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The purpose of the dataset C. elegans muscle aging is to deduce the age of the nemathode based on images of muscles. Images of C. elegans were taken at different chronological ages. This image is part of the day 2 data set. Note that the morphological and chronological ages are not fully correlated due to the variability among individuals even though the individuals are genetically identical. The source for the dataset is Laboratory of Genetics/NIA/NIH.


In quick-freeze deep-etch preparations the plasma membrane can be seen to contain plaques or plates of intramembrane particles (IMPs) that are regularly aligned in rows with a center-to-center spacing between rows of 25nm. These plaques remain in the P-fracture face of the plasma membrane and are found mostly on the anterior ventral surface of the cell near the anterior suture. Their function is not known. For discussion see Allen, J. Ultrastruc. Res. 63:64-78, 1978 and...


Views of a striated band linked to the epiplasm on the ridge slopes and the intermembrane space between the plasma membrane and alveolus space inside the alveolus. TEM taken on 6/6/91 by C. Schroeder with Zeiss 10A operating at 80kV. Neg. 31,500X. Bar = 0.2µm. There is a high resolution version of this image in the library (CIL:39320) which is available for quantitative analysis. Additional information available at (http://www5.pbrc.hawaii.edu/allen/).


Detail of the tubular extension of the alveolus to the cytostomal cord and the whiskers that attach it to the cord. TEM taken on 4/10/74 by R. Allen with Hitachi HU11A operating at 75kV. Neg.18,500X. Bar = 0.2µm.


In this image a portion of the true surface of the plasma membrane is exposed where the culture medium has been etched away. The IMPs of the plates can also be viewed less distinctly on the true surface of the cell. The edge of the fractured and removed E leaflet is visible. Fractured doublets of the axoneme of a cilium lie nearby. TEM taken on 6/4/91 by R. Allen with Zeiss 10A operating at 80kV....


The P-face of the ciliary membrane at the base of the cilium has 9 triple rows of IMPs in register with the 9 doublets of the internal axoneme. It is thought that these IMPs may be sites of calcium influx into the base of the cilium for regulating ciliary activity. Also, trichocyst docking sites. TEM taken on 1/6/88 by C. Schroeder with Zeiss 10A operating at 80kV. Neg. 19,800X. Bar = 0.25µm. There is a...


This movie illustrates the early division up to the four-cell stage of a C. elegans embryo expressing YFP::CDC-48 by DIC and fluorescence microscopy. YFP::CDC-48, like YFP::UFD-1 and YFP::NPL-4, are cytosolic during mitosis, but accumulate in the nucleus after its reformation. The first C. elegans embryonic division of the P0 zygote is asymmetric and generates an anterior AB cell, and a smaller posterior P1 cell. These cells have different developmental fates and division timing, with AB...


Intracellular localization of GFP-Vps74 K178A, R181A mutant in BY4742 sac1∆ vps74∆ mutant. SAC1 encodes an integral membrane phosphoinositide phosphatase and in the sac1∆ vps74∆ mutant, GFP-Vps74 localizes, in addition to the Golgi apparatus, to nuclear ER and cortical ER and/or PM (CIL# 24816). This localization of GFP-Vps74 is lost when two amino acids are mutated in the sulfate-binding pocket. This study demonstrates that the sulfate-binding pocket of Vps74 and GOLPH3 mediates PtdIns4P-binding and is essential...


Intracellular localization of GFP-Vps74 in BY4742 sac1∆ vps74∆ mutant. SAC1 encodes an integral membrane phosphoinositide phosphatase and in the sac1∆ vps74∆ mutant, GFP-Vps74 localizes, in addition to the Golgi apparatus, to nuclear ER and cortical ER and/or PM. Control image for images showing ectopic expression of GFP-Vps74 with mutations in the sulfate-binding pocket (CIL# 24817, 24818). This study demonstrates that the sulfate-binding pocket of Vps74 and GOLPH3 mediates PtdIns4P-binding and is essential for function. Cells...


One of the principal challenges in counting or segmenting nuclei is dealing with clustered nuclei. To help assess algorithms' performance in this regard, this synthetic image set consists of five subsets with increasing degree of clustering. Five subsets of 20 images each are provided. Each image contains 300 objects, but the objects overlap and cluster with overlap probability ranging from 0.0 to 0.6, and can be found with CIL 27833, 27853, 28754, 28734, and 28714,...


Multiple branching of actin filaments in lamellipodia of vertebrate fibroblasts. This image shows a local enlargement of the leading edge shown in overview in CIL 24788. Image corresponds to Figure 1m from J Cell Biol. 1999 May 31;145(5):1009-26. Figures 1i-o correspond to CIL 24888-24893.

Formation of healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren with overweight and obesity

Oksana Palladina
The problem of overweight and obesity in school children is considered. It is shown that the problem of child obesity underlie the development of many serious medical illness. It is introduced the analysis of publications on the problem of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren. It is defined methods for detection and possible non-pharmacological correction of the condition. The necessity of creating and putting into practice of long-term training programs to promote healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren...

Visualization of the stagnation points of the Archontis dynamo

Bertil Fabricius Dorch
Visualization of the stagnation points of the Archontis dynamo flow (blue) and the vortex null points (purple) and corresponding field lines (yellow for the velocity field and blue for the vorticity). The arrows show the sense of the velocity field vector.

Table S2. Clusters involved with indel or mutation events.

Michel A Marin & Ana Carolina P Vicente
Clusters involved with indel or mutation events. The 1st column is the Cluster ID, which is consistent with the ID in Table S1. The 2nd column is the cluster conservation of current cluster. The 3rd column is the variation position, which counts according to the alignment result of protein sequences in this cluster. For indel events, the position is an integer. For synonymous mutation and non synonymous mutation, the position is a floating number, in...

Bacteria cladogram

Mats Töpel
This cladogram is a simplified version of figure 2 in Wu & Eisen ("A simple fast and accurate method of phylogenomic inference, 2008, Genome Biology 2008, 9:R151, doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-10-r151). Also indicated in the tree are the expected possitions of eukaryote sequences with an endosymbiotic origin (indicated as CYANOBACTERIA and MITOCHONDRIA).

Science Ajar - New Ways to Collect, Curate and Share Information

Jeremy Frey &
Presentation given by Dr Jeremy Frey during the Research Trends Virtual Seminar The Individual and Scholarly Networks: Part 1: Building Networks: Professor Jeremy Frey discussed how varying degrees of openness aid scientific collaboration. His presentation had the underlying theme that accurate recording of process and data in experiments is essential and that the laboratory, equipment and people are potentially equal partners in this process, which can be facilitated by the right choice of software.

Total Synthesis of Ginkgolide B (Part 1)

Jason Dinsmore
Published on Jan 26, 2013 Part one of the Total Synthesis of Ginkgolide B Music by Kevin MacLeod (The Descent)

Exon length distribution in hg62

Daniel Standage
Exon length distribution in GRCh37.62.

Features of financing of mass sports in Europe at the beginning of ХХI century

George Michuda
Research purpose – to define and characterize tendencies and the main models of financing of development of mass sports in the countries of the European Union at the beginning of ХХI century. As a material for researches information which contains in official publications of the European Union, and also monographic and periodicals on problems of development of mass sports is attracted. The main tendencies of financing of mass sports are defined, the structure of sources...

To the question about the use of independent physical training in educational space of modern higher institute

Aleksandr Gorelov, V.L. Kondakov & A.N. Usatov
Information of scale research of size and character of motive activity of students is resulted. All of students are engaged in physical culture in a basic and special medical group, in the group of sporting separation. All of students study, live in town and rural locality. Researches were conducted during 11 years. More than 1500 persons were inspected in all. It is marked that about 50% students of the Russian institutes of higher have rejections...

Fitness – programs as mean of forming of personality physical culture of students

Helen Kurmaeva
Basic directions of perfection of process of physical education of students of higher institutes are examined. Attention is accented on the necessity of search of new effective ways of making healthy of students, increases of level of their physical development and preparedness. A questionnaire inspection is conducted 150 students. It is set that 62% boys would prefer engaged in the power types of fitness (athletic gymnastics, power lifting) and 38% wished to be engaged in...

Computational Approaches Used With Industry Provided Repurposing Candidates - Uses in Rare and Neglected Diseases

Antony Williams
Recent repurposing project tendering calls by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (US) and the Medical Research Council (UK) have included compound information and pharmacological data. However none of the internal company development code names were assigned to chemical structures in the official documentation. We now describe data gathering and curation to assign structures and in silico analysis. We also describe how this data has been shared using Mobile apps and how collaborative software...

Goniometric researches of armwrestling sportsmen

Leonid Podrigalo, M.N. Galashko & N.I. Galashko
It is analysed results of goniometry of sportsmen of armwrestling and persons that go in for sport on amateur level. Amplitude of motions is studied in radiocarpal, elbow and humeral joints. It was used results of inspection of 27 persons in age 19-21 year. Large amplitude of motions of sportsmen is confirmed, especially in a radiocarpal joint. Information is interpreted as proof of importance of development of brush for effectiveness in armwrestling. Application of method...

Visualising the Spatial History of Melbourne's Cinema Chains

Alwyn Davidson
This visualisation has been developed to be able to make full use of the complex data associated with historical cinema venues; data which is temporally, spatially, and tematically rich. The graphic approach enables multiple variables about a cinema venue, such as seating capacity, to be viewed in the one image along with spatial and temporal components which show changes to variables over time. This figure shows the visualisation approach applied to Melbourne's cinema venue data,...

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