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Amnesty International.Доклад 2015-2016.Права человека в современном мире. RUS.pdf

Jonn Doe
Amnesty International.Доклад 2015-2016.Права человека в современном мире. RUS.pdf

Федеральные клинические рекомендации. Дефицит витамина D у взрослых- диагностика, лечение и профилактика. 2015.pdf

Jonn Doe
Федеральные клинические рекомендации. Дефицит витамина D у взрослых- диагностика, лечение и профилактика. 2015.pdf

Potential allelopathic azaphilones produced by the endophytic Chaetomium globosum TY1 inhabited in Ginkgo biloba using the one strain−many compounds method

, , Xiang Li, , , , , Daren Qiu, , &
On the basis of the one strain−many compounds strategy, seven azaphilones, including Chaetomugilin A (1), D (2), S (3), I (4), J (5), Q (6) and O (7), were isolated from the endophytic Chaetomium globosum TY1. Their structures were identified by NMR and HRESIMS spectrometry data. All azaphilones were evaluated for plant growth regulation using eight species of herbaceous plant seeds seedling growth bioassay, which showed the plant growth influence of the seedling. Among these...

Mapping election results in proportional electoral systems

Peter Ondrejka
The paper presents a technique for efficient visualisation of election results in proportional electoral systems. Three cartographic methods (cartogram, inward-oriented buffer and proportional striping) are combined to produce a static map that gives an overview of the distribution of voting power, the electoral abstention and the election results. Unlike the conventional design that shows only the winning subjects, the proposed technique allows reader to analyse the results within a district as well as in the...

Structural investigations into the binding mode of a novel noscapine analogue, 9-(4-vinylphenyl) noscapine, with tubulin by biochemical analyses and molecular dynamic simulations

, Pradeep Kumar Naik, , Naresh Manchukonda, Srinivas Kantevari & Manu Lopus
Structural investigations into the binding mode of a novel noscapine analogue, 9-(4-vinylphenyl) noscapine, with tubulin by biochemical analyses and molecular dynamic simulations

Facile preparation of colorful liquid marbles and liquid marbles used in water pollutant detection

, Yan Zhang, , Bin Xiang & Jian Li
Liquid marbles are drops coated with a hydrophobic powder. Different liquid marbles can be easily distinguished by the diverse color appearance. Here, we first demonstrate colorful liquid marbles, which were encapsulated with colored superhydrophobic stearate powders. A simple method was used to generate colorful superhydrophobic stearate powders via chemical reactions between sodium stearate and inorganic salts. In addition, the contact angle meter was used to monitor the horizontal profiles of liquid marbles to investigate the...

Optical pumping in rubidium-87 - A mixture of sigma+ and sigma- circularly polarized light on the (Fg=1 - Fe=0) transition in the D2-line

Anders Kastberg & Fred Atoneche
We present results of a method for calculating optical pumping rates in Rb-87, as described in Eur. J. Phys 38, 045703 (2017) We use a mixture of circularly polarized light (sigma+ and sigma-) on the (Fg=1 - Fe=0) transition to populate an angular momentum state in the Fg=1 hyperfine structure level of the ground state, with magnetic quantum number Mg=0 - that is a clock state. The method is shown to function well for the...


Guy Corynen
Computational methodology for quantifying regional and global temperature changes caused by multiple concurrent processes.

Three new complexes based on methyl-pyrimidine-2-thione: in situ transformation, crystal structures and properties

Jiang-Feng Song, Ying-Ying Jia, Jia Shao, , & Xiao Zhang
Three complexes based on methyl-pyrimidine-2-thione, 5-methyl-5,8,9,10-tetrahydro-5,9methanopyrimido[5,4-e][1, 3]diazocine-2,7-dithiol (mtmdd) (1), and Ni(mpymt)2(N2H4)·H2O (2) and [Cd(mpymt)2]∞ (3) have been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared (IR) spectroscopy, thermal gravimetric analysis, powder X-ray diffraction, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Structural analysis reveals that 1 is generated from an in situ translation of mpymt. In 2, two Ni(mpymt)2 fragments were joined into a dinuclear complex by two NH2–NH2 molecules. Compound 3 is a two-dimensional Cd coordination...

Smart Millennials and their Changing Shopping Trends: A Case of Millennial Students in Nellore

Sandeep Kumar Machavolu &
Shopping habits among people change with the change in generation. Each generation is characterized by unique habits and preferences. Understanding the changing trends becomes paramount for retailers to suit their business strategies to the new-age customers. On the other hand, reforms in the industry and pressures from competition throws open new vistas for today's retailers. In this connection, a study has been initiated to understand the changing shopping trends among millennials. The chief objective of...

Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Comparison of eye tracking, electrooculography and an auditory brain-computer interface for binary communication: a case study with a participant in the locked-in state

Ivo KäThner, Andrea Kßbler & Sebastian Halder
Average EOG traces for the training run on day 3. The task of the participant consisted of looking to the right and back to the center in response to the target letter. (PDF 18Â kb)

Hepatitis B virus–triggered autophagy targets TNFRSF10B/death receptor 5 for degradation to limit TNFSF10/TRAIL response

, Hong Seok Kang, Ah Ram Lee &
Death receptors of TNFSF10/TRAIL (tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 10) contribute to immune surveillance against virus-infected or transformed cells by promoting apoptosis. Many viruses evade antiviral immunity by modulating TNFSF10 receptor signaling, leading to persistent infection. Here, we report that hepatitis B virus (HBV) X protein (HBx) restricts TNFSF10 receptor signaling via macroautophagy/autophagy-mediated degradation of TNFRSF10B/DR5, a TNFSF10 death receptor, and thus permits survival of virus-infected cells. We demonstrate that the expression of the TNFRSF10B...

A concise Textbook on Case Pollution

Adamu Yunusa Ugya
This research shows a concise pollution reveiw on the cases of pollution from mining industry, nuclear industry e.t.c

Additional file 1. of The Amsterdam wrist rules: the multicenter prospective derivation and external validation of a clinical decision rule for the use of radiography in acute wrist trauma

Monique Walenkamp, , Annelie Slaar, , Mario Maas, , Nico Sosef, Romuald Van Velde, Jan Ultee, Ewout Steyerberg, & Niels Schep
Number of patients with missings according to variable and characteristics of patients with and without prehensile grip strength as missing variable. (DOC 48 kb)

Multiple representatie

Gijsbert Erkens
Deze powerpoint gaat over multiple representatie en instructietheorie.

Additional file 2: Table S1. of Effects of intravenous iron on fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) in haemodialysis patients: a randomized controlled trial

Matthew Roberts, Louis Huang, Darren Lee, Robert MacGinley, Stefanie Troster, Annette Kent, Sukhvinder Bansal, Iain Macdougall & Lawrence McMahon
Median (IQR) levels of iFGF23, cFGF23, ferritin, hepcidin and phosphate at Day 0, 2, 7, 21 and Day 42, by randomized treatment group. (PDF 93Â kb)

Additional file 2: of Validation of a new predictive risk model: measuring the impact of the major modifiable risks of death for patients and populations

Stephen Lim, Emily Carnahan, Eugene Nelson, Catherine Gillespie, Ali Mokdad, Christopher Murray & Elliott Fisher
Web Appendix B: Technical information on risk score development and derivation. (DOCX 49 kb)

Additional file 7: Figure S6. of Investigation of regions impacting inbreeding depression and their association with the additive genetic effect for United States and Australia Jersey dairy cattle

Jeremy Howard, , Jennie Pryce & Christian Maltecca
Plot of additive genomic estimated breeding (GEBV) variance, covariance between the additive genomic estimated breeding (GEBV) and ROH4Mb based genomic estimated breeding value and ROH4Mb based genomic estimated breeding value variance across the genome for protein yield on the Australian dataset (DOC 397 kb)

Additional file 1 of Performance of models for estimating absolute risk difference in multicenter trials with binary outcome

Claudia Pedroza & Van Thanh Truong
Additional results and sample R code. (PDF 275 kb)

Supplementary Figure 8 from Primate-specific oestrogen-responsive long non-coding RNAs regulate proliferation and viability of human breast cancer cells

, Erica L. Kleinbrink, Fabien Dachet, Juan Cai, , Amanda Goldstone, Emily J. Wood, Ka Liu, Hui Jia, , Mary A. Kosir, & Leonard Lipovich
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are transcripts of a recently discovered class of genes which do not code for proteins. LncRNA genes are approximately as numerous as protein-coding genes in the human genome. However, comparatively little remains known about lncRNA functions. We globally interrogated changes in the lncRNA transcriptome of oestrogen receptor positive human breast cancer cells following treatment with oestrogen, and identified 127 oestrogen-responsive lncRNAs. Consistent with the emerging evidence that most human lncRNA genes...

Examining motor vehicle crash involvement and readiness to change on drinking and driving behaviors among injured emergency department patients

Janette Baird, Eunice Yang, Valerie Strezsak & Michael J. Mello
Objective: To measure the effect of motor vehicle crash (MVC) involvement and readiness to change drinking and driving behaviors on subsequent driving and drinking behaviors among injured emergency department (ED) patients who use alcohol at harmful levels. Methods: This was a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial of injured ED patients who screened positive for harmful alcohol use, who at recruitment reported driving in the past 12 months and received at least one of...

The Contribution of Chemical Industries to Air Pollution: A Concise Review

The phenomenon of air pollution involves a sequence of events: the generation of pollutants, their release from a source, their transport and transformation, removal from the atmosphere; and their effects on human beings, materials, and ecosystems. EPA has established national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for six of the most common air pollutants—carbon monoxide, lead, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide—known as “criteria” air pollutants (or simply “criteria pollutants”). The presence of...

Additional file 2: of Inequalities in energy-balance related behaviours and family environmental determinants in European children: changes and sustainability within the EPHE evaluation study

Krystallia Mantziki, Carry Renders, Achilleas Vassilopoulos, Gabriella Radulian, , Hugues Du Plessis, Maria Gregório, Pedro GraçA, Stefaan De Henauw, Svetoslav Handjiev, Tommy Visscher & Jacob Seidell
Within-group changes (T0-T1) in median values (q1-q3) in the determinants of fruit juices consumption. (DOCX 18 kb)

Additional file 2: of Genomic aberrations in young and elderly breast cancer patients

Hatem Azim, Bastien Nguyen, Sylvain BrohĂŠe, Gabriele Zoppoli & Christos Sotiriou
The independent association between age at diagnosis and gene expression signatures (>10,000) in a logistic regression model adjusted for tumor size, nodal status, tumor histology and breast cancer subtype. (PDF 1780 kb)

Homonuclear tris-dithiocarbamato ruthenium(III) complexes as single-molecule precursors for the synthesis of ruthenium(III) sulfide nanoparticles

Johannes Z. Mbese & Peter A. Ajibade
Tris(N-phenyldithiocarbamato) ruthenium(III) complexes, [Ru(L1)3] (1); tris(N-(4-methylphenyl)dithiocarbamato)) ruthenium(III), [Ru(L2)3] (2); and tris(N-(4-methoxyphenyl)dithiocarbamato)) ruthenium(III), [Ru(L3)3] (3) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, FTIR, UV–VIS and NMR spectroscopy. TGA analyses show major degradation of all complexes in the range 120–350°C, leading to the formation of residual weight corresponding to ruthenium (III) sulfides. The 1H-NMR spectra of the ligands and complexes are in agreement with the proposed structures. FTIR studies confirmed that the ligands coordinate the...

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