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Replication Data for: \"The Association between Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Support for Secessionist Movements: Evidence from A Large Survey of More Than 33,000 Respondents in Catalonia\"

Joan Barcelo
Does personality influence attitudes toward secessionism? Personality traits are important determinants of a wide range of political attitudes and behaviors. Prior work has mainly focused on the study of personality during regular processes of democratic political systems (e.g., vote choice, turnout, information acquisition, etc.). By contrast, this paper assesses that personality traits have an influence over the decision of individuals to support a secessionist movement. To test this, I rely on a survey distributed to...

Fruiting Africa Focus Group Discussions

Ken Njogu, Stepha McMullin, Esther Karanja & Katja Kehlenbeck
This dataset was moved to: https://doi.org/10.34725/DVN/DIFNO3Fruiting Africa Focus Group Discussions - we involves the groups in our baseline study

Fruiting Africa Nutrition and Consumption Baseline Surveys

Ken Njogu, Stepha McMullin, , Rono Meda & Katja Kehlenbeck
This dataset was moved to: https://doi.org/10.34725/DVN/4ZBWTKFruiting Africa Nutrition and Consumption Surveys - A subset of the Baseline Surveys

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  • 2016

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