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UNH-RVAT 3-D SST RANS simulation results

Peter Bachant & Martin Wosnik

Structural assignment and molecular order of three-ring mesogen by 13C NMR spectroscopy in mesophase

, &
A homologous series of rod-like molecules with three phenyl rings in the core and terminal alkoxy chains are synthesised from mesogenic two-ring aldehyde by coupling with non-mesogenic 4-alkoxy anilines. The mesophase properties are evaluated with hot-stage optical polarising microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry, and accordingly, all the molecules exhibited enantiotropic nematic and smectic C phases along with monotropic low-temperature smectic phases. For a representative homologue, the existence of smectic C phase is further confirmed by...

The mycotoxin definition reconsidered towards fungal cyclic depsipeptides

Lien Taevernier, Evelien Wynendaele, Leen De Vreese, Christian Burvenich & Bart De Spiegeleer
Currently, next to the major classes, cyclic depsipeptides beauvericin and enniatins are also positioned as mycotoxins. However, as there are hundreds more fungal cyclic depsipeptides already identified, should these not be considered as mycotoxins as well? The current status of the mycotoxin definition revealed a lack of consistency, leading to confusion about what compounds should be called mycotoxins. Because this is of pivotal importance in risk assessment prioritization, a clear and quantitatively expressed mycotoxin definition...

Conditional tests for elliptical symmetry using robust estimators

Ana M. Bianco, Graciela Boente & Isabel M. Rodrigues

Murine junctional adhesion molecules JAM-B and JAM-C mediate endothelial - and stellate cell interactions during hepatic fibrosis

Edith Hintermann, Monika Bayer, Janine Ehser, Michel Aurrand-Lions, Josef M. Pfeilschifter, Beat A. Imhof & Urs Christen
Classical junctional adhesion molecules JAM-A, JAM-B and JAM-C influence vascular permeability, cell polarity as well as leukocyte recruitment and immigration into inflamed tissue. As the vasculature becomes remodelled in chronically injured, fibrotic livers we aimed to determine distribution and role of junctional adhesion molecules during this pathological process. Therefore, livers of naïve or carbon tetrachloride-treated mice were analyzed by immunohistochemistry to localize all 3 classical junctional adhesion molecules. Hepatic stellate cells and endothelial cells were...

Do subfertile women adjust their habits when trying to conceive?

Lana Salih Joelsson, Anna Berglund, Kjell Wånggren, Mikael Lood, Andreas Rosenblad & Tanja Tydén
Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate lifestyle habits and lifestyle adjustments among subfertile women trying to conceive. Materials and methods: Women (n = 747) were recruited consecutively at their first visit to fertility clinics in mid-Sweden. Participants completed a questionnaire. Data were analyzed using logistic regression, t tests, and chi-square tests. Results: The response rate was 62% (n = 466). Mean duration of infertility was 1.9 years. During this time 13.2% used tobacco daily,...

Variability of Uncrossmatched Blood Use by Helicopter EMS Programs in the United States

Alyssa Karl, Tiffany Pham, Jeff D. Yanosky & Jeffrey Lubin
Study Objective: Some helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) maintain an independent supply of blood for use during transport, although practice is variable and not well described. We aimed to characterize the blood-carrying practices by HEMS programs across the United States. Methods: Online surveys were sent to the leadership of the 261 HEMS programs nationwide listed in the 2011 Atlas and Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS) database. We examined blood-carrying practices in aggregate, including typical...

A transfectant RK13 cell line permissive to classical caprine scrapie prion propagation

, , Thomas C. Truscott, Sally A. Madsen-Bouterse, Katherine I. O'Rourke & David A. Schneider
To assess scrapie infectivity associated with caprine-origin tissues, bioassay can be performed using kids, lambs or transgenic mice expressing caprine or ovine prion (PRNP) alleles, but the incubation periods are fairly long. Although several classical ovine scrapie prion permissive cell lines with the ability to detect brain-derived scrapie prion have been available, no classical caprine scrapie permissive cell line is currently available. Therefore, the aims of this study were to generate a rabbit kidney epithelial...

Preparation, Characterization and Assessment of the Novel Gelatin-Tamarind Gum/ Carboxymethyl Tamarind Gum Based Phase-Separated Films for Skin Tissue Engineering Applications

Gauri Shankar Shaw, , , , Krishna Pramanik, &
The current study delineates the development of novel gelatin-tamarind gum (TG)/ carboxymethyl tamarind gum (CMT)-based phase-separated films for probable skin tissue engineering applications. Polyethylene glycol was used as plasticizer. The films were characterized thoroughly using mechanical tester and impedance analyzer. Cell proliferation ability and drug release properties of the films were investigated. Mechanical studies indicated composition-dependent stress relaxation properties. Polysaccharide containing films supported better proliferation of human keratinocytes as compared to control. Drug loaded films...

Memvisualkan rujukan: analisis bibliometrik riset air tanah Jakarta

Dasapta Erwin Irawan
Paper ini awalnya disusun sebagai blog post pada alamat terlampir, yang diposisikan sebagai awal kegiatan literature review untuk tema riset air tanah Jakarta bersama Saudara Adhi Priyambodho seorang mahasiswa S3 Delft University.

Toward the understanding of the molecular basis for the inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2 by phenolic compounds present in Uruguayan propolis and grape pomace

Margot Paulino, Elena Alvareda, Federico Iribarne, Pablo Miranda, Victoria Espinosa, Sara Aguilera & Helena Pardo

Burden and Depression in Caregivers of Blind Patients in New York State

, Matthew Jackson, Stephen J. Knohl, , Sai B. Gandham & David Almeida
Purpose: To describe the degree of burden of care and the proportion at risk of depression among individuals caring for legally blind patients. Methods: We performed a cross-sectional study of 486 individuals providing care to their family members who were legally blind. Best-corrected visual acuity of the better-seeing eye in patients determined group placement: Group 1, 20/200–10/200; group 2, 10/200 to light perception (LP); group 3, no light perception (NLP); group VF, visual field loss...

Word Learning: Homophony and the Distribution of Learning Exemplars

Isabelle Dautriche, Emmanuel Chemla & Anne Christophe
How do children infer the meaning of a word? Current accounts of word learning assume that children expect a word to map onto exactly one concept whose members form a coherent category. If this assumption was strictly true, children should infer that a homophone, such as “bat”, refers to a single superordinate category that encompasses both animal-bats and baseball-bats. The current study explores the situations that lead children to postulate that a single word form...

Natural polymers as alternative consolidants for the preservation of waterlogged archaeological wood

Zarah Walsh, , Mark Jones & Oren A Scherman

Black Carbon

Jorge Saturno

Supplementary material from \"Androgens predict parasitism in female meerkats: a new perspective on a classic trade-off\"

Kendra N. Smyth, Lydia K. Greene, Tim Clutton-Brock & Christine M. Drea
The immunocompetence handicap hypothesis posits that androgens in males can be a ‘double-edged sword’, actively promoting reproductive success, while also negatively impacting health. Because there can be both substantial androgen concentrations in females and significant androgenic variation among them, particularly in species portraying female social dominance over males or intense female–female competition, androgens might also play a role in mediating female health and fitness. We examined this hypothesis in the meerkat (Suricata suricatta), a cooperatively...

Stochastic processes dominate during boreal bryophyte community assembly

Nicole J. Fenton & Yves Bergeron
Why are plant species found in certain locations and not in others? The study of community assembly rules has attempted to answer this question, and many studies articulate the historic dichotomy of deterministic (predictable niches) vs. stochastic (random or semi-random processes). The study of successional sequences to determine whether they converge, as would be expected by deterministic theory, or diverge, as stochastic theory would suggest, has been one method used to investigate this question. In...

Climate interacts with soil to produce beta diversity in Californian plant communities

, , &
Spatially distinct communities can arise through interactions and feedbacks between abiotic and biotic factors. We suggest that, for plants, patches of infertile soils such as serpentine may support more distinct communities from those in the surrounding non-serpentine matrix in regions where the climate is more productive (i.e., warmer and/or wetter). Where both soil fertility and climatic productivity are high, communities may be dominated by plants with fast-growing functional traits, whereas where either soils or climate...

Do fungivores trigger the transfer of protective metabolites from host plants to arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphae?

Marie Duhamel, Roel Pel, Astra Ooms, Heike Bücking, Jan Jansa, , Nico M. Van Straalen, , Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse &
A key objective in ecology is to understand how cooperative strategies evolve and are maintained in species networks. Here, we focus on the tri-trophic relationship between arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, host plants, and fungivores to ask if host plants are able to protect their mutualistic mycorrhizal partners from being grazed. Specifically, we test whether secondary metabolites are transferred from hosts to fungal partners to increase their defense against fungivores. We grew Plantago lanceolata hosts with...

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