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Ghana Focus Group Discussions Data

M.R. Bellon, S. N'Danikou, R. Vodouhe & N.D. Ntandou-Bouzitou
A series of focus group discussions (FGDs) to elicit the local knowledge about the agricultural and wild biodiversity present in the study areas in order to generate: (a) an inventory (list) of all useful plant, and animal species used by local communities for human food, animal feed, medicine, fuel, housing, farming tools, etc. and their local names; (b) an inventory of all foods consumed; (c) an inventory of species and products bought and sold in...

Ghana Household Surveys for Agricultural Biodiversity Assessment

M.R. Bellon, S. N'Danikou, R. Vodouhe & N.D. Ntandou-Bouzitou
To identify and quantify the number of all plant and animal species (domesticated and wild) and within each species, the number of types/varieties/breeds at the household-level that are: (a) grown on farm and home garden, or collected from the wild; (b) consumed as part of the diet; and (c) purchased and sold in the study sites. Information was collected for each species on its place of production or collection (farm, home garden, collected in the...

Estudio cualitativo sobre roles de género en la producción de arroz en Ecuador

María Alejandra García, Jennifer Twyman & Hector Fabio Bermúdez
El arroz es un cultivo importante para la economía y el consumo nacional de Ecuador. Usualmente, se considera que este cultivo es de actividades masculinas y que las mujeres no cumplen roles en su producción. Teniendo en cuenta la poca información sobre género y arroz en este país, se ejecutó un análisis cualitativo de carácter exploratorio con el objetivo de describir los roles de las mujeres, en comparación al de los hombres en las fincas...

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Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey (BIHS) 2015

This is the second round of Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey (BIHS). BIHS is the only nationally representative survey in Bangladesh that collects detailed data on (1) plot-level agricultural production and practices, (2) dietary intake of individual household members, (3) anthropometric measurements (height and weight) of all household members, and (4) data to measure women’s empowerment in agriculture index (WEAI). A community survey supplements the BIHS data to provide information on area-specific contextual factors. The BIHS...

Characterization and preliminary evaluation of the tropical forages germplasm

Germplasm of priority was established in CIAT-Quilichao for seed increase and for observations on the most important plant descriptors (plant form, growth habit, flowering time, perennially, etc.). Germplasm adaptation to the Quilichao environment was assessed in terms of: yield potential on a very acid, infertile Ultisol, including regrowth after cutting and performance during the two rather short but severe dry seasons that prevail in Quilichao; disease and pest resistance; and seed production potential. This initial...

Replication Data for: Improving commercialization of Cola spp. in Cameroon – applying lessons from NTFPs in a context of domestication

Ann Degrande & Ferket Bram
This dataset was moved to: https://doi.org/10.34725/DVN/PBSKRSDevelopment organizations and research institutes worldwide have implemented numerous projects that target improved production, use and commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and Agroforestry Tree Products (AFTPs) for livelihoods, markets and biodiversity purposes. These projects aim to contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating poverty and hunger and promoting social equity and environmental sustainability. Given the current lack of impact studies, this review paper attempts to summarize the bottlenecks,...

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Replication Data for: PIB (US$ a precios actuales)

Karina Lozano


CSR-II (WSJ1) Sennheiser Discs 1 - 3

Townsend Thai Project Household Annual Resurvey, 2013 (Rural)

Robert M. Townsend

Townsend Thai Project Institutional Annual Resurvey, 2014 (Urban)

Robert M. Townsend

District Towns of the Russian Empire (1820s)

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