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Why do Adults Sing? The Impact of the High School Experience

Thomas FitzStephens
The purpose of this study was to identify the potential relationship between high school choral experiences and adult amateur musicians current motivations to continue making music. The study methodology included the selection of two ensembles (N = 81), the Community Choral Guild (n = 23), an adult community chorus, and Choral Ensemble (n = 58), a university chorus class. All members of both ensembles were invited to provide information via questionnaire about their backgrounds and...

Together We Can: A Collaborative Community as a Means to Improve Instructional Practices of Secondary Mathematics Teachers

Jillian Ogundele
Working in isolation is an obstacle when teachers are trying to improve and foster student achievement, yet teachers traditionally teach students in isolation from their faculty and colleagues. The pressure of preparing students for high stakes testing and mandated accountability measures can lead to a negative impact on classroom quality. These pressures were the impetus for a team of coordinate algebra teachers to work together as they explored the needs and expectations of their students....

Aligning Systems for Health: Two Years of Learning

There is no single best practice of partnering, governing, financing, and implementing, but Aligning Systems for Health has uncovered new learnings and practical approaches to align diverse partners who have a common goal of improving health, equity, and well-being. Our new book, Aligning Systems for Health: Two Years of Learning, advances understanding of how people and organizations across health care, public health, and social services sectors can work together in new and sustainable ways to...

Student Success According to Whom? A Black Aesthetics-Informed Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis

Natasha McClendon
This research aims to identify what and how a university recognized for its success in educating Black students communicates to Black undergraduate students about student success, Blackness and Being by identifying and analyzing the visual discourse of student success policies and practices in this higher education setting. This study was framed theoretically within the Black Intellectual Tradition, using black aesthetics, a theoretical framework that provides the concepts and language (black fungibility, black (in)visibility, Blackness, and...

Risk Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification in Insurance Ratemaking

Seul ki Kang
Insurance ratemaking, which is the process of setting an adequate amount of premium for an insured entity, is an essential role of insurance actuaries. For the success of this process, they need to perform a delicate and sound statistical analysis of insurance data, considering all the information it contains. Recently, several works of literature that explore the Value-at-Risk (VaR) for premium calculation have been reported, such as Heras, Moreno, and Vilar-Zan´on (2018). Motivated by the...

The Role of Amenities in the Location Decisions of Ph.D. Recipients in Science and Engineering

Albert Sumell
Location-specific amenities have been shown to play an increasingly important role in individual migration decisions. The role certain amenities play in the location decisions of the highly educated may be the cause of persistent regional differences in certain types of human capital, and consequently in regional productivity. This dissertation examines the determinants of the location decisions of new Ph.D. recipients in science and engineering (S&E). A discrete choice random utility model of the city location...

The Impact of Education Decentralization on Education Output: A Cross-Country Study

Eunice Heredia-Ortiz
This dissertation examines, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of expenditure decentralization and decision-making in education on education output measured through net enrollment rates, repetition rates, dropout rates, completion rates, and test scores in science at the primary school level. We develop a theoretical model based on a behavioral production function model that investigates the potential direct effects of education decentralization on output, and indirect effects of education decentralization through its impact on family, school...

Fiscal Decentralization and Poverty Reduction Outcomes: Theory and Evidence

Guevera Yao
This dissertation examines the effect of fiscal decentralization on poverty reduction and explores potential transmission channels through pro-poor sectoral outcomes such as basic education, basic healthcare and agricultural productivity. We first develop a theoretical model to explain the interaction between decentralization and poverty reduction outcomes. In particular, we show that the marginal effect of fiscal decentralization on pro-poor sectors depends largely on the outcome of the trade-off between potential benefits derived from better matching of...

Obesity and Physical Fitness in the Labor Market

Roy Wada
Mixed results have been reported when body size is used to estimate the effect of health and nutritional status on worker productivity. This dissertation offers an alternative hypothesis that body composition rather than body size is responsible for the effects of health and nutritional status on worker productivity. Body fat is responsible for the poor health associated with obesity. Lean body mass is responsible for the superior performance associated with physical fitness. Studies using body...

School Quality, House Prices, and Liquidity: The Effects of Public School Reform in Baton Rouge

Velma Zahirovic-Herbert
After a court imposed desegregation plan ended in 1996, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana school district created neighborhood attendance zones for its schools, followed by a series of attendance zone changes. We use data from 1994 to 2002 to examine the impact of changes in school characteristics on simultaneous determination of house prices and liquidity in the market. A simultaneous equations model of sales price and tine-on-market is adopted that extends the hedonic price model by...

Estimating the Firm’s Demand for Human Resource Management Practices

Benjamin Miller
This dissertation investigates two related aspects of firms’ choice of HRM practices. The first is why some firms expend a great deal of resources on HRM practices for each employee while others spend very little; the second is the extent to which firms’ bundles of HRM practices sort into general discrete employment systems. In order to empirically address these issues, this dissertation uses an economics-based theoretical approach. The key theoretical link to economics is to...

Menopause Transition and Labor Market Outcomes

Mercy Mvundura
Over the past 50 years, women have become important participants in the labor market. With the increase in the number of middle-aged women going through the menopause transition, the question arises as to the effect of this transition on the labor market. Previous studies have shown that reproductive cycles have a non-trivial negative effect on women’s labor market outcomes. Thus, the cessation of these reproductive cycles (menopause) should bring relief for these women. However, another...

Labor Market Outcomes and Welfare Participation of Teen Mothers: Evidence from Georgia

Djesika Amendah
This dissertation explores the effect of teen childbearing on the adult mother’s employment, earnings and welfare participation. This study contributes to the literature on the consequence of teen childbearing by relying on original datasets and using an array of samples and econometric methods to test the robustness of the results. We use state administrative data from several sources including the Georgia subset of the Vital Statistics for the years 1994-2002, the Wage and Employer files...

The Persistence of Spatial Mismatch: The Determinants of Moving Decision Among Low-Income Households

Bulent Anil
This dissertation aims to investigate alternative explanations for the adjustment of low-income inner-city minorities to residential locations. Particularly, this study searches for an answer to find the reason why low-income inner-city minorities do not move to residential locations with more job opportunities (suburbs). Much of the basis for the analysis in this dissertation derives from the irreversible investment theory under the assumption that moving can be considered as an irreversible investment. First, this study formulates...

Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Outcomes

Panupong Panudulkitti
This dissertation attempts to examine the effect of urbanization on poverty reduction outcomes by considering various dimensions of poverty and channels of reducing poverty. First, we develop a theoretical model in order to infer a relationship between urbanization and poverty reduction outcomes. Specifically, it shows an optimal level of urbanization to properly allocate basic public infrastructure and promote pro-poor growth. Second, we conduct empirical analysis on international data to examine the testable hypotheses that are...

Firm Recruitment Competition among States

Michael Tasto
Economic growth is a major concern for state governments. One method that states use to spur economic growth is recruiting firms to relocate or expand within their state. Headlines and press releases from high–profile recruitment cases suggest that states compete with each other to recruit firms. The primary question in this dissertation is whether states compete to recruit firms. A unique panel data set that captures a state’s firm recruitment effort now provides the opportunity...

The Money-Moving Syndrome and the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid

Nara Françoise Monkam
This dissertation examines in depth one of the potential causes of the low performance of foreign aid; in particular, the role incentive structures within international donor agencies could play in leading to “a push” to disburse money. This pressure to disburse money is termed as the “Money-Moving Syndrome”. In this dissertation, the “Money Moving Syndrome” exists when the quantity of foreign aid committed or disbursed becomes, in itself, an important objective side by side or...

Essays on Political and Fiscal Decentralization

Riatu Qibthiyyah
We address the questions on what determines local government proliferation, specifically on the impact of intergovernmental transfers on proliferation. On exploring the determinants of proliferation, we provide a more elaborate empirical technique than exists in the literature by employing panel binary outcome, survival regression, as well as count analysis to capture the time varying effect from intergovernmental transfers. We also examine the impact of proliferation on service delivery outcomes and construct channels by which the...

Experiments on Redistribution, Trust, and Entitlements

Daniel Hall
This dissertation comprises three essays. The unifying theme is experiments used as the empirical methodology. Each essay is an independent study, but aspects of behavior related to cooperation, trust, and entitlement are present in each essay. The first essay looks at the efficiency-equality tradeoff of increasing redistribution in a small group setting. Subjects generate a stronger sense of entitlement to their labor earnings by performing a real effort task. Subjects must trust other members of...

Evaluation of Decentralization Outcomes in Indonesia: Analysis of Health and Education Sectors

Rentanida Simatupang
This study examines the performance of decentralized health and education service delivery in Indonesia. Results show that education outcomes improved with decentralization, and that local governments are responding to local needs for education services. Decentralization also brings improvement to health services, as mortality rates and life expectancy are significantly improved with decentralization. However, results indicate that decentralization does not improve availability of health services, as only small percentage of municipalities in Indonesia have access to...

Essays on Crime and Tax Evasion

Sean Turner
This dissertation consists of three essays addressing two issues related to crime and tax evasion. The first essay investigates the relationship between property and violent crime with law enforcement expenditures. The second essay examines the market structure in transition economies and the effects on firm-level tax evasion. The third essay investigates the incidence of tax evasion in a general equilibrium framework. The topics in all three essays are linked by their focus on criminal or...

Studies on the Effects of Sympathy and Religious Education on Income Redistribution Preferences, Charitable Donations, and Law-Abiding Behavior

Roberta Calvet
The purpose of this dissertation is to identify the impact of moral emotions (sympathy and empathy) and religious education on individual behavior. This dissertation is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter examines the effect of sympathy and empathy on tax compliance. We run a series of experiments in which we employ methods such as priming, the Davis Empathic Concern scale, and questions about frequency of prosocial behaviors in the past year in order...

Essays on Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth

Tamoya Christie
This dissertation comprises two essays. The first essay explores how the size of government, as measured by the level of spending, affects growth. Theoretical models suggest a nonlinear relationship; however, testing this hypothesis empirically in cross-country studies is complicated by the endogeneity of government spending and the accurate identification of turning points. This paper examines the nonlinear hypothesis by incorporating threshold analysis in a cross-country growth regression. Using a broad panel of countries over the...

Sub-National Borrowing, Is It Really a Danger?

Violeta Vulovic
Due to widespread decentralization of spending responsibilities, increasing revenue power and borrowing capacity of sub-national governments, sub-national borrowing has become an increasingly important source of sub-national finance. While there are arguments for and against giving sub-national authorities room for raising their own financial resources, appropriate sub-national borrowing regulatory framework can reduce chances of defaults and fiscal crises. This dissertation investigates the effectiveness of sub-national borrowing regulations in maintaining fiscal sustainability. More precisely, it tests the...

The Difficult Decision to Devalue a Currency

Menna Bizuneh
The switch from a fixed exchange rate regime to a flexible exchange rate regime seldom goes smoothly. A major reason why devaluations are so disruptive is that countries are reluctant to abandon their fixed exchange rate regimes. This “reluctance to devalue” phenomenon is one of the puzzles in international finance. This dissertation makes towards understanding this “reluctance to devalue”. First, I investigate the factors that may influence the probability of a switch from a fixed...

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