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Identification of secreted proteins that reflect autophagy dynamics within tumor cells

Adam A. Kraya, , , Gao Zhang, Meenhard Herlyn, Phyllis Gimotty, Beth Levine, Ravi K Amaravadi & David W Speicher
Macroautophagy, a catabolic process of cellular self-digestion, is an important tumor cell survival mechanism and a potential target in antineoplastic therapies. Recent discoveries have implicated autophagy in the cellular secretory process, but potential roles of autophagy-mediated secretion in modifying the tumor microenvironment are poorly understood. Furthermore, efforts to inhibit autophagy in clinical trials have been hampered by suboptimal methods to quantitatively measure tumor autophagy levels. Here, we leveraged the autophagy-based involvement in cellular secretion to...

Cloning and characterization of a cabbage BoAOS gene with enhanced drought tolerance

, , , , , , &
Allene oxide synthase (AOS), which is a cytochrome P450 (CYP74A), catalyses the first step in the biosynthesis of jasmonic acid from lipoxygenase-derived hydroperoxides of free fatty acids. The full-length cDNA of an AOS-like gene was cloned from Brassica oleracea using rapid amplification of cDNA ends and was designated as BoAOS. The BoAOS expression level was higher in alabastrums and flowers than in other tissues of cabbage, as determined by real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction...

RDM Technical Infrastructure Component Interactions

John A. Lewis
These diagrams are intended to illustrate how the various components of an institutional RDM technical infrastructure may interact. Since interoperability between systems is facilitated by
common metadata formats and exchange protocols permitting the flow of data, the diagrams represent dataflow between the different components during the various stages of the research data lifecycle.

Synthesis and Evaluation of Coumarin–Resveratrol Hybrids as 15-Lipoxygenaze Inhibitors

Samira Rahmani-Nezhad, Leila Khosravani, Mina Saeedi, , , , , Hamid Nadri, , Mohammad Mahdavi, Abbas Shafiee &
A series of coumarin–resveratrol hybrids, 3-arylcoumarin derivatives 3a–u, were synthesized through the intermolecular condensation reaction of various salicylaldehydes and phenylacetic acids in the presence of 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane under solvent-free conditions. All the synthesized compounds were screened for their inhibitory potency against soybean 15-lipoxygenase. Among them, three compounds (3c, 3j, and 3q) showed good enzyme-inhibitory activities.

Correlation between plant height and distance from power line

Justin Wong
This experimental design concentrates on the affects of electromagnetic fields on plant growth. To be specific, the plant height of Golden Rods, White/purple Asters and Queen Anne Laces were averaged together at increments of distances from a power line. This was done on a power line field where power towers were selected randomly. Four quadrats were used to measure various plant heights at each origin of each week. At each origin the number quadrats were...

estres en maestrantes

Sandro Mero Delgado
estresen maestrantes


Sellan Mieles Carlos Ivan

Macro of a Green Leaf

Carlos Chávez
Photo of a green leave, taken with a macro lense made of a droplet.

Hoja de Helecho con esporas - Sin magnificar

Alejandro Cabrera
Fotografía de una hoja de helecho sin magnificar, tomada desde un Samsung Galaxy Ace con cámara de 5 Mpx. como muestra de su capacidad de definición estándar. 08/11/2014 - Diplomado en Desarrollo Móvil y Procesamiento de Datos - LANIA

Hoja de Helecho

Foto de un helecho para observar si son visibles los detalles de la hoja. 8 Noviembre 2014. LANIA

Muestra helecho

Muestra de una hoja de helecho, imagen tomada en LANIA - 08/Nov/2014

Foto Dos Investigación Lentes Lania

Julio Hernandez
Manejo de lentes, zoom a imagen con una gota de agua

Eribulin disrupts EB1-microtubule plus-tip complex formation

Brian O’Rourke, , David Sharp & Susan Band Horwitz
Eribulin mesylate is a synthetic analog of halichondrin B known to bind tubulin and microtubules, specifically at their protein rich plus-ends, thereby dampening microtubule (MT) dynamics, arresting cells in mitosis, and inducing apoptosis. The proteins which bind to the MT plus-end are known as microtubule plus-end tracking proteins (+TIPs) and have been shown to promote MT growth and stabilization. Eribulin's plus-end binding suggests it may compete for binding sites with known +TIP proteins such as...

This Study is Intentionally Left Blank: a systematic literature review of blank pages in academic publishing

Glen Wright, , Martin Bentley, Graham Steel & Sylvain Deville
Common in all areas of publishing, the phrase “This Page is Intentionally Left Blank” has been found in peer-reviewed academic articles costing $30 to access. To the best of our knowledge, this paper represents the first known review of Intentionally Blank Pages (IBPs). We looked at the variations in samples from the existing literature, and quantified the amount of blankness on such pages using a new metric, the “Blankness Defect Rate” (BDR). After showing that...

Accurate Defective Blank Page

Glen Wright
An accurate defective blank page.

Harvesting Light with Transformation Optics

Yu Luo, Stefan A. Maier &
Transformation optics (TO) is a new tool for controlling electromagnetic fields. In the context of metamaterial technology, it provides a direct link between a desired electromagnetic (EM) phenomenon and the material response required for its occurrence. Recently, this powerful framework has been successfully exploited to study surface plasmon assisted phenomena such as light harvesting. Here, we review the general strategy based on TO to design plasmonic devices capable of harvesting light over a broadband spectrum...


Suplementary material from the article "Floristic survey of Restinga Forests in southern Bahia reveals the effect of geography on community composition" by Fernandes & Queiroz

Invasive vs. Native Species

Materials required (4 transects 25mX25m) were obtained and every member of the group was given specific responsibility.
Fourth group member was asked to take all the observations on the data table.
Two group members were asked to setup 4 transects making a square quadrant.
Third group member was given the responsibility of counting all the trees within that quadrant.
Once the transects were set 2 group members marked all the buck thorns and maple trees in that quadrant with...

The Relationship Between Tree Sapling Density and Competing Adult Density Between North American Deciduous Trees

York University’s Danby Woodlot is a small deciduous forest on the outskirts of Toronto. The woodlot is home to many common North American trees such as maple, elm, and oak. This study was designed to find out if there is a correlation between the density of saplings surrounding its parent tree, and the density of competing adult trees that surround it. The two main factors of this experiment include the density of daughter saplings in...


Vanessa Párraga
¡¡¡No oigo, no oigo... soy de palo!!! Razones principales por las que el personal no utiliza el equipo de protección auditiva que se les proporciona y consecuencias que ésto puede provocar.


Clara Moisello
Archive of three EEG recordings named RAN30_1, RAN30_2, RAN30_3, each containing 32 trials that can be identified by the trigger called 'DIN'

Lab Weeks 5-8 Effect of Plant Density on crawling insects vs flying insects

Data was collected based on the number of crawling insects versus flying insects that were found within an area containing a low density, medium density and high density of plants. Two types of traps were set up in order to gather an accurate census of the data; the first trap being a pit fall trap, which was utilized to capture and examine crawling insects, while the second trap being a pan trap which was used...

Gaussian Job Archive for C27H33ClN2O2

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Ecological Theory

Ana Karolina Ladeira
The experiment is to test if there is a relationship between plant density and tree BHD. To test this theory we will lay out a 100 feet trasect and select 20 adult trees along the transect. Then will be measured the DBH and calculate the plant density within 1 meter radius of the three and record the plant density. The experiment will be conducted at York University, at the Woodltot, for two weeks. In each...

Artemisietea vulgaris in Romania – An overview

This paper summarizes present knowledge of the synanthropic nitrophilous communities dominated by tall herbs on the basis of the present Artemisietea vulgaris database. Floristic variability was examined also in detrended correspondence analysis. Each cluster was inspected for its ecological and floristic consistency. The final interpretable solution comprises five clusters. Species to clusters fidelity was calculated using ϕ coefficient. The ecological interpretation of the five groups was based on the average Pignatti indicator values. Groups were...

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