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Empty Vehicle Redistribution for Personal Rapid Transit

John Lees-Miller
A Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system uses compact, computer-guided vehicles running on dedicated guideways to carry individuals or small groups directly between pairs of stations. PRT vehicles operate on demand, much like conventional taxis. The empty vehicle redistribution (EVR) problem is to decide when and where to move empty PRT vehicles. These decisions are made in real time by an EVR algorithm. A reactive EVR algorithm moves empty vehicles only in response to known requests;...

About necessity of use of Hatha Yoga exercises for correction of deformation of students’ spine of special medical groups with violations of posture

Aleksandr Gorelov, V.L. Kondakov &
The method of application of physical drills of hatha-yoga is presented on educational trainings on physical culture with students. The volume of empiric information made more than 10000 measurings. Information is confirmed about predominance in the student environment of violations of health, related to the locomotorium and cardiovascular system (33,4% and 32,6% accordingly). Functional violations of spine are marked: pains in the back (59,8%), during (54,2%) and after (43,8%) physical loading, in pains in thurls...

Global testicular infarction in the presence of epididymitis: clinical features, appearances on grayscale, color Doppler, and contrast-enhanced sonography, and histologic correlation

, , , Salvador J. Diaz-Cano &
Epididymitis is common, presenting indolently with unilateral scrotal pain and swelling. Diagnosis is based on clinical assessment and resolves with antibiotic therapy. Recognized complications are abscess formation and segmental infarction. Global testicular infarction is rare. Diagnosis is important and requires surgical management. On grayscale sonography, global infarction may be difficult to establish. The addition of color Doppler imaging is useful but is observer experience dependent with limitations in the presence of low flow. Contrast-enhanced sonography...

Meta-analysis of molecular property patterns and filtering of public datasets of antimalarial “hits” and drugs

Antony Williams & Sean Ekins
Neglected infectious diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and malaria kill millions of people annually and the oral drugs used are subject to resistance requiring the urgent development of new therapeutics. Several groups, including pharmaceutical companies, have made large sets of antimalarial screening hit compounds and the associated bioassay data available for the community to learn from and potentially optimize. We have examined both intrinsic and predicted molecular properties across these datasets and compared them with...

El número Pi: de la Geometría al Cálculo Numérico

Roberto Rodríguez Del Río
Artículo que trata sobre aspectos históricos del número Pi.

Linked Humanities Data: The Next Frontier?

Albert Meroño-Peñuela, , Laurens Rietveld, Rinke Hoekstra & Stefan Schlobach
This paper discusses the use of Linked Data to harmonize the Dutch censuses (1795-1971). Due to the long period they cover, census data is notoriously difficult to compare, aggregate and query in a uniform fashion. In social history, harmonization is the (manual) process of restructuring, interpreting and correcting original data sources to make a comparison possible. We describe a harmonization methodology based on standard Linked Data principles, illustrate how the size and complexity of the...

Primer sequences associated with J Virol paper (2013)

Stephen Curry
Supplementary information file containing sequences of mutagenic primers used in Leen et al. (2013). See http://jvi.asm.org/content/87/10/5318.long for free download of the paper.

Otwarte repozytoria instytucjonalne w systemie komunikacji naukowej. Doświadczenia Ukrainy

Serhii Nazarovets
The article presents results of the research repositories of universities of Ukrainę, using the search engine Google Scholar and search engine Solomono.

Vessel Archives: A Strategic Approach to Existential Risk, Human Survival, and the Future of Earth-Originating Life (Preprint submission version)

Heath Rezabek
Preprint submission version of paper for the 100 Year Starship Symposium Proceedings (2012): Vessel Archives: A Strategic Approach to Existential Risk, Human Survival, and the Future of Earth-Originating Life. Abstract: The abundance of ancient worlds detected by the Kepler Mission and others brings the persistence of the Fermi Paradox into stark relief. If an existential (sterilizing) risk to Earth emerged before an interstellar civilization were established, it could eliminate the prospects for complex life across...

Television Nations: Imagined Communities in The Simpsons

Travis Holland
This thesis responds to a call from Michael Billig for academic work examining the appearance of banal nationalism in popular culture (1995). The study is strongly informed by the process of imagining nations identified by Benedict Anderson (1991). It also draws on work by Edward Said (1978) and Stuart Hall (1997). The method and form of imagining and representing nations in The Simpsons is established and analysed. The dominant presence of the United States is...


Mark McNamara
A qualitative description of the natural history specimen collections of the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, Corpus Christi, Texas.

D2.2 Kickoff report

, Martin Fenner & Gudmundur Thorisson
Abstract: The ODIN kickoff meeting provided an overview of the current persistent identifier discussion, as well as valuable input from key stakeholders to the ODIN project. Eleven presenters from a variety of stakeholder groups provided important perspectives, and the extensive discussion by all meeting participants further elaborated on key points. Based on the key scientific inputs, the following actions were identified: i) Encourage discussion and collaboration between communities
ii) Address specific issues of working with large...

Application of unsymmetrical indirect covariance NMR methods to the computation of the 13C↔15N HSQC-IMPEACH and 13C↔15N HMBC-IMPEACH correlation spectra

Antony Williams, Bruce Hilton, Patrick Irish, Gary E. Martin & Kirill Blinov
Utilization of long-range 1H-15N heteronuclear chemical shift correlation has continually grown in importance since the first applications were reported in 1995. More recently, indirect covariance NMR methods have been introduced followed by the development of unsymmetrical indirect covariance processing methods. The latter technique has been shown to allow the calculation of hyphenated 2D NMR data matrices from more readily acquired non-hyphenated 2D NMR spectra. We recently reported the use of unsymmetrical indirect covariance processing to...


Satara was the capital of Maratha Kingdom spread over 14 lacks square
kilometer. This land has rich heritage. Several great warriors, kings, saints and great
personalities create their historical evidence in the history of Maharashtra. Shivaji the
founder of Maratha Empire had begun to establish himself in the hilly part. The major
incidence took place in the rule of Shivaji was round to Satara, specifically in the
Sahyadri ranges. Western part of Satara district was covered by dense forests, high...


Labour Migration is proving beneficial for labourers in course of time, but at
the same time it is laying some adverse impacts on the farmer employers. When the
labourers are moving to urban areas, the local farmers are facing the problems like
shortage of the labourers work, extra payment to the non-migrant and unskilled
labourers and also the delay in completion of the agricultural works.

D2.1 Kick off preparation, Communication plan and Website

, Gudmundur Thorisson & Martin Fenner
Effective communication is a crucial aspect of the ODIN project. The Communication Plan describes ODIN’s approach to engaging with and disseminating project outputs to key target audiences via various channels for the two-year duration of the project. Under this Plan, two items have already been completed: holding the first of three major community events (the “kick off” meeting) and launching a project website. This document outlines our communication strategy and provides a summary overview of...


Clustering can be considered the most important unsupervised learning
technique. Clustering is “the process of organizing objects into groups whose members
are similar in some way”. It is used for simplification, pattern detection and data concept
construction. As clustering is prime component for many scientific and engineering
applications using Data mining, This paper focus on optimizing performance of
clustering using parallelization. Many Clustering algorithms give best performance on
small dataset. But when large dataset will apply then performance will main issue...

Gaussian Job Archive for C7H11Li2NO

Henry S. Rzepa
Archive of work produced using the resources of the Imperial College High Performance Computing Service.

Camelina microcarpa subsp. sylvestris (Brassicaceae)in Lower Silesia - distribution and current state [in Polish with English summary]

Kamila Reczyńska
Camelina microcarpa subsp. sylvestris was common in Poland. It was observed in lowlands and highlands to a height of 400 m a.s.l. In Lower Silesia, it was noticed in 26 ATPOL squares 10.x.10 km. Currently it occurs in 5 squares in 14 locations. Mostly it grows in dry swards and number of its stands decrease because of disappearing of this habitat. The species is critically endangered of extinction.

Il Sistema Informativo Territoriale Archeologico del Comune di Parma come strumento di conoscenza, tutela e programmazione urbanistica, Atti della 12a Conferenza Italiana Utenti ESRI, Roma 27-28 Maggio 2009

Giulio Bigliardi
Il “Sistema Informativo Territoriale Archeologico del Comune di Parma” è un’applicazione
sviluppata per raccogliere, ordinare e gestire il patrimonio archeologico del territorio. Esso
presenta un quadro aggiornato di tutti i rinvenimenti archeologici effettuati, sia editi che inediti, e
permette di consultarne le informazioni relative e di elaborare i dati per produrre tematismi
tipologici e cronologici. Il Sistema costituisce, pertanto, uno strumento indispensabile sia alle
esigenze della ricerca storico-archeologica da parte di specialisti, sia a quelle della
Soprintendenza nel campo della tutela,...

Genomic Signal Processing: one scientist's quest

Bradly Alicea
This is a tutorial/demonstration of applying signal processing techniques to whole-genome data in human cell lines. Analyses were done using Matlab. Associated code can be found at: https://github.com/balicea/GSP-tutorial

Temporal scaling of diversity: a detailed analysis of the species-time relationship [Dissertation]

Ethan P. White
The dissertation for my 2005 PhD from the University of New Mexico under Dr. James H. Brown.

Features of opposition of offender and worker of militia under various conditions

Valentin Bondarenko, K.V. Prontenko, V.V. Prontenko & R.V. Mihalchuk
An analysis and generalization of knowledge of features of origin and motion of situations of the armed collision of employees of law enforcement authorities and offenders is conducted. 82 workers of practical subdivisions of internal affairs organs took part in research between workers, who have already necessary to clash and detain criminals with a plain weapon. Canvassed on the specially developed questionnaire. It is set that for the workers of militia the insufficient level of...

System of estimations and prognostications of bodily condition of skilled sportsmen in track-and-field

Vladimir Bobrovnyk
The system of estimation and prognostication of bodily condition of skilled athletes is presented. The system includes the complex of pedagogical tests, evaluation tables, estimation of the functional state vegetative, nervous, cardiovascular systems, system of the external breathing. 436 sportsmen took part in research (212 women and 224 men). The analysis of electrocardiography is conducted, variability of cardiac rhythm, determination of vegetative balance, state of myocardium, violations of rhythm of heart, spirometric researches. The estimation...

Behavioral and neurochemical changes in the zebrafish leopard strain

Caio Maximino, Bruna Puty, Karen Renata Matos Oliveira & Anderson Manoel Herculano
The zebrafish leopard phenotype (leo) displays abnormal pigmentation and shows increased anxiety-like behavior. The neurochemical changes associated with this anxious phenotype are not known. Here, we demonstrate that leo show increased anxiety-like behavior in the light/dark box and in the novel tank test. This anxious phenotype is rescued by acute treatment with a dose of a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, fluoxetine, that is inactive in wild-type animals. Moreover, leoshow decreased tissue levels of serotonin, increased serotonin...

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