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Geospatial Data and CORONA Satellite Imagery for the Site of Kish, Southern Iraq

Jason Ur
ArcGIS shapefiles and CORONA satellite imagery of the archaeological site of Kish, Babil Province, Iraq. Data from: Jason Ur. 2021. “Kish and the Spatial Organization of Cities in Third-Millennium BC Southern Iraq.” In From Sherds to Landscapes: Studies on the Ancient Near East in Honor of McGuire Gibson, edited by Mark Altaweel and Carrie Hritz, Pp. 227-239. Chicago: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Link to Full Volume (Open Access) Copy at https://j.mp/3pdNCOi

Nicaragua (2009): Estudio PEER con Hombres Bisexuales Y Poblacion Trans

Isolda Fortin Benjamin Nieto-Andrade


Godefroid Mpanya Willy Onema Tshonda

Geo-Refugee: A Refugee Location Dataset

General Social Survey

Papers on Japan

Replication data for: Case Selection via Matching

Richard Nielsen

Extending - Agroforestry Food Security Programe

Gudeta Sileshi
This dataset was moved to: https://doi.org/10.34725/DVN/26566Agroforestry Food Security Programme (AFSP) is being funded by the Flanders International Cooperation Agency (FICA). The programme is being implemented in Malawi in the districts of Mzimba South and Kasungu and runs between 2013 to 2015. The project is an extension of the AFSP II project that is funded by IrishAid and currently being implemented in Mzimba North, Dedza and Thyolo districts in Malawi. The Programme aims to 10,000 rural...

Western Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Management Project (WKIEMP) Ex Post Household Survey

, Sinja Judith &
This dataset was moved to: https://doi.org/10.34725/DVN/26664This study assessed the economic impact of the WKIEMP project on households in the Nyando and Yala river basins of Western Kenya. The survey included 362 households which together formed three groups – those formally involved in WKIEMP, those informally involved in WKIEMP and those not involved in WKIEMP. The data captured included variables on household characteristics and details of adoption behaviour of the interventions offered by the project. Further...

Assessing the effectivness of on-farm conservation projects in the High Andes

M. Bellon & E. Gotor
The objective was to assess the effectiveness of five on-farm conservation projects involving native crops maintained by smallholder farmers in the High Andes of South America. The data set includes variables from a household survey that took place in 3 countries: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia. Househould survey with a stratified random sample of 748 households. The survey elicited information on project participation, application of the options provided by project interventions and examples of how they were...

The Political Economy of Bad Data: Evidence from African Survey and Administrative Statistics

Justin Sandefur

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