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Viet Nam Alive Thrive Baseline Survey 2010: Households

This dataset is the result of the household survey that was conducted to gather data at baseline within the context of an overall evaluation of the franchise model for Alive Thrive (A) in Viet Nam. The overall aims of the evaluation were to assess the impact of the franchise model on (1) age-appropriate IYCF practices among children 2 years of age and (2) stunting among children 2-5 years of age. A is an initiative funded...

Ethiopia Alive Thrive Baseline Survey 2010: Households

This dataset is the result of the household survey that was conducted to gather data at baseline as a part of the impact evaluation of the Alive Thrive (A) interventions in Ethiopia. The broad objective of the impact evaluation in Ethiopia is to measure the impact of A’s community-based interventions, delivered through the government's health extension program (HEP) platform, in the reduction of stunting and improvement of IYCF practices in two regions where the IFHP...

Replication Data for: Yield gap survey

Replication Data for: How The Public Defines Terrorism

Connor Huff & Joshua Kertzer
Every time a major violent act takes place in the US, a public debate erupts as to whether it should be considered terrorism. Political scientists have offered a variety of conceptual frameworks, but have neglected to explore how ordinary citizens understand terrorism, despite the central role the public plays in our understanding of the relationship between terrorism and government action in the wake of violence. We synthesize components of both scholarly definitions and public debates...

Global mangrove soil carbon: dataset and spatial maps

Jonathan Sanderman
Jan 2, 2018 -- Mangrove soil carbon database updated to include reported and calculated bulk density and OC values. Model outputs were updated on Dec 20, 2017. This project used a machine learning data-driven model to predict the distribution of soil carbon under mangrove forests globally. Specifically this dataset contains: 1) a compilation of georeferenced and harmonized soil profile data under mangroves compiled from literature, reports and unpublished contributions 2) global mosaics of soil carbon...

Achei USA 380

Alvaro Lima

Achei USA 379

Alvaro Lima

Replication Data for: From Respondents to Networks

Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from Three Countries

Pascaline Dupas, Dean Karlan, Jonathan Robinson & Diego Ubfal
We experimentally test the impact of expanding access to basic bank accounts in Uganda, Malawi, and Chile. Over two years, 17 percent, 10 percent, and 3 percent of treatment individuals made five or more deposits, respectively. Average monthly deposits for them were at the 79th, 91st, and 96th percentiles of baseline savings. Survey data show no clearly discernible intention–to–treat effects on savings or any downstream outcomes. This suggests that policies merely focused on expanding access...

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