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Final adult height of children with idiopathic short stature: a multicenter study on GH therapy alone started during peri-puberty

Di Wu, Rui-Min Chen, , Ge-Li Liu, , Yu Yang, Xin-Li Wang, Ya-Guang Peng & Chun-Xiu Gong
Abstract Background To evaluate the efficacy of GH in improving FAH in ISS children in a multicenter study. Methods A real-world observation was carried out. Children with ISS in seven hospitals in China were enrolled. The height gains standard deviation score and the height gain over the target height were evaluated. Results There were 344 ISS patients (217 boys and 127 girls). The baseline average age of boys and girls was 12.7 and 11.7 years,...


Daniel Mckenna
series of updated covid_19 trends

Label-free imaging flow cytometer for analyzing large cell populations by line-field quantitative phase microscopy with digital refocusing

, Daisuke Yamashita, Osamu Yasuhiko, , Tsukasa Kayo, Hiroaki Suzuki, , Hirotoshi Kikuchi, Hiroya Takeuchi & Yukio Ueda
We propose a line-field quantitative phase-imaging flow cytometer for analyzing large populations of label-free cells. Hydrodynamical focusing brings cells into the focus plane of an optical system while diluting the cell suspension, resulting in decreased throughput rate. To overcome the trade-off between throughput rate and in-focus imaging, our cytometer involves digitally extending the depth-of-focus on loosely hydrodynamically focusing cell suspensions. The cells outside the depth-of-focus range in the 72 µm dimeter of the core flow...

Deep Iterative Vessel Segmentation in OCT Angiography

, , , Odysseas Georgiadis, Sepehr Jalali, Claudio Ravasio, Danail Stoyanov, Lyndon DaCruz, Christos Bergeles & Blanca Flores
This paper addresses retinal vessel segmentation on Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) images of the human retina. Our approach is motivated by the need for high precision image-guided delivery of regenerative therapy in vitreo-retinal surgery. OCT-A visualizes macular vasculature, the main landmark of the surgically targeted area, at a level of detail and spatial extent unattainable by other imaging modalities. Thus, automatic extraction of detailed vessel maps can ultimately inform surgical planning. We address the...

Supplementary material from \"Overexpression of chloroplast-targeted ferrochelatase 1 results in a genomes uncoupled chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signalling phenotype\"

Mike Page, Tania Garcia-Becerra, Alison Smith & Matthew Terry
Chloroplast development requires communication between the progenitor plastids and the nucleus, where most of the genes encoding chloroplast proteins reside. Retrograde signals from the chloroplast to the nucleus control the expression of many of these genes, but the signalling pathway is poorly understood. Tetrapyrroles have been strongly implicated as mediators of this signal with the current hypothesis being that haem produced by the activity of ferrochelatase 1 (FC1) is required to promote nuclear gene expression....

Supplementary material from \"Chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signalling controls intercellular trafficking via plasmodesmata formation\"

Elena E. Ganusova, Brandon C. Reagan, Jessica C. Fernandez, Mohammad F. Azim, Amie F. Sankoh, Kyle M. Freeman, Tyra N. McCray, Kelsey Patterson, & Tessa M. Burch-Smith
The signalling pathways that regulate intercellular trafficking via plasmodesmata (PD) remain largely unknown. Analyses of mutants with defects in intercellular trafficking led to the hypothesis that chloroplasts are important for controlling PD, likely by retrograde signalling to the nucleus to regulate expression of genes that influence PD formation and function, an idea encapsulated in the organelle-nucleus-PD signalling (ONPS) hypothesis. ONPS is supported by findings that point to chloroplast redox state as also modulating PD. Here,...

Epidemiology of schizophrenia and its management over 8-years period using real-world data in Spain

, , , &
Abstract Background Real-World Data (RWD) studies provide important insights in disease epidemiology, in real clinical populations, with long follow-up periods. The aim of the present study was to describe the epidemiology of schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SD) during an 8-year period in Spain. Methods A retrospective cohort of subjects aged 15 to 64 years was followed-up using electronic healthcare databases of the Valencia region (2008–2015). SD cases included outpatient and inpatient settings (ICD 9 codes 295.XX)....

Long noncoding RNA HOST2, working as a competitive endogenous RNA, promotes STAT3-mediated cell proliferation and migration via decoying of let-7b in triple-negative breast cancer

, , , , , , & Lin Fang
Abstract Background Human ovarian cancer specific transcript 2 (HOST2) is a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) reported to be specifically high expressed in human ovarian cancer. However, the mechanism that how HOST2 regulates triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) need to be explored. Methods In this study, expression of HOST2 was determined in 40 TNBC patients and matched non-cancerous tissues by qRT-PCR and in situ hybridization (ISH) assay. The biological functions of HOST2 was measured by losing...

Low-dose human menopausal gonadotrophin versus natural cycles in intrauterine insemination for subfertile couples with regular menstruation

, , , &
Abstract Background Women with irregular menstruation should be considered to benefit from the ovarian stimulation. However, most literature did not separate ovulatory disorders from normal menstrual cycles. Our purpose was to assess the superiority of ovarian mild stimulation compared with the natural cycle in IUI for subfertile couples when the women with regular menstruation. Methods A retrospective study in a single medical center in which 2413 couples with 3573 IUI cycles were studied from 2013...

Low-dose human menopausal gonadotrophin versus natural cycles in intrauterine insemination for subfertile couples with regular menstruation

, , , &
Abstract Background Women with irregular menstruation should be considered to benefit from the ovarian stimulation. However, most literature did not separate ovulatory disorders from normal menstrual cycles. Our purpose was to assess the superiority of ovarian mild stimulation compared with the natural cycle in IUI for subfertile couples when the women with regular menstruation. Methods A retrospective study in a single medical center in which 2413 couples with 3573 IUI cycles were studied from 2013...

MSX2 suppression through inhibition of TGFβ signaling enhances hematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

, , Yu Wang, , , Dan Wu, Pei Su, Wen Zhou, &
Abstract Background Strategies of generating functional blood cells from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) remain largely unsuccessful due to the lack of a comprehensive understanding of hematopoietic development. Endothelial-to-hematopoietic transition (EHT) serves as the pivotal mechanism for the onset of hematopoiesis and is negatively regulated by TGF-β signaling. However, little is known about the underlying details of TGF-β signaling during EHT. Methods In this study, by applying genome-wide gene profiling, we identified muscle segment homeobox2...

Plasma biomarkers of small intestine adaptations in obesity-related metabolic alterations

Catherine Lalande, , André J. Tremblay, Patrick Couture & Alain Veilleux
Abstract Background Evidence suggests that pathophysiological conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are associated with morphologic and metabolic alterations in the small intestinal mucosa. Exploring these alterations generally requires invasive methods, limiting data acquisition to subjects with enteropathies or undergoing bariatric surgery. We aimed to evaluate small intestine epithelial cell homeostasis in a cohort of men covering a wide range of adiposity and glucose homoeostasis statuses. Methods Plasma levels of citrulline, a...

Apis mariner-like elements addtional files

, Kiyoshi Kimura & Hidemasa Bono
Collection of Supporting data in Apis Mariner-like-elements classification.

Supplementary material from \"A comprehensive economic optimization methodology of divided wall columns for biopolyol separation\"

Tao Chen, , & Peng Bai
Global energetic and environmental crises have attracted worldwide attention in recent years. Biomass is an important direction of development for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and replacing fossil fuel. As downstream products of biomass, some industrially valuable polyols are costly to separate via conventional distillation due to their near volatility. The use of fully heat-integrated divided wall columns (DWCs), which carry energy and equipment investment savings, is a promising technique for purifying biopolyol products. However, the...

Using a rapid environmental scan methodology to map country-level global health research expertise in Canada

Ranjana Nagi, Susan Rogers Van Katwyk & Steven J. Hoffman
Abstract Background Many countries are currently rethinking their global health research funding priorities. When resources are limited, it is important to understand and use information about existing research strengths to inform research strategies and investments and to drive impact. This study describes a method to rapidly assess a country’s global health research expertise and applies this method in the Canadian context. Methods We developed a three-pronged rapid environmental scan to evaluate Canadian global health research...

Impact of superimposed nephrological care to guidelines-directed management by primary care physicians of patients with stable chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trial

Patrick Saudan, , Nicola Marangon, Chantal Martinez, Lena Berchtold, David Jaques, Thomas Ernandez, Sophie De Seigneux, Sebastian Carballo, Thomas Perneger &
Abstract Background Optimal clinical care of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) requires collaboration between primary care physicians (PCPs) and nephrologists. We undertook a randomised trial to determine the impact of superimposed nephrologist care compared to guidelines-directed management by PCPs in CKD patients after hospital discharge. Methods Stage 3b-4 CKD patients were enrolled during a hospitalization and randomised in two arms: Co-management by PCPs and nephrologists (interventional arm) versus management by PCPs with written instructions...

Distribution and antimicrobial resistance profiles of bacterial species in stray cats, hospital-admitted cats, and veterinary staff in South Korea

Woo Kyung Jung, Sook Shin, Young Kyung Park, , , Kun Taek Park & Yong Ho Park
Abstract Background Antimicrobial resistance is becoming increasingly important in both human and veterinary medicine. According to the One Health concept, an important step is to monitor the resistance patterns of pathogenic bacteria. In this study, the antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and trends of bacteria isolated from stray cats, hospital-admitted cats, and veterinary staff in South Korea between 2017 and 2018 were investigated. Results The minimum inhibitory concentrations of different antibiotics for Staphylococcus spp., Enterobacteriaceae, and Enterococcus...

The use of digitally collected patient-reported outcome measures for newly operated patients with total knee and hip replacements to improve post-treatment recovery: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

David Kuklinski, Laura Oschmann, Christoph Pross, Reinhard Busse & Alexander Geissler
Abstract Background The number of total knee replacements (TKRs) and total hip replacements (THRs) has been increasing noticeably in high-income countries, such as Germany. In particular, the number of revisions is expected to rise because of higher life expectancy and procedures performed on younger patients, impacting the budgets of health-care systems. Quality transparency is the basis of holistic patient pathway optimization. Nevertheless, a nation-wide cross-sectoral assessment of quality from a patient perspective does not yet...

Analysis of causes of death among brought-in-dead cases in a third-level Hospital in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia, using the tariff method 2.0 for verbal autopsy: a cross-sectional study

Yuta Yokobori, Jun Matsuura, Yasuo Sugiura, Charles Mutemba, Martin Nyahoda, , Lloyd Kazhumbula, & Clarence Chiluba
Abstract Background Over one third of deaths in Zambian health facilities involve someone who has already died before arrival (i.e., Brough in Dead), and in most BiD cases, the CoD have not been fully analyzed. Therefore, this study was designed to evaluate the function of automated VA based on the Tariff Method 2.0 to identify the CoD among the BiD cases and the usefulness by comparing the data on the death notification form. Methods The...

Heat shock protein 60 (HSP60) modulates adiponectin signaling by stabilizing adiponectin receptor

, Hua Liu, , , , , Jie Wu, , &
Abstract Adiponectin, an adipokine produced and secreted by adipocytes, is involved in regulating the development and progression of insulin resistance, diabetes, and diabetic complications. Heat shock protein 60 (HSP60) is a molecular chaperone, most commonly presenting in mitochondria and participating in the maintenance of protein homeostasis. Accumulating studies have demonstrated that the elevated circulating HSP60 and the decreased intracellular HSP60 are closely associated with diabetic complications such as diabetic cardiomyopathy. However, the underlying mechanism remains...

Development of a brief learning environment measure for use in healthcare professions education: the Healthcare Education Micro Learning Environment Measure (HEMLEM)

, , &
Abstract Background The learning environment impacts many aspects of healthcare education, including student outcomes. Rather than being a single and fixed phenomenon, it is made up of multiple micro learning environments. The standard clinical learning environment measurement tools do not consider such diversity and may fail to adequately capture micro learning environments. Moreover, the existing tools are often long and may take a prohibitive amount of time to complete properly. This may have a negative...

Food intake biomarkers for green leafy vegetables, bulb vegetables, and stem vegetables: a review

Elske M. Brouwer-Brolsma, Beate Brandl, Marion E. C. Buso, Thomas Skurk & Claudine Manach
Abstract Background Numerous studies acknowledged the importance of an adequate vegetable consumption for human health. However, current methods to estimate vegetable intake are often prone to measurement errors due to self-reporting and/or insufficient detail. More objective intake biomarkers for vegetables, using biological specimens, are preferred. The only concentration biomarkers currently available are blood carotenoids and vitamin C, covering total fruit and vegetable intake. Identification of biomarkers for specific vegetables is needed for a better understanding...

Lung transcriptomic clock predicts premature aging in cigarette smoke-exposed mice

, Julia Hoeng, Manuel C. Peitsch & Florian Martin
Abstract Background Lung aging is characterized by a number of structural alterations including fibrosis, chronic inflammation and the alteration of inflammatory cell composition. Chronic exposure to cigarette smoke (CS) is known to induce similar alterations and may contribute to premature lung aging. Additionally, aging and CS exposure are associated with transcriptional alterations in the lung. The current work aims to explore the interaction between age- and CS- associated transcriptomic perturbations and develop a transcriptomic clock...

Microclimate numerical simulation to obtain the minimum safe distances between a painted wood panel and the inner face of an exterior wall

Santi Ferrer, Gema Campo-Francés, Cristina Ruiz-Recasens & Marta Oriola-Folch
Abstract This study provides a detailed understanding of the heat fluxes and temperatures that take place in the channel between the inner face of an exterior wall and the back of a painted wood panel hung on it. This is performed by means of a numerical simulation with a 2 dimensional CFD software. Distributions of temperatures, heat fluxes, and other parameters are quantified for 56 cases where the classical equations—Raithby-Hollands and similar—cannot be applied as...

ATP Hydrolysis Determines Cold Tolerance by Regulating Available Energy for Glutathione Synthesis in Rice Seedling Plants

, Ning Jiang, , , , , , , , &
Abstract Background Glutathione (GSH) is important for plants to resist abiotic stress, and a large amount of energy is required in the process. However, it is not clear how the energy status affects the accumulation of GSH in plants under cold stress. Results Two rice pure lines, Zhongzao39 (ZZ39) and its recombinant inbred line 82 (RIL82) were subjected to cold stress for 48 h. Under cold stress, RIL82 suffered more damages than ZZ39 plants, in...

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