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Evaluation of cooperative learning in large ESL classes at a Pakistani university

Abdul Hameed Panhwar & Melanie Bell
This dataset represents the final evaluation of an action research project carried out at the University of Sindh Jamshoro Pakistan, described in more detail in Panhwar and Bell (2022). Over a period of a semester, a large compulsory English as a second language class in the Institute of English Language and Literature (IELL) was delivered using cooperative learning instead of the more usual lecture style. The pedagogical approach was monitored and adapted throughout the semester,...

5c. ETRVSCA Sans - Font Typeface and Type Specimens

Jon Melton
ETRVSCA Sans - The Primal 18th Century Sans
This practice-based historical research identifies the architect John Soaneā€™s inspiration and model for his serif-less letterforms deployed as titling on drawings and as proposed inscriptions throughout the last quarter of the eighteen-century. This typography revived the primitive letterforms of Republican Rome and earlier pre-roman serif-less alphabets of the Etruscans and the Greeks.
Archival material, period books and antique print engravings were studied to provide the...

Complex Systems modelling to plan a Sustainable Future

Ilaria Perissi
In this short video (10 minutes), Dr Ilaria Perissi tries to respond to the following questions:
What is modelling? How do climate scientists do it? Why should we listen to models? Can models predict the future?
Models can help work out what has caused observed climate warming in the past and how big a role natural factors play compared to human factors. Scientists run many different experiments to model climates of the past,...

EJP - Lapthorn et al - SelleckChem FDA-approved Drug Library - Full data

Alice Lapthorn
Full details of the SelleckChem FDA-approved drug library used for the screening assay as outlined in our manuscript. Dataset includes the names of the 1,954 drugs along with the following information: Percentage inhibition of ASMA expression Fibroblast cell viability Molecular weight CAS number Target URL on SelleckChem Site General information of how they work Pathway they are involved in Formula Form Synonyms

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