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Surgical Notes: Robotic Bilateral Thoracic Arteries Harvest

Gianluca Torregrossa, John D. Puskas & Husam H. Balkhy
Robotic approach allows to harvest bilateral thoracic arteries using 5 ports (8 or 12 mm) in the left chest with no thoracotomy or sternotomy. This allows for a quick recovery with early post-operative discharge from the hospital (POD 2 or 3) and a quick return to daily activity: the absence of any thoracotomy or sternotomy makes the post-operative pain minimal and return to daily activity the quickest among any other minimally invasive coronary bypass surgical...

AV Canal Repair

Vinod Sebastian
AV canal is a complex heart condition and several different techniques of repair have been used. We present different techniques that we adapt to individual patient anatomy. The first infant we presented had complete AV canal with a large VSD with minimal chordal attachments to the ventricular septum. We utilised a two patch technique with two autologous pericardial patches in this patient because we believe that had the lowest chance of distortion of the AV...

Transcaval Repair of High Sinus Venosus ASD-Can we Avoid a Warden Procedure?

Anish Gupta
A 29 year old man was found to have right bundle branch block in ECG during regular health check-up, and was diagnosed with SVC type of sinus venosus ASD with PAPVC of right upper and middle pulmonary veins. He refused surgery at that time and was kept under follow up. 1 year later, he developed dyspnea on exertion NYHA class 2 and was accepted for surgical repair. CT angiography was done before surgery which revealed...

The World's First Versius Robotic Lobectomy - By Dr Sven Seifert, Chemitz, Germany

Joel Dunning & Sven Seifert
This is a video of the world's first robotic lobectomy performed with the new cambridge medical robotics Versius system by Dr Sven Seifert. This is a british company who has developed a small and versatile system that uses 5mm ports and small instrument base units to perform the full range of robotic operations. Dr Sven Seifert in Chemnitz Germany has become the world's first surgeon to use this to perform a lobectomy. He has also...

Suprasternal Access for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement for Self-Expanding Valves: A Simple Reliable Alternative Access A

Kyle W. Eudailey
Background: Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has proven be an effective and safe option for intermediate and high surgical risk patients. [1] Despite the continued advancement of valve technology and delivery systems, there still remains a cohort of the TAVR population who are not suitable for a transfemoral (TF) approach. [1] Several options for alternative access for TAVR have been described in the literature, including transcaval, axillary, subclavian, transcarotid, and suprasternal. [2-7] We have found...

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