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Supplementary Material to Extracting information from S-curves of language change

, Martin Gerlach, José María Miotto & Eduardo Altmann
Supplementary Material to "Extracting information from S-curves of language change" published at "J. R. Soc. Interface, vol. 11, no. 101, (2014) 1044"; DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rsif.2014.1044) Terms and conditions of the publisher should be reserved.

Catalytic wet oxidation of aqueous methylamine: comparative study on the catalytic performance of platinum–ruthenium, platinum, and ruthenium catalysts supported on titania

Promotion of the dispersion of Ru species supported on TiO2 was achieved by introduction of Pt component and the role of Pt in enhancing the catalytic performances of Pt–Ru was investigated with catalytic wet air oxidation of methylamine used as a probing reaction. It was found that Pt–Ru/TiO2 displayed a much better catalytic performance compared with Pt/TiO2 and Ru/TiO2 catalysts due to having the highest dispersion of active species. Both high total organic carbon conversion...

Facile Telluration of Prochiral Ketones with Aryltellurium Trichlorides and Bromides

Mariya Khan, , Arun Kumar, Ramesh C. Srivastava & Ashok K. S. Chauhan

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of β-Thiodiketone Compounds by Multicomponent Reaction

, , Bin Wang &

Road Traffic Injury on Rural Roads in Tanzania: Measuring the Effectiveness of a Road Safety Program

Karen Zimmerman, , Bertha Maegga & Alejandro Guerrero
Objective: Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a major public health burden, especially in low- and middle-income countries. There is limited data on RTIs in low-volume, rural African settings. This study attempted to survey all individuals living in households within 200 m of two low-volume rural roads in Tanzania and to collect data on RTIs.Methods: Local communities and users of the Bago to Talawanda road (intervention site) and Kikaro to Mihuga road (control site) were targeted...

Balanced Fatty Acid Intake Benefits and Mercury Exposure Risks: An Integrated Analysis of Chinese Commercial Freshwater Fish and Potential Guidelines for Consumption

, Min Zhang, Jun Xu &
ABSTRACTFish-related consumption advisories have emerged based on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids (omega-3 FA) intake and risks of Hg exposure from marine fish. However, only a few were based from freshwater fish. We integrated omega-3 FA and Hg data available from commonly eaten freshwater fish in China to provide a new perspective on consumption of these fish and also created a guide on the cost of basic omega-3 FA intake of 1750 mg/week. Results...

Efficient synthesis of fluoro-containing liquid crystal materials via Pd-catalysed room temperature aerobic Suzuki reactions in aqueous media

, , , , &
A series of fluoro-containing liquid crystal materials were synthesised at room temperature under aerobic conditions in excellent yields starting from fluoro-containing phenylboronic acids with aryl halides in the presence of a simple hydrophilic trans-PdCl2(NH2CH2COOH)2 as catalyst via aqueous media Suzuki cross-coupling reactions. Details relevant to the above reactions and to the reaction sequences adopted to get the corresponding fluoro-containing liquid crystal materials are presented. The structures of above catalyst and liquid crystal materials were characterised...

Towards Practical Cadmium Phytoextraction with Noccaea Caerulescens

, , , , , &
A series of field trials were conducted to investigate the potential of Noccaea caerulescens F.K. Mey [syn. Thlaspi caerulescens J &C Presl. (see Koch and Al-Shehbaz 2004)] populations (genotypes) derived from southern France to phytoextract localized Cd/Zn contamination in Thailand. Soil treatments included pH variation and fertilization level and application of fungicide. N. caerulescens populations were transplanted to the field plots three months after germination and harvested in May, prior to the onset of seasonal...

List of recent publications By: Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim

Nader Ale Ebrahim
The list includes over 32 publications which authored or co-authored By: Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim.

The Regai Dzive Shiri Project: a cluster randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of a multi-component community-based HIV prevention intervention for rural youth in Zimbabwe – study design and baseline results

Frances Cowan, Sophie Pascoe, Lisa Langhaug, & Richard Hayes
Baseline results for the Regai Dzive Shiri trial published in Tropical Medicine and International Health in 2008 describing trial methods

Neurodegenerative Diversity in human cortical contusion: Histological analysis of tissue derived from decompressive craniectomy

David Riascos, Efraín Buriticá, Mauricio Palacios, , , Francisco Guzmán, Norberto Garcia-Cairasco, , Martha Escobar & Hernán Pimienta
The principal aim in the management of patients with cerebral contusion (CC) following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the prevention, amelioration, and treatment of secondary neuronal dysfunction and pathology. Distinguishing between irreversibly damaged and surviving tissue could have considerable therapeutic and prognostic implications for patients. To characterize structurally the neuronal compartment of the contused region in samples derived from patients who suffered severe TBI and were subjected todecompressive craniectomy, we used NeuN, a neuronal...

Oxidative Stabilization of Poly(norbornene) Polymers Prepared by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization

Robert H. Lambeth &
Polymers prepared by ring opening methathesis polymerization contain double bonds along the backbone and are susceptible to oxidation during high temperature processing or device operation. To overcome this, we report a simple method to improve the oxidative stability of ROMP based polymers by inclusion of a small percentage of monomer functionalized with a radical scavenger in the feedstock. The oxidation induction temperature was improved from 111°C up to 262°C when 8 mol% of the functionalized...

Synthesis of Benzothiazoles by the Reaction of Disulfide and Aromatic Carboxylic Acid Promoted by PCL3 and DBU

, Ning Zhu, , &

Descriptions of little-known and unknown morphs of Zelkovaphis caucasica (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Eriosomatinae), with an analysis of its phylogenetic position

Masakazu Sano, Shalva Barjadze &
Zelkovaphis caucasica is a little-known Caucasian species of leaf-rolling aphids on Zelkova carpinifolia, and was not included in a previous morphological phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Eriosomatini. We redescribe little-known emigrants of Z. caucasica and describe first instars borne by the emigrants, with keys to species for these morphs of the genus Zelkovaphis. Based on the present specimens and a previously published description, we added Z. caucasica to a published data matrix for Eriosomatini species,...

RDM Technical Infrastructure Component Interactions

John A. Lewis
These diagrams are intended to illustrate how the various components of an institutional RDM technical infrastructure may interact. Since interoperability between systems is facilitated by
common metadata formats and exchange protocols permitting the flow of data, the diagrams represent dataflow between the different components during the various stages of the research data lifecycle.

Identification of secreted proteins that reflect autophagy dynamics within tumor cells

Adam A. Kraya, , , Gao Zhang, Meenhard Herlyn, Phyllis Gimotty, Beth Levine, Ravi K Amaravadi & David W Speicher
Macroautophagy, a catabolic process of cellular self-digestion, is an important tumor cell survival mechanism and a potential target in antineoplastic therapies. Recent discoveries have implicated autophagy in the cellular secretory process, but potential roles of autophagy-mediated secretion in modifying the tumor microenvironment are poorly understood. Furthermore, efforts to inhibit autophagy in clinical trials have been hampered by suboptimal methods to quantitatively measure tumor autophagy levels. Here, we leveraged the autophagy-based involvement in cellular secretion to...

Two new flavonol glycosides from Dimocarpus longan leaves

, , , Rui Zhan &
From the extracts of Dimocarpus longan Lour leaves, 2 unusual flavonol glycosides, quercetin 3-O-(3″-O-2‴-methyl-2‴-hydroxylethyl)-β-d-xyloside (1) and quercetin 3-O-(3″-O-2‴-methyl-2‴-hydroxylethyl)-α-l-rhamnopyranoside (2), as well as 10 known compounds including 2 flavonol glycosides, afzelin (3) and kaempferol-3-O-α-l-rhamnopyranoside (4), 2 flavans, ( − )-epicatechin (5) and proanthocyanidin A-2 (6), 3 triterpenoids, friedelin (7), epifriedelanol (8) and β-amyrin (9), a peptide, N-benzoylphenylalanyl-N-benzoylphenylalaninate (10), and 2 sterols, β-sitosterol (11) and daucosterol (12) were isolated and identified by using combination of mass spectrometry...

Methods for the generation of normalized citation impact scores in bibliometrics: Which method best reflects the judgements of experts?

Lutz Bornmann & Werner Marx
Evaluative bibliometrics compares the citation impact of researchers, research groups and institutions with each other across time scales and disciplines. Both factors - discipline and period - have an influence on the citation count which is independent of the quality of the publication. Normalizing the citation impact of papers for these two factors started in the mid-1980s. Since then, a range of different methods have been presented for producing normalized citation impact scores. The current...

Potential of glucose measurement in soil and food sample using low molecular weight O-(2-hydroxyl)propyl-3-trimethylammonium chitosan chloride nanoparticle-glucose oxidase immobilised on a natural fibre membrane

Mohammad Russel, , Jun Yao & Martin Ming Fat Choi
Low, medium and high molecular weights O-(2-hydroxyl)propyl-3-trimethylammonium chitosan chloride nanoparticles (L-, M- and H-O-HTCC NP) have been synthesised and used to immobilise glucose oxidase on eggshell membranes for glucose biosensing. Among these O-HTCC NP-based biosensors, L-O-HTCC NP provides the highest sensitivity to glucose with a linear response of 0.012–0.60 mM and a detection limit of 12 μM (S/N = 3). The effect of L-O-HTCC NP and enzyme loading ratio, pH, temperature and phosphate buffer concentration...

Indoor pollution and burning practices in wood stove management

, , , , , &
This study evaluates effects of good burning practice and correct installation and management of wood heaters on indoor air pollution in an Italian rural area. The same study attests the role of education in mitigating wood smoke pollution. In August 2007 and winters of 2007 and 2008, in a little mountain village of Liguria Apennines (Italy), indoor and outdoor benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) concentrations were measured in nine wood-heated houses. During the first...

Microwave-assisted synthesis, structure and properties of a co-crystal compound with 2-ethoxy-6-methyliminomethyl-phenol

Yu Xiao, Yi Qing Liu, Gui Li & Pu Huang
A new co-crystal complex [Ni7(emmp)6(CH3O)2(OH)4][Ni(emmp)2]·(ClO4)2 (1, Hemmp is 2-ethoxy-6-methyliminomethyl-phenol) has been synthesised by microwave-assisted method. Complex 1 was characterised by IR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, Raman spectroscopy and X-ray single-crystal diffraction. The complex consists of a heptanuclear cation cluster [Ni7(emmp)6(CH3O)2(OH)4]2+, a mononuclear complex [Ni(emmp)2] and two counteranions. Complex 1 displays the contents of antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic properties.

An evolving business model for scholarly publishing: exploring the payment of article processing charges (APCs) to achieve open access

Anton Angelo & Peter Lund
In terms of scholarly publishing the academic library’s role in Kaitiakitanga is changing.
Open access is growing in importance as library budgets contract. There are two main routes
to open access: the green route through submission of manuscripts to institutional and
subject repositories and the gold route which may require authors to pay article processing
charges (APCs). Research Councils in the UK now provide UK universities with a block
grant to help UK researchers publish using gold open access. So...

Issue 2, 2014

This is conference proceedings from the International Conference on the Complexity of Obesity: Scandinavian perspectives. Balestrand, Norway, 18-20 June, 2014

Digital libraries: definition, issues, trends

Catherine Ebenezer
A brief overview of current literature (2007)

Differences in fat loss in response to physical activity among severely obese men and women

Eivind Aadland, Randi Jepsen, John Roger Andersen & Sigmund Alfred Anderssen
Increased physical activity duration induced greater loss of fat mass in the men compared to the women who participated in a one-year lifestyle intervention for severely obese adults.

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