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1. The Serif-Less Letters of John Soane

Jon Melton
Pen, print and communication in the eighteenth century. Editors: Archer-Parré, C. and Dick, M. Published by Liverpool university Press ISBN: 978-1-789-62230-0 https://liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/books/id/53166/

Published in September 2020, with a Book Launch webinar of short talks from contributors on 19 November 2020: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pen-print-and-communication-in-the-eighteenth-century-webinar-book-launch-tickets-125925850609
With the Webinar of short talks published on YouTube: https://youtu.be/icNZfKfMT_I

Book Chapter 14
The Serif-Less Letters of John Soane

Jon Melton


3b. Bishop Sans Full Type Specimen

Jon Melton
Sans serif Bishop Marks from 1673
Type Specimen text abstract:
Date Stamps on posted letters were first introduced in April of 1661 by Britain’s first 'Postmaster-General' Henry Bishop to counteract accusations of corruption, unwarranted delays and profiteering by unscrupulous employees of the postal service belonging to The Crown. All letters in England and Wales were locally town-stamped and were sent, sometimes ‘post-haste’, via London, or Edinburgh in Scotland and Dublin in Ireland; ready...

5c. ETRVSCA Sans - Font Typeface and Type Specimens

Jon Melton
ETRVSCA Sans - The Primal 18th Century Sans
This practice-based historical research identifies the architect John Soane’s inspiration and model for his serif-less letterforms deployed as titling on drawings and as proposed inscriptions throughout the last quarter of the eighteen-century. This typography revived the primitive letterforms of Republican Rome and earlier pre-roman serif-less alphabets of the Etruscans and the Greeks.
Archival material, period books and antique print engravings were studied to provide the...

The True source of the Sans

Jon Melton
ATypI 18 Antwerp Type Legacies Conference

The True source of the Sans

Published online January 2019[Play, and Listen online to the Presentation while studying the Slides on Figshare. Or download the low-res Presentation with presenter notes .pdf]
The search for the origin of today’s commercial sans serif typography has become something of a “holy grail” for type historians. The earliest known example of a deliberately geometrical “serifless” letterform was confirmed back in the late 1990s, on a...

4. ETRVSCA - Bishop Sans in Ways of Thinking

Jon Melton
Contributor to Ways of Thinking, Published by the Ruskin Press, Cambridge in March 2020.
ISBN 978-1-912319-02-2
OBJECTS: 'seemingly overlooked'
ETRVSCA - Bishop Sans
Abstract: Date stamps on posted letters were introduced in April 1661 by Britain’s first ‘Postmaster- General’ Henry Bishop, in order to counteract accusations of unscrupulous behaviour by employees of the Crown’s postal service. ‘Bishop Marks’, as they became known, served a similar function to Roman ceramic...

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