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Supporting data for \"The Protective Usage Of Anti-Dumping Investigation Procedures Of The U.S. And Eu Against China\"

Abdulkadir Yilmazcan
This research focuses on the procedural rules of the U.S. and EU, key instigators of anti-dumping measures, against China. This study assumes that the anti-dumping investigations are directed in such a way that exporters are discouraged to cooperate with the investigating authorities so that overprotective anti-dumping duties can be adopted. The study primarily relies on fieldwork and accordingly surveys were devoted to the public authorities, WTO law firms and companies that experienced at least one...

Group 2: Final Project Presentation

, , Sau Po Centre On Ageing &
This record contains the PowerPoint slides of the final project presentation delivered by Group 2 members on the Virtual Reality / 3D Motion Project.

Group 3: Hand Drawings of Traditional Objects Found in Shanghai Street

, , Sau Po Centre On Ageing &
This record contains hand drawings of the selected traditional objects that could be found in the Shanghai Street, which are used in the production of the smartphone app guiding users through Shanghai Street with the Augmented Reality technique.

Supporting data for “Formation of Our Solar System's Giant Planets via Pebble Accretion\"

Chi Ho Lau
The data set include simulations output and plots for the thesis titled “Formation of Our Solar System's Giant Planets via Pebble Accretion". It contains initial conditions to reproduce the simulations with SyMBA modified by Matsumura et al. (2017) as well as the binary data output of the simulations. A tool in Fortran is provided to extract orbital elements from the binary output. Plots of the orbital elements are also included in the data set.

Supporting data for \"Acupuncture for chemotherapy-associated insomnia in breast cancer patients: systematic review and randomized controlled trials\"

This is supporting dataset for a PhD thesis. This dataset includes raw data of participants’ demographic information, questionnaires scores, and sleep information collected by diary and actiwatch. The trials have been approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of Hong Kong and the Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster.

Supporting data for \"Characterization of the Cancer Stemness Effect of gene MAEL on HCC\"

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the worldwide health problem. According to analysis the RNA sequencing of three paired HCC and adjacent non-tumor samples, we found several oncogenes played critical roles in development and progression on HCC. Our previous study has demonstrated that gene MAEL was up-regulated in tumor samples compared with matched no-tumor smples. High expression of MAEL associated with HCC metastasis and poor overall survival rate. Functional study showed overexpression of MAEL increased cell growth, mobility,...

Data set: Species’ distribution and evolutionary history influence the responses of marine copepods to climate change: a global meta-analysis

, Juan Diego Gaitan Espitia &
Data set for Hemraj et al published in OMBAR. The data has been used in a meta-analysis of the effects of ocean acidification and warming on the response of copepods.Meta-analysis title: Species’ distribution and evolutionary history influence the responses of marine copepods to climate change: a global meta-analysis.
The data has been collected from multiple publications and merged together to be analysed. Major copepod traits investigated are egg production, egg hatching success, copepod feeding rates, survival...

Supporting data for \"Structural Variations and Corrosion of Lithium Cobalt Spinel for Lithium-ion Battery Cathode Materials\"

Zhehua Sun
These data are from the experiments of lithium cobalt spinel synthesis via solid state method, which including the precursors choices, synthesis method, characterization, impurities remove and electrolyte corrosion process.

Think Bright Project

Kar Man Kathy Shum
Data set for the Think Bright Project
Goals of the Think Bright Project: 1) To develop a locally appropriate, evidenced-based thinking skills training programme for preschool children with delayed development 2) To equip special education preschool teachers with effective skills to mediate cognitive development based on the mediated learning approach



Supporting data for \"Constructing an Eco-Balanced Copyright Regime for Video Game Industry in the Chinese Context\"

This dataset includes both quantitative data from self-administered questionnaire and qualitative data from in-depth interview. They are used to learn about game developers' and gamers' attitudes toward game Mods; and to evaluate whether live game streaming constitutes transformative use of the pre-existing game. My application for ethical approval was approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee on December 17, 2018. The reference number is EA1810039.

Supporting data for \"IHH and binding partners regulating progression of joint formation\"

Chung Hin Andrew Poon
This dataset includes the data for the Cdon functional test using Cdon-inactivated in vivo models. As well as the data for the Cdon/Gas1 induction to assess for apoptosis using in vivo chick neural tube electroporation. This dataset also includes the data for Cdon/Gas1 induction to assess for apoptosis using in vitro ATDC5 cell line.

Supporting data for '\"Untouched\" Myanmar: An Ethnography of a Tourism Frontier'

Sean Philip Smith
This dataset includes raw and analytical files generated during research for the PhD thesis, '"Untouched" Myanmar: An Ethnography of a Tourism Frontier'. The dataset includes interview recordings, interview transcripts, metadata files, images used within the thesis manuscript, research ethics approval documents, and questions asked of interview participants.
The thesis project investigates the discourse of contemporary tourism. In addition to sociolinguistic and literary analysis, the project used a linguistic-ethnographic approach to analyze discourse. Tourists were recruited for...

Supporting Data for Targeting MALAT1 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Therapeutic Opportunities from Herbal Medicine

The dataset includes the data collected from experimental assays including animal and cell assays, as well as proteomics data collected by Shanghai Applied Protein Technology, and lncRNA sequencing data collected by Ribobio compony Guang Zhou.

Supporting data for \"Perturbative Expansion of Currents in Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy and Vibration-mediated Resonant Charge Transfer\"

Ziyang Hu
The TXT files contain the data used to plot figures in the thesis. These contains the electric fields used in simulations, calculated integrated currents of different orders, etc. Gnuplot scripts used to reproduce the graphs are also included.

Supporting data for \"Neural Correlates of Contextually Modulated Depth Perception in Humans\"

Hiu Ling Nicole Wong
Dataset consists of data obtained from 3 experiments, organised in 3 separate folders. The first folder (Chapter 2) contains behavioural thresholds and neural responses obtained in depth tasks. Data are organised according to subtasks. The second folder (Chapter 3) contains behavioural thresholds and accuracies obtained during transcranial magnetic stimulation, data organised according to subtasks. The last folder (Chapter 4) contains behavioural thresholds and accuracies obtained in depth tasks, data organised accordingly.

Supporting data for \"Invasive acupuncture and transcutaneous scalp-auricular electrical acupoint stimulation (TECAS) for depressive disorder: randomized controlled trials\"

Yat Kwan Wong
To 1) better understand the efficacy and mechanisms of acupuncture and 2) to improve its current applications on depression, we applied a non-invasive device to study the changes in brain connectivity in MDD patients after receiving acupuncture treatments
1) fNIRS study 70 patients were recruited (treatment (n=50), control (n=20)) across Hong Kong. The treatment group received acupuncture and antidepressants for 3 weeks, while the control group received antidepressant monotherapy for 3 weeks. Acupuncture was administrated twice...

Supporting data for “Chemical Biology Study the Post-translational Modifications of High Mobility Group Protein Family”

Tongyao Wei & Xuechen Li
My PhD study primary contains two projects:
Part 1. Reveal the function of triple phosphorylation on HMGA1a via synthetic proteins Part 2. Salicylaldehyde ester-mediated protein semi-synthesis enables studies on the tetra-acetylation of HMGB1
Therefore, you can find all my processed and raw data related to these two projects at two different file.
The key data was organised in the Figure and Descriptoon word file.
*The Prism software (Prism 8) was used...

Supporting data for \"High throughput profiling of PA amino acid substitutions in an A(H1N1) pdm09 influenza virus that confers resistance to baloxavir in vitro\"

Dongdong Chen
All raw NGS data had been stored in an external location (Cloud Station Drive). This metadata record was generated to backup analyzed NGS data including: 1. relative fitness score of high confident mutants in single round passage and serial passage assay, 2. analysis result of mutations emerged in serial passage via full-length PA sequencing; 3, Mutant viruses sequencing results (including C1 and C2).

Supporting data for \"The roles of plasmacytoid dendritic cells on the tumor immune microenvironment and surgical stress-induced tumor recurrence in hepatocellular carcinoma\"

Li Pang & Man Kwan
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs), a unique subset of dendritic cells, play immunosuppressive roles in the tumor microenvironment. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying pDC dysfunction in tumor microenvironment remain largely elusive, especially in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In this study, we observed pDCs accumulated in tumor tissue and ascitic fluid of the patients with HCC. A high density of tumor-infiltrating pDCs (TI-pDCs), which exhibiting immature and immunosuppressive phenotype, was correlated with poor prognosis in HCC patients underwent...

Supporting data for \"Surveillance and phenotyping East African camel MERS-CoV and role of the spike protein on the phenotype of clade C MERS-CoV\"

Ziqi Zhou & Joseph Sriyal Malik Peiris
There are 3 spreadsheets in this dataset. Two are about the bat surveillance studies and one is about the camel MERS-CoV surveillance studies. There are 2 fasta files in this dataset as well. One is the bat RdRp gene and the other is the camel MERS-CoV whole genomes. These two fasta files are the raw sequence files used for the downstream phylogenetic analysis.

Supporting data for \"The Effects of a Self-Directed Telehealth Parent Training Program for Children Newly Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in China\"

Qing Liu
In includes ethical approval application forms, ethical approval codes and consent forms for both the preliminary and main study; interview protocols and transcripts for the preliminary study; and blank questionnaires, dataset for questionnaires, home videos and video analysis recordings for the main study.

Modelling X-linked dilated cardiomyopathy due to DMD gene mutation by induced pluripotent stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes

Sheng Zhu & Hoi Shan Sophelia Chan
The dataset includes all the data for the thesis, including flow cytometry, western data, q-pcr data, cell images.The dataset includes the establishment and characterization of patient-specific iPSC, together with the differentiation and characterization of cardiomyocytes. Western blot images shows the protein expression, q-PCR data shows the mRNA expression.

Supporting data for \"Can Boarding versus Day School Experience Make a Difference for Rural Chinese Preschoolers’ Development?\"

Nan Xiao & Xiao Zhang
This dataset is the supporting dataset for my doctoral thesis. Study one is about the stress response and behavior adjustment during the transition to preschool for three months. There are two data files for study one: One for saliva assay result (stress response indicators, cortisol, and saliva alpha-amylase), and the other for questionnaire results (boarding status, control variables, demographics, school refusal, and caregiver-reported problem behaviors). Study two is about the one-year developmental difference for boarders...

Postgraduate Library Workshop 2021

Learning and Research Services HKU Libraries
Postgraduate Library Workshop 2021

Through the workshop, you will be able to: Identify and access the resources to put up a literature review Master the basic search skills to find pertinent information Set up alerts to keep updated on latest research Configure or install applications to facilitate learning and research Recognize the importance of academic integrity through ethical use of information and research data managementIdentify the library services and facilities in support of your research cycle,...

Supporting data for The Functional Roles of SCD1/FADS2 Lipid Desaturases in Modulating Lipid Metabolic Activities and Redox-driven Ferroptosis in Ascites-derived Ovarian Cancer Cells

Yang Xuan
1. The desaturation abilities of SCD1/FADS2 are aberrantly augmented in ascites-derived ovarian cancer cells.2. SCD1/FADS2 causes the elevation of poly- and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs) and enhanced oncogenic properties of ovarian cancer cells.3. SCD1/FADS2 modulates GSH/GSSG ratio and GPX4, preventing induction of ferroptosis.4.Targeting suppression of SCD1/FADS2 synergistically enhances cisplatin-mediated cytotoxicity in ascites-derived ovarian cancer cells.

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