan a realizar nuevos estudios y a actualizar los conocimientos ya adquiridos con el...

PhotobiontDiversity.org: a searchable database of photobiont sequences

Heath O'Brien
Introduction to a database of photobiont sequences, searchable by species or by host.

Tenthredo (Casipteryx) stigmaticalis female from Nan Shan (2)

Andreas Taeger
Tenthredo (Casipteryx) specimen from China
(formerly in the collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, now in the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg). This is a part of http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.845614. References:
Taeger, A. 1991: Zwei neue paläarktische Blattwespengattungen aus der Unterfamilie Tenthredininae (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Symphyta: Tenthredinidae). Entomologische Abhandlungen. Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde in Dresden, 54 (3): 71–95.
Nie, H. & Wei, M. 1997: Taxonomic Study of the Genus Casipteryx Taeger (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinomorpha). Entomotaxonomia....

Gaussian Job Archive for C13H26LiNO

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Gaussian Job Archive for C13H26LiNO

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

The vascular flora of Rome

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The aim of this paper is to document plant diversity in the metropolitan area of Rome (Italy) by providing a comprehensive inventory of the present-day vascular flora and an overview of its composition and species diversity. We compiled the floristic catalogue by including all vascular plant entities that occur spontaneously within the administrative boundaries of the Rome municipality. The data, which were gathered from extensive field surveys, from a broad review of the literature and...

Moving Group Candidates Estimated Mass Function

Jonathan Gagné, Lison Malo, David Lafrenière & René Doyon
These plots show histograms of the mass estimates of bona fide members and candidates members of all young moving groups including TW Hydrae, Beta Pictoris, Tucana-Horologium, Carina, Columba, Argus and AB Doradus. Green bars are bona fide members, yellow bars represent a log-normal IMF consistent with the current number of bona fide members, red bars are candidate members from Gagné et al. (in prep.), purple bars are candidates members for which youth was confirmed (Gagné...

numerical representation of phylogenetic tree

Saverio Vicario
Presentation done in TWDG 2013 in workshop Sharing and delivery of reusable phylogenetic knowledge.

CRYPTA MANENT — The early Christians and the catacombs of the Ancient Rome. Project proposal for a performative, high technological archeological exhibition-path, installed inside a modern museum

Marika Mazzi Boém, Giuseppe Laquidara & Margaret Colombani
The project developed for the exhibition aims to bring to life the exhibition space to the user an immersive and enveloping. An experience that touches every sense and stimuli: the visual, accessible in each module of the exhibition - for example with the structural faithful reproduction of an intimate, deep and silent as the catacombs, the cognitive and learning, via the form reserved for the exhibition of artefacts and display} {exhibitors and the instruments of...

Æurosphere Ecological — How Science of Networks, Information Dynamics and Connectivism could help Politics to be more inclusive, transparent, equitable for people, incorporating Culture and different disciplines in the progressive stages of decision making

Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém & J. Jovenal
Basing on our research “ThePrimate® - HPW and NNs Ecosystem based on DDC+ classification ori- ented to singularities” [DOI.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.689881, (2012)], and “An approach to Fila- mento” [DOI.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.714984, (2012)], as well as on “Æurosphere number zerØ” [J. Jovenal, DOI.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.722894, (2005, r.2013)], we developed an executive project of the original Æurosphere’s model (2005), at present time named Æurosphere Ecological. It stands as a complex and highly open participatory structure, plugged in the civil society and aiming to...

“Culture Vivarium” — An industrial, cultural plant in the Southern Italy, based on a network of CULTLabs and an HPW technological ecosystem where modelling innovative manufacturing based on the Cultural Heritage

Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém, Margaret Colombani, Annibale Elia, Federica Marano, Valeria Fascione & Gennaro Tesone
The project named “Culture Vivarium” aims to create an “industrial cultural district”, i.e. a vibrant aggregating hub of creative and cultural industries (CCIs) using and reusing the cultural heritage of the Campania region to start and successfully develop high impact cultural and creative business models. To achieve this aims, the project builds on two logical functional pillars: #1. a digital technological infrastructure, determining a huge catalogue of digital cultural heritage resources (metadata and contents), enriched...

Trophic shift in the diet of the pelagic thresher shark based on stomach contents and stable isotope analyses

Seth D. Newsome, Felipe Galván-Magaña, Carlos Polo-Silva, Marcela Grijalba-Bendeck & Adolfo Sanjuan-Muñoz
The trophic ecology of the pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) was analysed using stomach contents and carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) stable isotope analysis. The sharks were caught in Ecuadorian waters between June and December 2003. Approximately 24 prey species were found in the stomachs of 111 sharks. The most common species were Dosidicus gigas, Benthosema panamense and Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis. Mean (± SD) muscle isotope values of the pelagic thresher shark were −16.0±0.3‰ for δ13C...

The territoriality, vocalizations and aggressive interactions of the red-spotted glassfrog, Nymphargus grandisonae, Cochran and Goin, 1970 (Anura: Centrolenidae)

Carl Richard Hutter, Sergio Esobar-Lasso, Julián Andrés Rojas-Morales, Paul David Alfonso Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Henry Imba & Juan Manuel Guayasamin
In many frog species, males defend a territory through direct male-to-male interactions and/or aggressive calling behaviour. We describe the site fidelity, vocalizations, aggressive interactions, and male combat behaviour of the glassfrog Nymphargus grandisonae. We show high specificity of males’ calling and mating sites. We then describe the temporal and spectral differences for six types of vocalizations. We link these vocalizations to behavioural observations, describing their aggressive and reproductive contexts. Additionally, we show that combat is...

Ultrasonic reverse stridulation in the spider-like katydid Arachnoscelis (Orthoptera: Listrosceledinae)

Benedict Chivers, , Oscar J. Cadena-Castaneda & Fernando Montealegre-Z
This paper illustrates the biomechanics of sound production in the neotropical predaceous katydid Arachnoscelis arachnoides (Insecta: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). Described and previously known from only one male specimen, this genus of predaceous katydids resembles spiders in their general body appearance. To call distant females, male katydids produce songs by stridulation where one forewing possessing a sclerotized file rubs against a row of teeth (scraper) on the other wing. In most katydid species, the songs are produced...

The history of watchmaking and its development in European countries (Las máquinas prodigiosas - historia de la relojería y su desarollo en los países Europeos)

Luis Sánchez Biosca
TITULO COMPLETO: Las máquinas prodigiosas - historia de la relojería y su desarollo en los países Europeos El libro hace un recorrido a lo largo de los tiempos de los sistemas empleados por la humanidad para la medida de la hora. Consta de cinco partes en las que se analiza el porque y el como de los descubrimientos acaecidos durante tantos años Se analiza la situación y las necesidades de la medida del tiempo en...

Social environment and its influence on economic health of the firm on the example of a service company providing outsourcing

Grzegorz Tański
The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of social environment on financial condition of a company. The analysis is based on Zieltow's model of financial condition of a firm. Company's main activity is providing outsourcing services to other firms that function in Poland. Years 2007-2012 are covered with this report. The financial health index was calculated on the basis of 15 ratios and 4 subscores that were counted in process. This index...

Social environment and its influence on economic health of the manufacturing company in food industry

Magdalena Dziubińska
The work is an attempt at characterization and assessment of the impact of the social environment on the company's economic performance on the example of a production plant operating in the food industry. The analysis model was used by J. Zietlowa. The report counted all 15 indicators of the model, which are presented in the following sections: general categories nearest perspective, the category of short-term, medium-term categories. The analysis was carried out in the period...

Improving Quantum-Chemical Methods for Molecular Properties of Complex Systems

Erik Donovan Hedegaard
Abstract: Electronic-structure methods have reached a state where they can be an important complement to experimental measurements. However, methods that can be used to describe the class of compounds that displays multireference character are sparse, although such compounds are often found in biological systems. Another challenge in modeling molecules from biological systems is that they are often found in a complex, heterogeneous environment, such as a protein matrix, which puts high demands to the description...

Measuring innovation using Fortune 500 rankings (2006-2018)

Richard Ferrers
This is a time-series extract from Fortune 500 (2006 to 2018) showing ranking of several companies over that period. Described in a blog post linked below. This is data to show a proxy of innovation measurement from changes in sales (which Fortune 500 measures) over time.

This data could be used for Science Policy to indicate where in the economy innovation (in the form of rising sales) is taking place. Now updated for 2016...

Measurement of Ecosystem Metabolism across Climatic and Vegetation Gradients in California

Shawn Serbin, Sean DuBois, , Eric Kruger, Clayton Kingdon, Michael Goulden & Philip Townsend
Poster for AGU 2013 fall meeting

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ESR1 Amplification in Breast Cancer by Optimized RNase FISH: Frequent but Low-Level and Heterogeneous. PLoS ONE 8(12): e84189. Optical Dataset S2

Cathy B Moelans, Frederik Holst, Olaf Hellwinkel, Ronald Simon & Paul J Van Diest
Moelans CB, Holst F, Hellwinkel O, Simon R, van Diest PJ (2013) ESR1 Amplification in Breast Cancer by Optimized RNase FISH: Frequent but Low-Level and Heterogeneous. PLoS ONE 8(12): e84189. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0084189 Optical Dataset S2 (with RNase) of S1+S2 OD S1: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.864194 Combined Description for Optical Dataset S1 and S2: The optical datasets illustrate the FISH signal appearance by full size ESR1 FISH photographs (not all of them representative) of a total of 35 breast cancer...

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