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Identification of secreted proteins that reflect autophagy dynamics within tumor cells

Adam A. Kraya, , , Gao Zhang, Meenhard Herlyn, Phyllis Gimotty, Beth Levine, Ravi K Amaravadi & David W Speicher
Macroautophagy, a catabolic process of cellular self-digestion, is an important tumor cell survival mechanism and a potential target in antineoplastic therapies. Recent discoveries have implicated autophagy in the cellular secretory process, but potential roles of autophagy-mediated secretion in modifying the tumor microenvironment are poorly understood. Furthermore, efforts to inhibit autophagy in clinical trials have been hampered by suboptimal methods to quantitatively measure tumor autophagy levels. Here, we leveraged the autophagy-based involvement in cellular secretion to...

RDM Technical Infrastructure Component Interactions

John A. Lewis
These diagrams are intended to illustrate how the various components of an institutional RDM technical infrastructure may interact. Since interoperability between systems is facilitated by
common metadata formats and exchange protocols permitting the flow of data, the diagrams represent dataflow between the different components during the various stages of the research data lifecycle.

Synthesis and Evaluation of Coumarin–Resveratrol Hybrids as 15-Lipoxygenaze Inhibitors

Samira Rahmani-Nezhad, Leila Khosravani, Mina Saeedi, , , , , Hamid Nadri, , Mohammad Mahdavi, Abbas Shafiee &
A series of coumarin–resveratrol hybrids, 3-arylcoumarin derivatives 3a–u, were synthesized through the intermolecular condensation reaction of various salicylaldehydes and phenylacetic acids in the presence of 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane under solvent-free conditions. All the synthesized compounds were screened for their inhibitory potency against soybean 15-lipoxygenase. Among them, three compounds (3c, 3j, and 3q) showed good enzyme-inhibitory activities.

This Study is Intentionally Left Blank: a systematic literature review of blank pages in academic publishing

Glen Wright, , Martin Bentley, Graham Steel & Sylvain Deville
Common in all areas of publishing, the phrase “This Page is Intentionally Left Blank” has been found in peer-reviewed academic articles costing $30 to access. To the best of our knowledge, this paper represents the first known review of Intentionally Blank Pages (IBPs). We looked at the variations in samples from the existing literature, and quantified the amount of blankness on such pages using a new metric, the “Blankness Defect Rate” (BDR). After showing that...

Harvesting Light with Transformation Optics

Yu Luo, Stefan A. Maier &
Transformation optics (TO) is a new tool for controlling electromagnetic fields. In the context of metamaterial technology, it provides a direct link between a desired electromagnetic (EM) phenomenon and the material response required for its occurrence. Recently, this powerful framework has been successfully exploited to study surface plasmon assisted phenomena such as light harvesting. Here, we review the general strategy based on TO to design plasmonic devices capable of harvesting light over a broadband spectrum...

Artemisietea vulgaris in Romania – An overview

This paper summarizes present knowledge of the synanthropic nitrophilous communities dominated by tall herbs on the basis of the present Artemisietea vulgaris database. Floristic variability was examined also in detrended correspondence analysis. Each cluster was inspected for its ecological and floristic consistency. The final interpretable solution comprises five clusters. Species to clusters fidelity was calculated using ϕ coefficient. The ecological interpretation of the five groups was based on the average Pignatti indicator values. Groups were...

The Regai Dzive Shiri Project: a cluster randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of a multi-component community-based HIV prevention intervention for rural youth in Zimbabwe – study design and baseline results

Frances Cowan, Sophie Pascoe, Lisa Langhaug, & Richard Hayes
Baseline results for the Regai Dzive Shiri trial published in Tropical Medicine and International Health in 2008 describing trial methods

Descriptions of little-known and unknown morphs of Zelkovaphis caucasica (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Eriosomatinae), with an analysis of its phylogenetic position

Masakazu Sano, Shalva Barjadze &
Zelkovaphis caucasica is a little-known Caucasian species of leaf-rolling aphids on Zelkova carpinifolia, and was not included in a previous morphological phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Eriosomatini. We redescribe little-known emigrants of Z. caucasica and describe first instars borne by the emigrants, with keys to species for these morphs of the genus Zelkovaphis. Based on the present specimens and a previously published description, we added Z. caucasica to a published data matrix for Eriosomatini species,...

Synthesis of Benzothiazoles by the Reaction of Disulfide and Aromatic Carboxylic Acid Promoted by PCL3 and DBU

, Ning Zhu, , &

Neurodegenerative Diversity in human cortical contusion: Histological analysis of tissue derived from decompressive craniectomy

David Riascos, Efraín Buriticá, Mauricio Palacios, , , Francisco Guzmán, Norberto Garcia-Cairasco, , Martha Escobar & Hernán Pimienta
The principal aim in the management of patients with cerebral contusion (CC) following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the prevention, amelioration, and treatment of secondary neuronal dysfunction and pathology. Distinguishing between irreversibly damaged and surviving tissue could have considerable therapeutic and prognostic implications for patients. To characterize structurally the neuronal compartment of the contused region in samples derived from patients who suffered severe TBI and were subjected todecompressive craniectomy, we used NeuN, a neuronal...

Strong rules for nonconvex penalties and their implications for efficient algorithms in high-dimensional regression

Patrick Breheny &
We consider approaches for improving the efficiency of algorithms for fitting nonconvex penalized regression models such as SCAD and MCP in high dimensions. In particular, we develop rules for discarding variables during cyclic coordinate descent. This dimension reduction leads to an improvement in the speed of these algorithms for high-dimensional problems. The rules we propose here eliminate a substantial fraction of the variables from the coordinate descent algorithm. Violations are quite rare, especially in the...

Estimating the Parameters of Stochastic Volatility Models Using Option Price Data

, &
This article describes a maximum likelihood method for estimating the parameters of the standard square-root stochastic volatility model and a variant of the model that includes jumps in equity prices. The model is fitted to data on the S&P 500 Index and the prices of vanilla options written on the index, for the period 1990 to 2011. The method is able to estimate both the parameters of the physical measure (associated with the index) and...

Sorption and Desorption of Basic Dyes from Industrial Wastewater Using Calix[4]arene Based Impregnated Material

Dye wastewater causes serious health problems that may not be solved by traditional methods. The present study deals with the removal of methyl violate (MV), methyl green (MG), and methyl blue (MB) by highly efficient and regenerable calix[4]arene based impregnated material from aqueous media. The material was characterized by different analytical techniques. Both batch and column sorption methods were used and various parameters including pH, adsorbent dosage, initial concentration, equilibrium time, temperature, and electrolyte were...

Grant proposal for a PhD student on the evolution of morphospace in the microsnail genus Plectostoma

Menno Schilthuizen
Grant proposal for a PhD student on the evolution of morphospace in the microsnail genus Plectostoma. This proposal was GRANTED by NWO/ALW

Design and Synthesis of Pyrano[2,3-a]carbazoles by Multicomponent Reaction

, & Karnam Jayarampillai Rajendra Prasad
A facile, efficient, three-component reaction of 2,3,4,9-tetrahydro-1H-carbazol-1-one, malononitrile, and aromatic/heteroaromatic aldehydes in dimethylformamide (DMF) gave pyrano[2,3-a]carbazoles in good yields, at reflux condition, using a catalytic amount of piperidine.

Amino acid-based squaramides for anion recognition

Katrina A. Jolliffe & Robert B.P. Elmes
Eight receptors 1–8 comprising an l-lysine scaffold modified at N- and C-termini with aliphatic alkyl chains and N,N′-alkyl amides, respectively, and bearing squaramide moieties on the amino acid side chain were synthesised by a combination of solid- and solution-phase chemistries and shown to complex various anions in 0.5% H2O in dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 solution. All of the receptors were found to bind Cl− , AcO− and BzO− via hydrogen-bond or acid–base interactions with the...

Strongly photoluminescent Eu(III) tetrazolate ternary complexes with phosphine oxides as powerful sensitizers

Suraj Mal, Marek Pietraszkiewicz & Oksana Pietraszkiewicz
The Eu(III) cation forms electrically neutral photoluminescent complex with 5-(2-pyridyl-1-oxide)tetrazolate (PTO) anion. Although the photoluminescence properties of such tertiary Eu(III) and Tb(III) complexes were not as high (13 and 31% photoluminescence quantum yield, respectively) as reported for other diketonate lanthanide complexes probably because of high number of nitrogen atoms involved in PTO which leads to attachment of water molecules, reducing the luminescence quantum yield with vibrational and rotational quenching. Here, we report the removal of...

Oxidative Stabilization of Poly(norbornene) Polymers Prepared by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization

Robert H. Lambeth &
Polymers prepared by ring opening methathesis polymerization contain double bonds along the backbone and are susceptible to oxidation during high temperature processing or device operation. To overcome this, we report a simple method to improve the oxidative stability of ROMP based polymers by inclusion of a small percentage of monomer functionalized with a radical scavenger in the feedstock. The oxidation induction temperature was improved from 111°C up to 262°C when 8 mol% of the functionalized...

List of recent publications By: Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim

Nader Ale Ebrahim
The list includes over 32 publications which authored or co-authored By: Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim.

Estimating present and future profits within the Namibian hake industry: a bio-economic analysis

Namibia's fishing industry is managed using a system of fishing rights and individual fishing quotas. This property rights system was intended to encourage the local fishing industry to exploit the resource responsibly. Unfortunately, unintended perverse incentives have promoted induced overcapacity and inefficient use of vessels. In combination with inconsistent quota allocations, the result has been persistent pressure on the already depleted biological resource. This paper uses a bio-economic model to estimate actual and potential profits...

Increased Survival of Juvenile Turbot Scophthalmus maximus by Using Bacteria Associated with Cultured Oysters

Rosa M. Farto Seguín, María Bobo Bermúdez, Leticia Rivera & Teresa P. Nieto
Preventing vibriosis in juvenile cultured Turbot Scophthalmus maximus caused by Vibrio anguillarum frequently requires the use of feed supplemented with antibiotics in addition to vaccines. Whether the use of probiotics instead of antibiotics in juvenile Turbot is a safer strategy requires more study. The antibacterial potential of 148 Vibrio spp. strains (mostly isolated from cultures of healthy oysters, clams, and Turbot) was analyzed in vitro against V. anguillarum and other pathogens by means of an...

Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel 3,6-Disubstituted Coumarin Derivatives

, Ramesh Gondru, &
A novel series of 3,6-disubstituted coumarin derivatives were synthesized by the reaction of ethyl-2-(3-acetyl-2-oxo-2H-chromen-6-yl)-4-methylthiazole-5-carboxylate with thiosemicarbazide and various phenacyl bromides / 3-(2-bromoacetyl)-2H-chromen-2-ones / 2-(2-bromoacetyl)-3H-benzo[f]chromen-3-one in ethanol having catalytic amount of acetic acid under reflux conditions with good yields. All the synthesized compounds were fully characterized by spectral studies and evaluated for their in vitro antibacterial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis (Gram positive), Escherichia coli, and Azatobacter (Gram negative) bacterial strains. Activity results revealed that...

Using decomposition analysis to forecast metal usage in the building stock

Hiroki Hatayama & Kiyotaka Tahara
As large amounts of materials are used and have accumulated in buildings and civil engineering projects, it is necessary to understand material flow in terms of construction sectors for resource management. The consumption, discard and in-use stock of four metals (steel, aluminium, copper and zinc) in Japan's building stock are forecast through to 2050. To clarify the factors that affect metal stocks and flows in construction, the metal consumption was decomposed into annual new floor...

CuBr-Catalyzed Oxidation/Coupling: An Efficient and Applicable Strategy for the Synthesis of 2-Aryl Benzimidazoles from 1-Fluoro-2-nitrobenzene and Benzylamines

& Mohsen Zeeb
A novel and efficient route has been developed for the synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives via ligand-free CuBr-catalyzed oxidation and cyclization of 1,2-diamines derived from 1-fluoro-2-nitrobenzene and different arylamines as starting materials.

Geological – structural outlines of the southern Madonie Mts. (Central northern Sicily)

Giovanni Barreca
Geological and structural surveys were undertaken in central-northern Sicily along the southern slope of the Madonie Mts., a portion of the Sicilian Fold and Thrust Belt. Collected data have allowed the compilation of a new map of this region at 1:30,000 scale. The map is the result of a classic field survey supported by a combined analysis of 1:33,000 aerial photographs, 1:10,000 ortho-photos, and the use of a high-resolution Digital Elevation Model. The cartographic product...

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