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Joseph Anthony Alizio

Invited talks

Emily Shumchenia

Gaussian Job Archive for C7H11BrO2

Henry S. Rzepa

Recombination rho in maize

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra

Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS) Data Sets

, Amir AghaKouchak, Navid Nakhjiri &
The Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS) provides near real-time drought information based on multiple drought indicators and input data sets (http://drought.eng.uci.edu/). In this package, the folder names indicate the drought index and the source of data (INDEX_SOURCE). Index options are: 1-PSI: Multivariate Standardized Drought Index (MSDI) based on Precipitation (P) and Soil Moisture (S). 2-SSI: Standardized Soil Moisture Index 3-SPI: Standardized Precipitation Index. In each folder the files are named as INDEXYYYYMM.asc,...

Gaussian Job Archive for C12H12ClNO

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Chalara fraxinea genome compositional domains

Dan MacLean

NURO: A freely available hourly rainfall-runoff dataset for hundreds of US catchments

Thomas Pagano, Laurent Coron, Xiao Nan Wang, , Phillip G. D. Ward &

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