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Replication Data for: You’re Not From Here!: The Consequences of Urban and Rural Identities

Stephen Utych
Replication data and code for You’re Not From Here!: The Consequences of Urban and Rural Identities

Enabling volumetric flow measurement in a South Asian irrigation scheme: perceptions and conflict reduction

Muhammad Azeem Ali Shah
This primary data was collected from the farmers of a distributary canal in Pakistan. The data set includes a baseline and endline data set along with their questionnaires. The data was collected to find out whether flow information provided in an un-gauged irrigation system may have any effect on water governance, conflict resolution, management of the canal operations etc.

Zambia Family (ZAMFAM) cohort study

Joseph G. Rosen, Lyson Phiri, Mwelwa Chibuye, Edith Namukonda, Michael T. Mbizvo & Nkomba Kayeyi
To evaluate delivery of integrated psychosocial, economic strengthening, and clinical services to HIV-affected households through the Zambia Family (ZAMFAM) Project, a prospective cohort study compared socio-economic, psychosocial, and health outcomes among ZAMFAM beneficiaries with non-beneficiaries. In July to October 2017, 544 adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) aged 5–17 years and their adult caregivers were recruited from Central (ZAMFAM implementation sites) and Eastern (non-intervention sites) Provinces. Structured interviews at baseline and one-year follow-up assessed household characteristics,...

Ghana Decentralization and Agricultural Services Household Survey

This data is from a study conducted with 960 Ghanaian households to gather citizen perspectives on decentralization in general and specifically on the impacts of Ghana’s devolution of agricultural services, which began in 2012. The survey is split into 9 survey modules: 1. Sampling (SA) – location information about the region, district, and community where the respondent is based 2. General Information (ID) – basic demographic, educational, household background, and occupational information of respondent 3....

Replication Data for: The Unintended Consequences of Employer Credit Check Bans for Labor Markets

Murat Tasci, & Andrew Glover
Review of Economics and Statistics: Forthcoming

Experiment 1a

Fanny Poncet
These are all the data of the experiment 1a of the research article

Replication Data for: Data from PFN Biennial

Henry Okwo
Data from 363 Respondents

Replication Data for: How populism and conservative media fuel conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19 and what it means for COVID-19 behaviors

Dominik Stecula
Replication data for "How populism and conservative media fuel conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19 and what it means for COVID-19 behaviors"

Replication data for: Does Market Interaction Erode Moral Values?

Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr & Yagiz Özdemir
Review of Economics and Statistics: Forthcoming

Improved Quantification of Myocardium Scar in Late Gadolinium Enhancement Images: Deep Learning Based Image Fusion Approach

Ahmed Fahmy
Implemented using Python-V3.6 (Python Software Foundation, www.python.org) and Tensorflow-V2.1 (Google Inc., Mountain View, CA).











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